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  1. The car JLR should have made?
  2. Don't forget Christopher Biggins
  3. @fightoffyour You seem to drink a lot of the Funky Fluid brewery. I've seen a few gelato or pastry sours. Must be good I take it?
  4. @Seat68 was pleased his local Spoons had opened early this morning
  5. Police attacked again last night in London after trying to break up a gathering in White City. I despair at this country sometimes.
  6. Excellent. At the old proper Wembley as well. I only saw them once live. MK Bowl Saturday July 9th 2005. Truth be told, Liam's voice was in its shit phase then. Was a good day though. Got there about 2pm, they didn't come on stage until 9pm... few decent support acts (Zutons were one). It was a scorcher of a day as well, I was as pink as a pig the next day. There was 4 of us, me and my mate and a couple of his mates I didn't know. We left MK at about 11pm and ended up at a late night fried chicken shop in Cheltenham at about 1am. Had some food before me and my mate were dropped off back at his place in the Herefordshire countryside about an hour later. For some reason I then drove back home... I remember seeing the signs on the motorway saying "Avoid Birmingham - major incident". This was 2 days after the July 7 London bombings so everyone was a bit edgy. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4668313.stm Nearly 15 years ago to the day... where does time go? Back to Oasis, for people of our generation, they were massive and such a huge part of our lives.
  7. Absolutely, he is a great talent, no doubt about that. He's had the perfect preparation though, unlike Jack. Jack will flourish at a stronger team The future for England looks good.
  8. Radio X played an old Oasis live concert earlier. Wembley 2000. Outstanding!
  9. The Chelsea kit is great... if it was for Everton!
  10. Anyway, Happy Birthday (I think!) I'm guessing yours is today based on your original post?
  11. He was linked to us for a while wasn't he?
  12. Now they've got Garry 'dodgy dealer' Monk in charge to top it all off. He's an absolute platinum level helmet.
  13. He's a mardy word removed isn't he? That's why he is so difficult to like
  14. Foden is playing with the likes of De Bruyne, Silva and Sterling Grealish is playing with Trez, Keinan Davia and Hourihane
  15. Its been slim picking as a Villa fan for the last 30 years!
  16. I'm usually ok with spelling and grammar. Any mistakes on here I put down to laziness and tiredness. Plus I'm not a fan of the Macbook Air keyboard One thing I do struggle with is effect/affect. Always been my weak spot. I imagine @mjmooney would be appalled.
  17. Happy Friday folks Much Ado About Muffin - blueberry muffin pale ale I have to say, its a very nice drop. Another cracker from Siren
  18. Thats in my top 3 @Sid4ever Fantastic drink
  19. *adds Maxwell to my 2021 Deadpool list*
  20. Biden just needs to stay alive and he wins IMO
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