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  1. Steve Bruce

    Your cleay dont understand how stats work then my friend and really shouldnt post them up to back your point when they do the opposite.
  2. Steve Bruce

    You mean the stats that show they had more shots, more shots on target and more corners than us. Away from home to?
  3. Match Thread: Villa v Middlesbrough

    In fairness shocking sending off. We d be livid if it was one of ours.
  4. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Finally finished the Defenders what an absolutely disappointing piece of muck. They got everything they possible could have wrong. The story was bad, the writing was bad, the villians were poor. Danny Rand the ultimate warrior continually does stupid things and gets his assed kicked. One of his scenes reminded me of Doughal and the do not press the red button on the airplane scene in father ted. Just a huge disappointment overall.
  5. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    The leftovers was up there with one of the best shows I ve ever seen up untill the last two episodes. I thought they dropped the ball completely on them and sort of left a bad slant on the entire series for me as a result.
  6. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Didnt think he had a great game today. He had one or two nice moments in the second half but apart from that you wouldnt even have known he was on the pitch. While Hutton was roasted he offered nothing defensively on that wing at all either.
  7. Conor Hourihane

    Been great so far when hes allowed to get forward.
  8. Scott Hogan

    Ouch that backfired badly.
  9. André Green

    I think these posts deserve extra likes and a lot of people in the last few pages need to swallow a bit of pride.
  10. Chris Samba

    Samba came on in the 90th minute. We had arguably long stopped conceding ground by then. In fact since Green game on we had taken the impetus back in the match. This seems to be a false narraitive i ve seen in a few posts now. Samba didnt really do much in the period he came on. In fact he tried a run at one point and looked embarrassing slow and akward. Theres no way he should have come on earlier.
  11. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Not knowing much about the inhumans why is it shit. Trailer looked decent enough.
  12. British & Irish Lions - New Zealand 2017

    Farrell has been shocking. How he has stayed on this long is a mystery.
  13. The Film Thread

    Finally got to see Wonder Woman tonight and my god was that film over hyped. Maybe I missed something but I was extremely underwhelmed by it. It suffers from extremely cardboard black and white characters. It's literally full of plot holes and has an extremely poor ending. It tries hard at times to throw an emotional punch at you but just falls short every time. Gaddot and Pine give decent performances with what they have. And that much vaunted no mans land scene was just such a let down. Even the action scenes look over CGI. batman vs superman was arguably a better film.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Didn't Ferguson not have a hugely successful period with Aberdeen. Winning the league three times in seven years, a couple of Scottish cups And winning a European cup. It was obvious there was some potential there alright.