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  1. I agree. I'm a lot less focussed nowadays.
  2. Going for this version tonight Hits the spot!
  3. I'm a bit annoyed with myself recently. Hitting 40 made me question a few things. I've very rarely read the classic novels, i've not learnt a new language or done anything that I wanted. Its my own fault, I finish work mentally exhausted then just let off a bit of steam on here or listen to music. I used to read a lot, nothing major, just crime novels, but today I just don't have the concentration to read. I'm too easily distracted by things, be it my own thoughts or my phone beeping away.
  4. As well as undercarriage cleansing
  5. That led me down a dark and disturbing internet wormhole!
  6. Xela

    Racism Part two

    Looks good for 36. Bardzo dobrze 8/10 WB
  7. Cracking version I've seen a few of the live Liam gigs on YouTube and Bonehead makes all the difference. Once he left, they lost that Oasis sound.
  8. Had a weekend off the beer. Here is todays tipple. Very nice and refreshing. Vedett Extra White - wheat beer.
  9. When I move, ideally to a country cottage, I fancy a wood panelled study, stuffed with hardback books.... the classics. Not to read, I just think it looks fantastic!
  10. The Kindle is much better than a phone screen. It genuinely looks like paper. I used to have one. Ideal when on a beach/pool holiday when you can get through 2-3 books. Saves a bit of space in the case. Plus in extreme heat, books tend to fall apart (glue melts). Had that happen in Egypt a few times.
  11. Least the fish doesn't look like it was dragged through a hedge backwards this time.
  12. He needs to go and we need to invest wisely (LOL) with the money
  13. I'll be honest, I expected a 5 or 6 nil defeat. So better than expected. We're not going to get any points from Man Utd or Arsenal either. Palace, Everton and West Ham are vital. Need 2 wins ideally. Can't see it happening
  14. Been watching Lewis. Seemed the right thing to do after finishing Morse. Very good storylines and Laurence Fox is great as Hathaway.
  15. I'm always reminded of that Max Clifford letter in Viz "If Max Clifford is so good at public relations, how come everyone thinks he's a word removed"
  16. Yeah Devon and Cornwall is going to be mobbed in the next few weeks. Loads of my work colleagues are heading there in the next couple of days.
  17. I have no doubt the new Defender will be an amazing technological beast and will sell in bucket loads, but I would guess its not aimed at the old Defender owner? The farmer who needs to hoy a dead sheep in the back. I'd guess a lot of the new owners will either be drug dealers or moms on the school run I think the Grenadier is aimed at the old Defender crowd, although they'll need to price it better.
  18. Isn't leading technology against the ethos of what a Defender is? The owners want ancient, basic and utilitarian. You could be right on price. The Grenadier needs to undercut the Defender.
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