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  1. This is what's so frustrating, we just can't seem to go on a run when we have winnable games. Our inconsistency is still holding us back
  2. Seems like a nice guy. Only issue is that listening to him reminds me of the days of Tonev, Bowery, Kozak etc
  3. Had a listen to the Lads to Leeds one out of curiosity. Absolutely embarrassing. Aside from all the whinging about our apparent shithousery (which again sounds more to me that can't accept the fact that we managed to counter their style of play), the thing that made me laugh the most was them saying that the way Llorente acted "isn't Leeds". You're kidding, right? To echo the clip posted above, stones/glass houses comes to mind. So lacking in self awareness.
  4. Lip syncing to comedy sketches. How on earth is this a thing?? It's really popular as well.
  5. Think Jones' time has to be up soon. So many things about his management just don't sit right with me. He's using this competition to essentially give his favourite Saracens players a pre season. The Six Nations should really be an opportunity to blood players that you'll be looking at for the next World Cup. We've got some amazing talent in the Premiership, and these players aren't getting a look in despite performing to a high level week in, week out. Sets a terrible example these players. Our style of play is so boring now. Again, we have the players out our disposal to play dynam
  6. What I find funny is that I see a load of Leeds fans on social media saying that we played a dull game "as expected", ignoring how we've been praised for playing attractive, fast paced football all season. To me, sounds like sour grapes that we found a way to counter them. I'm sure they'd have preferred that we do what they do and go all out and concede 3 or 4. Who knows, maybe we'd get the same level of blind praise that they do...
  7. So, so sweet to get the better of Man Bun FC. That pitch is an embarrassment.
  8. One thing I do want to see is us coming out of the blocks a bit faster. Past few games where we've had a longer rest period we've come out looking sluggish and given ourselves a mountain to climb. Although Barkley's work rate the past few games has come under scrutiny, and rightly so, I feel like he could be the most likely to come up with that moment of magic that could see us through, especially with Grealish out. Only issue is that we need the midfield to be busting their lungs to counter their high intensity. Seeing quite a bit of arrogance from Leeds bloggers on social media so
  9. The Wii U ended up being a proper Zelda machine, only problem was hardly anyone bought it. I think that porting all of the main 3D Zeldas (Ocarina, MM, Wind Waker, Twilight plus the Skyward Sword announcement) would sell absolute bucket loads. I'm hoping we'll get a special Zelda anniversary announcement very soon as the radio silence has been a bit odd. Metroid Prime 4 would be absolutely massive. A Prime Trilogy HD release would certainly keep me going until then as well, but maybe I'm asking too much...
  10. Took for Sheff Wed to go down to 10 men for them to go ahead, by no means are they out of the woods. It'll keep Karanka in the job for another week at least too. It's coming...
  11. This must be fake. None of them know that many words
  12. A bluenose mate of mine seems to be trying to gain sympathy and imply that Villa fans are being out of order for finding their current plight hilarious. I was quick to point out how much they enjoyed our relegation and subsequent financial collapse that left us on the brink of administration. They can give it but they can't take it. I have a fair few blues supporting mates that are lovely blokes, so I wouldn't want them to go out of business and disappear. I want them to languish down in League 2 forever and for us to occasionally have the opportunity to absolutely smash them in Cup
  13. Buzzing about that. Slightly underwhelmed by 90% of the other announcements but I guess development has been slowed down on a lot of big titles. Still hoping for a Zelda HD collection for the anniversary like they did for Mario. Some news on Metroid Prime 4 would be nice too...
  14. Milwall v sha promises to be footballing masterclass for the ages this evening...
  15. I'm at the final boss now. Gave it a quick go last night, it's mental. Overall, I absolutely loved this. At the start, I really considered giving up as it felt a bit unfair difficulty-wise at first (this is having come straight from finishing Demon's Souls and Bloodborne as well). But once it all clicked and I started to level up a little bit, I started to appreciate every aspect of it a lot more. Visually, it's stunning (I'm a sucker for anything set in Japan). The combat is brilliant once it all clicks. The bosses are awesome. Potentially on par with Bloodborne for me...
  16. Late winner for Derby. Teams around them starting to pick up points. Lol
  17. Very poor so far. We knew they'd press high but we still can't deal with it. Midfield not pulling up any trees at the minute...
  18. Jack Marriott. Remember in our final season in the Championship and he was being lauded as Derby's danger man and one of the top players in the division. Currently on loan at Sheff Wed.
  19. It's all clicked now and I've made decent progress. Really starting to enjoy this. Currently at the Guardian Ape. He can do one....
  20. I think that's my problem, I've come straight from Bloodborne so it seems so counter intuitive at the moment to stop all the dodging and just attack things head on. I'm getting there though, I found a spoiler free guide to tell me the best order to fight the bosses in as I was getting absolutely ruined. Things are starting to level out a little bit now.
  21. Making Lingard look like Ronaldo, need to get someone tighter to him.
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