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Found 19 results

  1. Even more exciting than Mass Effect 3 (IMO), the next Elder Scrolls is due out next November. I'm a huge fan of Bethesda games and this should be something pretty special. I may book the 11th November 2011 onwards off work now!
  2. Genie

    GTA 5

    Anyone know when this is going to come out? Sorry to sound lazy but a few google searches are finding wildly different dates. I know some of you guys keep your eyes on the gaming press so might have a better idea. I'm a huge fan of the GTA series and would actually consider taking a week off work when it gets released so that I can play it all day (if the mrs says I can :oops:)
  3. I remember originally playing Trials or Trials 2 on miniclip.com back in the day, obviously since then the series has come on leaps and bounds but the premise is still the same. Downloading Trials Fusion now, looks really good IMO. Always fun games to play, anybody else getting it?
  4. Although it's already been mentioned in the Colonial Marines thread, the previews (hands on previews I should add) of this deem it sufficent enough to get it's own thread. Basically - it looks good. Really, really good. Rumours were true in that it is set between Alien and Aliens and has you playing as Ripley's daughter, while she tries to find out what happens to her mum, like. This leads her to a space station, and guess what. There's a Xeno onboard, ofc. It seems to be very much an old school survival horror game for the new gen - you will seldom have weapons, and the best tactic is to usually run and hide. There are cramped enviroments, moody lightning, and (for the most part at least it seems) only the one Alien that you have to...avoid being killed by, rather than killing it, it seems. It's been in development for 3 years for the new gen (although will be on PS3 and 360 aswell) as is one of the finest looking games I've seen for the new gen so far. Also, the devs confirm it's single player only, which is also encouraging. Can't really post any vid or pics, it's a bit difficult at work so er do it yerself if yer want.
  5. Along with Guild Wars II, this is my most anticipated game of 2012. Over ten years in development, it's finally released on May 15th and I for one cannot bloody wait, and I foresee many hours being sunk into it. Official Site
  6. Anyone played the beta? Got it downloading now, hope it lives up to the hype!
  7. More and more getting revealed about this, and it's looking great. The latest reveal is interesting... if also could be construed as quite a big spoiler. Not so sure about that choice myself, but the rest of it looks great. It looks like they intend to make it a little more open than Arkham Asylum was, which I buy into, but not quite making it open world. It also looks like they just plummed what was left of the roster for the bosses - Two Face, Penguin, Dr Strange all confirmed, and the Joker is, of course, back. Really looking forward to it, the first game was great fun.
  8. http://www.minecraft.net Awesome!
  9. Thought this game deserved its own thread as I'm sure a lot of people will be looking forward to it. New trailer out now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbDmI_2IVQ8
  10. So it's nearly time for it to be revealed... what do we all want from it? FIFA 14 was a massive step back IMO after 13 being the best FIFA of all time. The headers were overpowered, defending more retarded than ever, and the keepers were a joke. It seems to me that they are just happy with their Ultimate Team cash cow and are putting in half-arsed efforts to make the gameplay better (worse). The servers were shit, lots of lag, errors in the squad files still occur to this day. What I want from 15; Fix all the above problems, I'd even be satisfied with no added features if they made the game playable and error free. 5 a side to return. Indoor 5 a side, outdoor 5 a side, 5 a side clubs, 5 a side seasons. It's so easy to do and everyone would love it, so I can't see why they wouldn't do it. Bringing online play into the career mode. They've done this with NHL so it's time to add it to FIFA. I don't want to play against a stupid ball hogging CPU. Give me real players. Add Villa Park. Most neutrals think it's one of if not the best stadiums in the PL. More skill games, as it was one of the better new features of recent times. Maybe a Trials-like game creator. Thoughts?
  11. Anyone else played? I got into a casual game which ran smoothly & looked great! Shame there seems to be server issues cannot get into s game now.
  12. So, Hardline gets released this week. Stupidly, even though I told myself I wouldn't... I've pre-ordered it. Installed and ready to go. Anyone else getting it? It's getting review scores between 6-8/10. Pretty average it seems.
  13. Does anyone have any interest in Far Cry 4? Been looking at some of the gameplay and the co-op looks quite fun, but I've never played a Far Cry before. Are they good? There's some co-op footage here, I've not heard the commentary as I'm at work and can't have the sound on, so apologies if it's annoying.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ET491Kv2fU
  14. The trailer for it has been leaked - confirms it's set in the near future and includes invisible aircraft, exoskeletons that allow soldiers to leap tall buildings in a single bound, some Spider-Man style wall-climbing gloves, portable drones, portable cover, railguns, walking tanks, and hover bikes. The story seems to involve a PMC turning on America, which is lead by...Kevin Spacey. A desperate attempt to claw back some creditibility in the light of Titanfall and Destiny? Blatent copy of the sci fi setting of both? Or genuine opportunity to inject some life in to the franchise? Be interesting to see if there's a rebooted BF2142 on the back of this...although I suppose that would be viewed as copying these other games too.
  15. Don't think there's a topic for this yet. The gameplay trailer is out for this now and it looks interesting. Most LotR games I've played have usually not been very good, barring possibly the Return of the King licensed game back on PS2. Will this finally be the one game to rule them all? Looks like a mix of Assassin's Creed and Batman: Arkham style game-play, which isn't a bad thing if done well. The Nemesis system looks really interesting as well. It's also an original story, which doesn't seem to stick to canon, so I'm a bit iffy on that. I really hope that it turns out well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1ebNhO_cns
  16. Just a heads up that the sequel to the 2012 game of the year (and my favourite game of the last 10 years) is out tonight on Steam, Xbox tomorrow. I've been waiting for this eagerly
  17. hogso

    FIFA 14

    Ha, yes! I have started the new FIFA thread, but I do not even play FIFA! HA-HA-HA! First details and screens have been released by EA. Pure Shot— Shooting has been transformed. Players have the intelligence to adjust their stride and approach angle to find the best position for hitting the back of the net. Well-hit balls feel satisfying and goals are rewarding. As well as quality strikes, players can now shoot while off balance or rushed. Real Ball Physics — Strike the ball with more force and finesse. Realistic ball physics now determines the trajectories of balls in game, enabling players to strike the ball with force from distance, drill low rising shots with accuracy, and blast dipping or swerving shots, just like real footballers. Protect The Ball — Dominate midfield and dictate the tempo of a match. Fend-off and block defenders from the ball while dribbling at any speed. Protect the ball from opponents to control play through midfield and dictate the pace of the match. Plus, out-muscle opponents for position before receiving the ball, then turn defenders to carve out opportunities. Teammate Intelligence— Better decision-making delivers tighter, smarter marking and improved run tracking. Defenders recognize opportunities to provide support and win back possession. Attacking players have new ways to outsmart their opponents and break down tighter, more intelligent defences by creating space for themselves, running along the backline and checking their pace. Sprint Dribble Turns— Utilize quick, explosive cuts and turns to beat defenders one-on-one while sprinting with the ball. Players can move in any direction, preserving their natural momentum and maintaining possession of the ball. Variable Dribble Touches— The First Touch Control of dribbling varies a player’s touch when dribbling with pace. Skilled players have the touch and control to stand out while less skilled players will experience fewer perfect touches and more uncertainty dribbling, creating opportunities for defenders to win back possession, and placing emphasis on building play through midfield. 2nd Chance Tackles—The tackling zone has been extended to enable defenders to combine different types of tackles, recover from missed tackles quickly, and have a second chance to compete for the ball in any tackling situation. Curling Lofted Through Balls—Players have the ability to curl the ball around opponents to deliver precision passes to teammates or send the ball into space. Skill Games–A competitive practice mode that enable players to learn or master the fundamental skills necessary to compete at FIFA 14. Become a better player, faster, no matter what your skill level, competing against yourself or friends in all-new mini-games. Career Mode— Search for talent year-round with the new Global Scouting Network that brings the world of professional scouting to life. Develop and refine your own scouting network. Evaluate footballers to uncover the attributes of players who could bolster your squad during the transfer windows. A new hub delivers easy navigation, fewer interruptions and live scouting reports. Complete Authenticity—All the authenticity EA SPORTS is known for with officially licensed clubs, leagues and more than 15,000 players. Confirmed for 360, PS3 and PC (so far).
  18. I am currently completing Zelda Wind Waker and Twlight Princess on the Gamecube, so it'll have to wait. But has anybody seen the trailers/articles on this lately? As a big Thief fan from years back....holy moly, this game looks good.
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