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  1. Two pages of absolutely nothing to do with the player and speculation. I saw that it was 'hot', thought ..there must be something about a link. Nope, two pages of Sturridge ,Leicester, Grealish and Fidel Castro. Give us a signing Villa! Leao thread out !
  2. He is to legs what Popeye is to arms
  3. I'm just gonna come out and say it. I like Conor in defensive midfield. Since the playoff final when I saw him getting in doing the dirty work with some good aggressive tackles I thought he looked more the part. I like that he has the ability to pick the through ball as a deep lying play maker. He goes forward and passes with purpouse. This is great for how we play especially on the break. He's rusty position wise but this can be trained. And he's a little bit nasty at times. Whenever there's a scuffle. Who's in there first..Conor. loves a sensible yellow card too. Valuable player for me.
  4. Jota moving inside and linking with Jack is really good to see and allowing the full back to push on. He's got a little right wing free role going on. Very effective. Bree actually doesn't look like the worst player I've ever seen which is encouraging as a squad player. Wes struggling to link up and find space. Connor looks more comfortable in the DM position. I actually like him there for his splitting passes. Gets us going.
  5. I actually have had a weird feeling about this one from the start. I have a feeling that he wouldn't really want to be a villa player and consider us a stop gap before he returns to peps loving arms. And with this probably wouldn't end up being the player who man city want to buy back and we would end up with a player who thinks he's bigger than the club. I want players without buy back clauses and I just don't feel like this is a good fit for us. Played well for Girona. Meh Just don't like it. Don't care if he's Brazilian.
  6. A few reports suggesting we are close to the Nakamba signing. Birmingham mail Some holte end bloggy thing Herald Sorry if these have already been discussed but smoke and fire. Coolest name in football may be signing for villa. Hopefully better than the last time I thought that cool names meant good players (see Djemba-Djemba).
  7. This is the one I'm most excited about of potential signings. Nutmegs galore and silky skills and loads of pace. Phillips thread with 2000 pages and an Egyptian wizard with 8. Not enough love for this rumour. Villatalk posters out
  8. There was a nice 'I couldn't give an iota' a few pages back but the jury is out on whether it was intended. Update to follow
  9. Why not go for it, Just for the Halibut
  10. A player with bonito Carbone hair and a bit of flair and skill for Gary Gardner....Gary Gardner!!!! We are talking about 'the' Gary Gardner younger of the cabbage heads. It can't be true can it...it's like a transfer from Premier manager 98 ...if you don't know what that is then your obviously too young and spoilt with your football manager flashy graphics.
  11. All about the project for me. I think the days of providing a nice retirement package for a past it player who isn't really bothered or doesn't have the legs are gone. It feel we have an identity now and that's not what we have had for years. Like when big Ron was here, little, Gregory there's a way villa 'play' now and from the warm ups to the preparation and interviews we are oozing professionalism and I think the most important part is that we seem to prepare the players mentally and physically for big occasions. Any signings will fit a particular mould hungry, determined, loyal players who will play for the team and want to be better players. I think the days of Billy big balls coming in are gone and we have a new breed of alpha males like Ming's who is the respected peacekeeper and Grealish who leads with passion, hard work on the training pitch and his team player attitude. Dean and Terry and the coaching staff have built a wonderful set up and most importantly the fans are buying into it. The signings will fit this model and this is great. Even if we scrape 17th we will do it in our way with young hungry players ( or older players leading by example ie Whealan as opposed to MC Cormack.... and a project in place.
  12. It must have been nearly 8 years since I last posted. Been about 4 since my last awayday having been a traveller, but alas I must show you evidence of cabbage after the first goal today. I was in the front row..cabbage did get on the pitch. Steer didn't even crack a smile when he discarded of it....spoil sport
  13. we wanted to interview martiniez is my understanding? that doesnt mean we were going to offer the job does it? surely we are aiming higher, I don't expect Mourinho or Sir Alex but Martinez would have been out of his depth, I can't imagine how Martinez is the guy to convince players like Downing there future is at Villa or have we given up on Downing all together. I'm sure RM will be decent in the future but too much of a gamble in my eyes. It's dissapointing that with a footballing world of managers to choose from we are interested in interviewing and considering Martinez. Hughes would at least have some sort of proven record, as would Moyes as would pretty much everyone else on the voting list, dare I say it even McClaren even though he's a drip. I just don't understand Martinez even being considered. Just because we don't know what he 'may' achieve was no decent argument just because he's young. In my opinion we need established and at least a manager with some decent experience. VILLA IS A HUGE JOB managers like Martinez are not huge and 'potential' isn't going to cut it for me.
  14. I thought Klinnsmann from the start would be a decent shout, only because of the easy link with Randy and america and Klinsmann being wanted before MON. would be a good manager for us I reckon and he would be hungry to show his pedigree in England. He could help young perfect the art of diving also.

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