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  1. It must have been nearly 8 years since I last posted. Been about 4 since my last awayday having been a traveller, but alas I must show you evidence of cabbage after the first goal today. I was in the front row..cabbage did get on the pitch. Steer didn't even crack a smile when he discarded of it....spoil sport
  2. we wanted to interview martiniez is my understanding? that doesnt mean we were going to offer the job does it? surely we are aiming higher, I don't expect Mourinho or Sir Alex but Martinez would have been out of his depth, I can't imagine how Martinez is the guy to convince players like Downing there future is at Villa or have we given up on Downing all together. I'm sure RM will be decent in the future but too much of a gamble in my eyes. It's dissapointing that with a footballing world of managers to choose from we are interested in interviewing and considering Martinez. Hughes would at least have some sort of proven record, as would Moyes as would pretty much everyone else on the voting list, dare I say it even McClaren even though he's a drip. I just don't understand Martinez even being considered. Just because we don't know what he 'may' achieve was no decent argument just because he's young. In my opinion we need established and at least a manager with some decent experience. VILLA IS A HUGE JOB managers like Martinez are not huge and 'potential' isn't going to cut it for me.
  3. I thought Klinnsmann from the start would be a decent shout, only because of the easy link with Randy and america and Klinsmann being wanted before MON. would be a good manager for us I reckon and he would be hungry to show his pedigree in England. He could help young perfect the art of diving also.
  4. parma were amazing in this time i didnt realise he signed all those players they pretty much all went on for a huge fee after parma . just class players. that is all
  5. I don't understand the huge amount of praise that david moyes seems to get and how people can say either moyes or ancelloti , even suggesting they are on a managerial par just doesn't make sense. One guy has managed Preston and Everton and has won no trophies, reached the champions league once to which his team were dumped out in the first knockout round, and consistantly has the same style of play and from what I see doesn't really produce a plan 'B'. Everton seem to have groundhog season year after year they just consistantly do nothing bar an fa cup final loss to chelsea. 02/03 7th 03/04 17th 04/05 4th 05/06 11th 06/07 6th 07/08 5th 08/09 5th 09/10 8th 10/11 7th I fail to see why Moyes is top of many managerial lists and how many seem to be so against Mark Hughes. At least Hughes hasn't had his 10 years of consistant mediocre seasons. Hughes is a winner and will command respect. He has done it all in football and had years under Sir Alex. He may or may not do as good a job as Moyes but it is annoying me how Moyes is seen as such a good manager and nearly on par with Ancelotti on the wish list as the votes would have it,and Hughes is being touted as a lack of ambition by some if he were to take over. All I see in his managerial career so far are positives. Took Wales from a laughing stock to a team who beat Italy in Euro qualifiers and only losing to Russia in a play off. Took Blackburn to a 6th place finish scalping Man utd, Chelsea and Arsenal in 05/06 , 10th place in 06/07 and 7th in 07/08 whilst reaching 3 cup semi's and reaching last 32 of uefa (at least taking the cup seriously). Also his transfer dealings include. mccarthy 2m, bently 500k, nelson (free) warnock 1.5, santa cruz 3.5 and samba 400k combined total of 8million. We all no how these players progressed and were eventually sold for hefty fees or are being touted as being sold for big money (samba) showing his great eye in the transfer market. He left Blackburn in a great financial position compared to if they hadn't have had the money from Santa Cruz, Bently, Warnock and possibly Samba being sold on for a massive return. Then he went to City which was a losing battle and contrary to popular belief about his lack of defensive play Man city had a 100 percent clean sheet record in 09/10 i think longer than any other team in the prem that year, and went on a good run until 7 straight draws got Hughes the sack which was a losing battle from the start. Then theres this season with fulham which was a respectable 8th place finish with them. So all in all I can't see all the negativity surrounding Hughes. He is as good a candidate for me as David Moyes, also being a younger and possibly at a more hungry stage of his career. Also has anyone suggested Klinsmann yet? wasn't the rumour that he was interviewed along with MON at the start of Randy's reign? has a wealth of football experience and did a good job with Germany (semi final) and could have won the league with Bayern (3 points off top) before being sacked for a contrast of interests. Does anyone know if he's available, I think he's just an advisor for Toronto so could be a possible candidate? my first post in 2 years
  6. the money we paid for him was alot at the time, 9.5 million and we waited how long to see some results from him? i think in my opinion too many people did/still do get caught up in fancy name syndrome and the fact he had a headband and floppy hair and white boots made him be overrated by many. In my opinion i'd say flop he just didnt perform how he should of. Not suited to the prem in my opinion.
  7. im in the same situation general and usually use mates season tickets for away games, will this be possible for the prague game?
  8. split up with my missus after three years recently, and now just think next time im in a relationship **** it why not, wasted three years, probably be different though if i got in another relationship
  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Jimmy Milner is brazilian We won't sell for 20 millions On the wing he's **** brilliant Jimmy Jimmy Milner what tune is that to? I need to know cos it could be his chant its to the tune of 'robbie savage is illigitamate, he aint got no birth certificate, hes got aids and hes got syphalis, dirty welsh bastard' sorry but thats the only other song ive heard to this tune lol
  10. cant believe you got the real gabby to pose next to some big lego......oh no wait :?
  11. didnt usa get the the quarters or semi's the one year? not to far off general. I meant which one would you prefer, your national country winning the big prize or villa to win the league, me and my mate were having a argument,I chose villa he chose england.
  12. general, villa to win the league or USA to win the world cup?
  13. hi General, I dont usually say too much on these boards, i prefer to read rather than type, but I must agree with the concerns of numerous posters on here, (now seems to be getting closer to the majority than the minority) At the start of the window, my dad would say to me "are we getting any players then, because were losing olof and barry etc etc", I'd reply with "yes we have ages to go, MON knows what he's doing we have loads of time, the money is there, were in europe, well have a much bigger squad to compete by the time pre season friendlies are over", "hmm i'm not so sure, we need alot of players" he'd reply I never thought I'd be typing this, but guess what.... pre season friendlies are over general, and i was foolish enough to think we needed new signings to play together first before the season starts. Instead we have replaced are keeper, and brought in a mediocre midfielder (sidwell) who should be playing with a barry type quality player, or be in rotation with a player of similar quality to himself. add to this we are still without a right back,(even I can see craig gardner, who is a centre mid will not cut it) and now have no left back. Teams like fulham,portsmouth and sunderland are outspending us, and tottenham (should be are equal) are absolutly showing massive ambition, if they want a player, he is brought,even if over the odds, because quality costs big money. I earn crap money general, but I invest a big percentage of that wage into aston villa football club, home and away, and all I ask is that we keep up with the rest of the league, who'd have thought when the billionare took over we would be in this situation, however I will only judge when the transfer window is over, You say this is not your area, but you are the closet we have to Randy. I thank you for having this communication with the fans, and would hate you to be put off by the concerns of the supporters. Even though there is nothing you can do, as a fan these are my concerns, just thought you'd be interested. something BIG is needed in terms of a massive few signings General or I fear the faith placed in yourselves may well dissapear.
  14. drop the 'karen' and i think we have a winner, fits in better i think
  15. right I cant sleep and i've started thinking about villa and away games and songs etc, then i made this in my head lol, what do you think,(will not be offended if negative comments ) (to the tune of Premier league you've havin a laff or gavin mccann) of all the places ive ever been, hes the the fastest thing i have ever seen his name is gabby, if you've seen him before, you'll remember the name agbonlahor, hes fast as car and hes fast as a train hes fast as a jet and hes fast as a plane da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da thoughts?

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