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  1. Why are so many of you talking like he's already gone
  2. Last season's was great. Season before was hideous.
  3. The club definitely blocks it. He's not going anyway.
  4. We aren't talking about stats we're talking about finishing. They are not the same thing. Total number of goals scored means little if it takes Sterling 20 shots to get the ball in the net once vs someone who only needs four or five shots. Man City create much more than us which is obviously going to help Sterling get his total goal numbers up. Sterling is actually a bad finisher and one of the worst in the PL when it comes to one on ones or hitting it first time.
  5. Sterling better than Jack at finishing? Lol.
  6. Top six and a cup win would be a brilliant season. That should be our target.
  7. Do you mean there is more to his game than set pieces? You've worded it as if you think he's not good at free kicks which is insane.
  8. I'm starting to like these guys.
  9. Can't wait to see Ollie feed off Buendia's balls <3
  10. Absolutely spot on. We've got some weird people in our support.
  11. He will finish his career with us. Everyone relax.
  12. Not yet but rumoured to be before the end of May.
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