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  1. 100%. He was always drifting into the left channel. Very rarely on the right.
  2. Definitely not peanuts, for one. But your claim that it's really no problem to add a record-breaking transfer striker to the team and keep him and another record-breaking transfer happy just doesn't hold up. If Watkins is fit, he wants to start every game. This is surely true of Tammy as well. You think either would be jazzed about being on a team where they start half the games is naive, imo. It's one competitive advantage a team like Villa have over the Man City's of the world. We can attract some players who don't want to sit on the bench.
  3. Just want to co-sign others and say that Luiz has shown that he can be tireless terrier. (Post-covid restart he was clearly the fittest player on the team). And I can't emphasize enough, HE'S 23! If Villa are looking for a successful model, surely bringing through promising players, counting on them, and seeing them improve into their prime playing years is the right strategy.
  4. not quite getting Spain hate for this game at least. They have been pretty direct, which seems to be people's usual criticism.
  5. This is all true, but I would that, yes these don't want parity, but that's because their resources aren't guaranteed like the NFL. If instead of you getting the top draft pick on an amazingly cheap salary (relatively) for being the worst team, you got relegated, the Cowboys would want nothing to do with parity.
  6. That is an excellent way of putting it.
  7. Yeah, for me, it really is a case of me really liking the parity of U.S. sports and knowing that it comes with significant costs.
  8. I have nothing of that history, but I simultaneously can't turn away, while seeing how obviously messed up it is.
  9. This, in a way, is the crux of it. American sports have great parity, which is really great. But it comes at a cost and is based on a fundamentally different system than football does. It would be really great if you could get the parity of, say, the NFL, but you can't do that when you have relegation/promotion.
  10. I saw that was how it was described in a bunch of post-match write ups, but I never thought that when it happened. I haven't looked since, but a consensus seems to have formed around that conclulsion.
  11. Right, and one other thing I'll add: Almost all of the time, the first person to recognize a mistake was made was the one who made the mistake. Telling someone who knows they screwed up that they screwed up very often doesn't improve the chances of the outcome that everyone wants: for players to not make mistakes.
  12. I was so impressed with Tammy's energy in his loan spell here. I say that as a matter of context; Watkins offers even more. So much running.
  13. "Fine line" indeed. As a coach (teenagers, mind you), I tell players to constantly give positive reinforcement even if (when) mistakes are made. I will do the job of critiquing. It's so easy for it to spin out of control. Obviously these are professionals, so there is probably more lee way, but if results start turning negative, it can create a toxic atmosphere. My 2 cents
  14. Just popping in to note that he has 8 goals and 4 assists in 34 Premier league appearances. Adama Traore has 5 and 13 in 117.
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