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  1. What's that in central defense it's Enzi Konsa it's Ezri Konsa. To the tune of . Is it a monster.( Maybe already posted by someone. Seems obvious) In regards the chant going round does he like vodka and jager ? Not getting the reference. Surely 'hell eat ya striker . He loves a header . He loves the villaaaaa' would have been better or something along those lines. Not sure alcohol and massive cocks is a good enough chant for young Ezri.
  2. I think that was a tactical victory for Howe. I love Smith as the manager and there is definitely going to be mistakes. It's a long journey and this is another 'lesson' as was Spurs. The shape was messy for the first 30 mins and I can't help having serious reservations about Taylor and Elmo. Against good wingers today we were so open at times. Good desire . Trezeguet puts it all on the pitch and got mom from me. Bournemouth are a very well drilled outfit and our team cohesion understandably isn't quite there yet. We attack well and it's getting there. We will be fine
  3. Taylor and Elmo in the prem. This one is on smith. Crap shape. Gaps everywhere. Not fit enough. Not fast enough. Ah well ...much to do
  4. I think we have gotten too acquainted with winning all the championship games. Everything was so positive ...then we lost to the champions League finalist with possibly the world's best striker and and 60 million players all over the place and all of a sudden we are predicting home losses to Bournemouth. Balls to that. If we are gonna survive we have to be optimistic against Bournemouth. 3-1 villa Trezeguet 2 Ming's bicycle kick a la Cahill. The prem is the prem, it's hard . We will get spanked against the top teams. We will also hand a few teams their arse at home I'm pretty sure. And shock a few along the way.
  5. Let's just see shall we. Taylor may be there in a purely defensive role and won't be expected to stray to far forward. Maybe his strengths are in a disciplined role to protect Al ghazi as opposed to target who is more of a wing back. We have a squad for a reason. Elmo will be expected to get forward more. I expect Wesley to eat defenders today. I'm still believing in my villa 10-1 bet
  6. 75 to 25 possession 15 to 1 shots 3 to 1 on target Brentford 0 Birmingham 1 Says it all really
  7. What a humble gent of a man. Can't wait to see him transform on the pitch snapping midfielders in half. Interceptions galore. He said villa 'family' what a guy. I have a new favourite super nice guy player since Adoma left. Loving the personalities at our club.
  8. I'm on it mate. I think it's a great punt at 15-1 we need around 50-60 points to be there. I think that's highly realistic. Thanks for pointing this out. Easy money
  9. "It is a market that has worked well for Villa before." (Regarding French market) Hmmm not sure if serious. Leao = Benny McCarthy . Jermaine Defoe. Juninho. And all the ghosts of transfer windows past.
  10. Two pages of absolutely nothing to do with the player and speculation. I saw that it was 'hot', thought ..there must be something about a link. Nope, two pages of Sturridge ,Leicester, Grealish and Fidel Castro. Give us a signing Villa! Leao thread out !
  11. He is to legs what Popeye is to arms
  12. I'm just gonna come out and say it. I like Conor in defensive midfield. Since the playoff final when I saw him getting in doing the dirty work with some good aggressive tackles I thought he looked more the part. I like that he has the ability to pick the through ball as a deep lying play maker. He goes forward and passes with purpouse. This is great for how we play especially on the break. He's rusty position wise but this can be trained. And he's a little bit nasty at times. Whenever there's a scuffle. Who's in there first..Conor. loves a sensible yellow card too. Valuable player for me.
  13. Jota moving inside and linking with Jack is really good to see and allowing the full back to push on. He's got a little right wing free role going on. Very effective. Bree actually doesn't look like the worst player I've ever seen which is encouraging as a squad player. Wes struggling to link up and find space. Connor looks more comfortable in the DM position. I actually like him there for his splitting passes. Gets us going.
  14. I actually have had a weird feeling about this one from the start. I have a feeling that he wouldn't really want to be a villa player and consider us a stop gap before he returns to peps loving arms. And with this probably wouldn't end up being the player who man city want to buy back and we would end up with a player who thinks he's bigger than the club. I want players without buy back clauses and I just don't feel like this is a good fit for us. Played well for Girona. Meh Just don't like it. Don't care if he's Brazilian.
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