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  1. Mings is starting to be a liability today. A couple of bad missed passes under no pressure and a stupid booking.
  2. Gavi having a great game here. I think his selection looks justified now will be some talent in the future. Great niggle in this game.
  3. If it heals that quickly it must be
  4. Unable to play for Villa at the weekend but somehow able to train and be named as a sub for England four days later?
  5. Its sad that this is so true and will be completely overlooked in the rush to congratulate Ronaldo. The ref was very one sided tonight. So strange decisions nearly all in Portugal's favour. A very debatable penalty. When VAR asked to look again at it you would presume he would disallow it. The free kick at the end after he let Portugal have a chance to score then called it back to give Ronaldo a dodgy free kick. Then playing on behind extra time till they scored and practically celebrating with Portugal. He would put Mike Dean to shame.
  6. Ronaldo should have got a straight red. The officials completely bottled the decision. I can see Portugal getting another dodgy pen before this is over.
  7. Out of interest has anyone got an idea how to add the English 1st and 2nd division and link them into the championship and premier league on the PS4. I found a few option files but no idea will they actually link. Can i get promoted the whole way up.
  8. Watched three episodes so far. The writing is poor can’t see is it meant to be aimed at kids or adults as it hits neither. Obviously a lot unhappy with the story choices so far which is understandable.
  9. I agree weakest episode so far. At times reminded me of a bad doctor who episode. Dialogue, story and pacing were way off.
  10. On the subject Tyreik Wright came on as a late sub for the Irish U21s there. Good run from his own half and then crossed to set up the winning goal in the 90th min.
  11. Doku is cheap and a great signing. Ends up incredibly fast.
  12. Watched it today. Didnt like the orignal film this was so much better. Some ropey moments but overall pretty decent and very watchable. So much more to the characters especially the villians. Didnt feel to dragged out to me. Would love to see a sequeal now based on the ideas in this.
  13. Yeah nice to see but added nothing really. Overall I m very underwhelmed by Wandavision so far. If it wasnt Marvel I would have given up a while ago. Apart from the odd last minute or two of an episode most episodes wouldnt get beyond a 6 or 7 out of then for me. Not a series I could see myself rewatching.
  14. It was about 10 seconds and didnt add much in fairness.
  15. That episode ramped it up a lot. Cant wait for the next one now. As Chindie said so many interesting possibilities.
  16. That ending to Wandavison episode five. Damn
  17. Don’t think it’s true. Looks like he’s 19 caps for Ireland at all level and 9 for England at all levels.
  18. What slider settings do you use out of interest?
  19. I thought he was terrible. Hardly seemed to bother and forgot he was playing at times.
  20. The Villa Podcast is another new podcast. This time with an Irish twist. Listened to the first few episodes and its pretty decent. Lot of decent podcasts out there for us at the moment.
  21. Listened to that podcast to. I didnt think it was great i thought they went a bit OTT in thier critisism of Jack. He d be lucky to get into the Villa side after listening to that let alone the England side. They didnt level the same criteria to the people who he would be competing with for places at all. It was more a case of being overly harsh on one of our own than being balanced. Brushed over Foden basically highlighting one game he played well. At one point comparing Grealishs stats to Muellers whose playing in the best team in the world at the moment. I thought it was unfair on balance. Never mentioned the post lockdown form of the players they thought he would be competing against yet used Jack's to crucify him. As an Irish person I never want to see him play for England but even I can admit he should be in the squad at the very least.
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