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  1. Problem is definitely his wages. He'd want 160-200k per week. That kind of money destabilises a whole dressing room. Jack was an exception, because he was a special player and the squad knew that. If we give Lingard that, then Martinez, Mcginn, Mings, Konsa, Ollie etc would all demand the same. Quite quickly 30 million a year is added to the wage budget.
  2. Depends on their acumen. We've shown that we are happy to walk away if a club is trying for too much. If Newcastle overpay this winter (to stay in the league), then they'll be held to ransom forevermore
  3. Derby fans would snap your hands off the be a boring, lower table premier league side at the moment. They'll get promoted, install Bruce as manager and sell.
  4. pas5898

    Louie Barry

    Our u21 team (including 5x 17 year olds and a 16 year old), just comfortably beat a strong league 1 team in their own back yard. (Feeney is special by the way). Need to be dominating league 2 or playing well at league 1 at his age, to be near the first team at 19,20. Harvey Elliot played a starring role for Blackburn at 17 in the championship for example. There is hope of course, Archer wasn't exactly smashing records at Solihull Moors but has just moved up a level and his finishing is deadly. Big second half of the season for Barry, but I wouldn't say all hope is lost. He needs to show something in the next 18 months though.
  5. Usyk should win the AJ rematch, he was levels ahead. Usyk Vs Fury for undisputed Wilder Vs AJ - try to knock each others heads off (would be a big draw still). If Fury and AJ win, they fight. If either lose Fury retires. Dillian White is mandatory, but the risk to reward ratio is too high! Feel sorry for the guy. Only way he gets in is if AJ beats Uysk and there's a third fight.
  6. January and the summer will tell a lot. If they sign Bale, Juventus' Ramsey or other high wage mercenary type players then they'll be a laughing stock for a few years. If they get the backroom staff right, like Man City eventually did with Txiki Begiristain then they'll climb and quickly.
  7. Very good point A good youth system will be vital now.
  8. Guarantee you a world cup will be in Saudi Arabia within 16 years.
  9. Bruce will get exactly what he wants. His contract paid off for the next 3 years.
  10. Newcastles immediate success will depend on the backroom appointments as much as on pitch. Going on a mental transfer spree doesn't guarantee success. Initially they'll buy high profile mercenaries (James Rodriguez) After the likes of Robinho, Adebayor, Santa Cruz etc, it took until tixi begiristain came is as DoF from Barca for city to become successful.
  11. Got absolutely annilhated online for this. But I stand by it. What Sean Dyche has done at Burnley is harder than what Pep has done at Barca, Bayern and Man City. Barca: Already had a great team build by Rijkaard + Xavi, inieta And Messi. Bayern: it's harder to not win the league. Failed in CL. Man City: billion pound team and spent another billion. Not won CL.
  12. You can't carry a player defensively in this league. Unless an absolutely dominant team, a strikers job is not just to score. It's also to hold up the ball and press defenders into awkward passes, followed up by midfielders. Thats why Danny Ings and Watkins are vital players for us in our system, despite not scoring many. They start the press, harass CBs and hold up the ball allowing the team to move up field. Ronaldo does this so little, even cbs are now confident enough to step into midfield with the ball, overwhelming the already poor McFred.
  13. 500 million is literally pocket change to the Saudis. If they could they'd spend a billion (also pocket change) in the first window. As discussed, should they come in it depends on how long it takes them to work out they need a good footballing backroom to win. It took Man City a few years to hire Txiki Begiristain from Barca before they started becoming a dominating club. Until then Newcastle will be saddled with overpaid, undermotivated mercenaries (Robinho, Teves, Jovetic even Santa Cruz at city.)
  14. Thanks Tayls. A34 it is!
  15. I missed the United game due to Covid. I'm Going Sunday. Almost guarantee we lose.
  16. Not really mentioned by the media as they were too busy gawping over Messi. Very typical Pep Guardiola performance against the elite. Played with no striker to press, dominated the ball, but against a better defensive outfit with danger on the break they came undone. Happens every season since Barca in the CL It only worked at elite champions league level at Barca because he had the greatest false 9 of all time in Messi to score 40 goals a season wherever he played, since then he's struggled. Great manager but he just can't help himself but meddle in big knockout games.
  17. He wants to win something before he retires. He has 1 big move left on a 4-5 year contract. Go to Man City he will win the league. Stay at Spurs he will win nothing.
  18. Be absolutely remarkable if they could stay up despite the points deductions.
  19. Agreed - But I see recent spend as us catching up, and now the in-balance is now being addressed and moving towards a sustainable model (which Purslow has always stated). Net 0 spend this summer. Ramsey has saved us 30million on a midfielder, Bidace will probably save us 20-30 million in a winger. El ghazi, Trez, Wesley, Gilbert and Davis will probably move on, allowing us to buy another 2 quality players for a net spend of 40-50 million. The master plan is moving into place. We also have big sellable assets which may force a move in the next few years for >£60million which allow quality reinforcements for a lower net spend.
  20. Ramsey has saved us 30million and allowed us to move Connor on. JPB should save us a Cantwell type signing + probably allow El Ghazi to move on. Really exciting times. Obviously when you look at other good youngsters at Chelsea and co, I do have a nagging worry that he needs to play top level football NOW to fulfil his potential, otherwise he may become another wasted talent. I trust Dean Smith and the team, but he is clearly too good for u23 football now.
  21. The Champions League with its new co-efficient rules on payments and qualification is effectively a closed shop now (and the revenue that goes with it). That's a massive potential money earner for us which will be very difficult to keep qualifying for. Listening to a bit on the Newcastle / Saudi / FA court case yesterday, effectively confirms other PL clubs lobbied the premier league against the ideas of the Saudis (and a new superclub). Meaning, those big 4/6 will do whatever it takes to stay there, not by bettering themselves but by lowering others. Unless big Wes and Nassef want to go nuclear with their spending (probably talking 1.5 - 2bn over 10 years with some clever accounting), the best we can hope for is the odd CL qualification and domestic cup run. Personally I'm happy if we get there and keep our authenticity, promote youth etc. I'd hate to become another Man City. With regards to commercial revenue, our target should be best of the rest and unless something serious changes at the top of the Premier League and UEFA that's where we will stay.
  22. Appears Dean Smiths job (and his demeanour) is changing as we grow, and bring on different coaches. He is now more of a man manager to the players, a manager of coaches on the training pitch and clearly getting better with the media. I can imagine he spends more time on meetings with performance scientists and his coaching staff than on the actual training pitch now. Whereas probably a couple of years ago he would have took every training session and micromanaged accordingly. Only natural as we evolve and competent coaches are hired in their respective disciplines.
  23. pas5898


    Parked at IKEA last time. Around a 20 minute walk to the ground. Ikea meatballs for lunch and managed to buy my son a potty. What more can you want? IKEA Tottenham (Edmonton) https://maps.app.goo.gl/mN3VJFNKtdHRXrP26
  24. Could have signed Messi at that time and would have made no difference. The rot was in from top to bottom
  25. Don't forget, they had a better transfer window than Villa . The prodigal prisoner is better than Ings and Watkins together. Mate
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