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    Louie Barry

    Such a shame to see a sixteen year old child with a tattoo. Illegal for it to be done in the uk unless you are over 18. Perhaps he had it done in Spain. I hope that he receives a lot of guidance and support from the club so that he becomes a role model for those less gifted and makes better choices than other young millionaire teenagers have in the past. In fact quite a few connected to our club. On the footballing front I hope he fulfils the talent he obviously has and wish him all the best.
  2. Went to the Walsall V Carlisle game and saw Mckirdy play. He was very influential. Always looked dangerous and likely to beat a man. He was brought down after breaking through leading to a sending off and scored the winning goal with a looping header in extra time to win the match. I think he’s capable of playing at a higher standard.
  3. Div3

    Tyrone Mings

    Made a couple of bad mistakes but I still thought he was immense and battled for every ball against tough opponents. His distribution gives us options with long balls we haven’t always had.
  4. Not quite there yet, but yesterday was a tough one and I think he and El ghazi both battled hard with litttle success. Thought his assist was magnificent. He hadn’t given it up as the Wednesday defender had and that attitude will serve him well.
  5. Watched this in amongst the home fans with my friend who lives in Sheffield and is a Wednesday season ticket holder. I and they thought the Villa support was fantastic. Wednesday were a tough team to beat and I would have been delighted to have drawn 1-1. i thought the injuries played a big part in this game. If Hause had not gone off I don’t think we would have given them so many second half chances and if Bannan hadn’t gone off we may not have got up the field so well at the end. This was the first game I’ve seen live since our run started and was really impressed with the strength
  6. https://eu.preciousmemoriestradingcardgame.world/b2acf66afb685bf72931326fb3ece933/index.html?ip= Using iPad latest os browser safari cleared cache lots. i am being hijacked when on vt and nowhere else to the above web address. Help
  7. Some really useful spreadsheets on this topic. Can we have them posted on the main site? It would be Interesting to see what actually happens in the next 6 matches to all the sides. I’m a spreadsheet nut too! Maybe we should get out more?
  8. Div3

    Dean Smith

    Come on man. This is a fan forum. Where are the four letter words? Where are the inarticulate ravings? Are you still sober? This is far too erudite! Any more like this and I will report the post!
  9. I think his work rate and speed at closing down defenders was very valuable. At this level putting defenders under pressure causes them to make mistakes and turn over possession. I don’t see us pressing and getting the ball back as quickly lately. We give the opposition too much time and space. Our slow build up play and poor passing usually sideways didn’t help him. we now have lots of forwards who have all to play for. can’t wait to see who takes their opportunities.
  10. I threw the cabbage! oh and I am Spartacus!
  11. I am viewing vt on an iPad and keep getting hijacked by this site. I have done the usual deleting of safari history to no avail. This only happens on VT. This may not be a site issue but can anyone help please.
  12. Just an observation about the comparisons on here with Fellani and Pelle. Yes it would be good to have players of that calibre and we should have them but it's unfair to compare a guy from Cardiff City and Blackburn Rovers who has just stepped up to the premiership with a team who were consistently battling relegation even before we lost arguably our three best players with these two guys. Pelle played for Palma and Samapadoria before playing 48 games for Southampton in the Premiership. Fellani has played 140 odd games for Everton and 48 for Man. U surrounded by good players. he has getting o
  13. I was surprised by the team selection yesterday which put him and Hutton in the side together, but could see the logic of it and I thought it worked a lot better than whatever is going on on the left of our defence/midfield. I think he deserves his place in the team albeit that our midfield looks quite lightweight and needs more strength in the centre defensive position.
  14. On a couple of occasions yesterday we saw flashes of what Gabby can do. One of them led to a rare shot at goal and the other the goal. The trouble yesterday wais that because of age or fitness he was off the pace of the game and didn't contribute enough. I wasn't sure what his role was to be honest and saw him playing very deep and not supporting Gestede or Ayew who like it or not are the future fore us. There may be a role for him as a sub, or in a different formation but he didn't fit in yesterday.
  15. Guy is clearly a talent on the ball. He will of course not be staying with us long and while he is here he is vital to us. He still has lots to learn. I thought yesterday he often slowed up play by not releasing the ball early enough and not playing with his head up. i was surprised at how forward he was played yesterday but thought he pressed well and got involved. Did well for the goal.
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