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  1. Steve Bruce

    Even if he does manage to get us promoted and it's a big if do you honestly see him doing well in the premiership? His record wouldn't suggest it. So if he does get us up we're more than likely looking at a low finishing or relegating season in the premiership. And we change manager then and start again. The style of play we currently play and which Bruce has us playing will not get us where we want to be in the long term. Why waste a couple of seasons now before we realise it.
  2. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    What a player.
  3. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I I feel your hoping in vain.
  4. Jordan Amavi

    There was a time in the first back that the fullback just kicked the ball beyond and beat him for pace. He just strolled after him while the fullback put in a dangerous ball. He just looks like he doesn't want to be here and doesn't put in the effort.
  5. The Film Thread

    out of curiosity I googled images of the original film. Not many of the characters in it especially the major look Asian.
  6. The Film Thread

    I saw Ghost in the Shell today. I had seen the original a long long time ago I could barely remember the plot. I thought the film was very good. It looked very pretty in IMAX and had a nice style to it and some decent action. Only one of the fight scenes at the end really looked CGI when's she's jumping on some bricks other than that the technology was pretty well handled.
  7. Neil Taylor

    Was thinking the exact same. Some of those comments above are just stupid.
  8. Republic of Ireland

    Bale lucky to not get a red there then Taylor with a deserved straight red.
  9. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Finished Iron Fist. Very so so. At least it was better than Luke Cage. For the supreme fighter well he's kinda sh*t. Gets the crap kicked out of him a lot. And seems to have little or no muscle at all.
  10. Playstation 4

    After the last update my PlayStation is suddenly not recognising any of my discs.I ve tried a few tricks from YouTube with no success. Has anyone encountered this and solved it?Thanks
  11. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Finally finished Luke Cage in preparation for Iron Fist. I have to say it was very poor. The writing, the story, the dialogue all just went down hill the further the story went. The climatic end battle was just embarrassing. A real missed opportunity.
  12. The Film Thread

    Now that's how you do a proper wolverine film.
  13. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I think how I met your mother rivals it but Lost hurts more because it had been a better show.
  14. PES 2017

    Yeah was in the championship alright. He turns into a beast
  15. PES 2017

    Took me about eight attempts to sign Renato for Villa the other night and it ended up costing me 24 million. Boy do I feel ripped off now.