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  1. I know. I said "almost". He is at least Jesus in Torino, though!
  2. Belotti would be the biggest signing Villa has ever made IMO. That would be unbelievable, he is almost like Torino's Totti.
  3. Steve Bruce has possessed Dean Smith.
  4. Hughes

    Dean Smith

    It is shocking and extremely worrying that Snith plays Hause. Not even close to being at the required level and if the manager cannot see that I really despair. And why he choses the negative line ups when he played more attacking when winning earlier, I cannot understand..worrying times indeed.
  5. Fact of the matter is that, up to 82 mins this was one of the worst performances at Villa Park for quite some time. No tempo (did you see the difference is time-per-touch - scary), no movement (it was crazy difference) and no effing urgency. It has been like this for a long period now. I would love, absoluelty love (in the words of KK) for Dean to succeed, but he needs to do better. Bringing in Jedinak was a disaster (he surely must be done now). Anyway, here's to another season in the Chchip. The good thing is that Dean has plenty of time to prepare.
  6. How the mood has changed, not directed at you. Not long ago we totally outplayed Derby and Boro away, pissed on the shit and scored goals for fun. Every Villa fan believed in promotion and now it's just doom and gloom. The one difference is Grealish. I am starting to believe is he actually much better than what most think.
  7. Hause had without any doubt the worst debut I have ever seen by any player at any level against Wigan. He was so out of his depth is was truly embarrassing. Cannot see a week of training will fix all that but hope I am wrong.
  8. Hughes

    Dean Smith

    Have you all gone mad? Not to expect promotion? Not even expect play-off position? 3 years? League One? Really? Dean must be given time, I agree 100%. And yes, the squad is stupidly unbalanced. However, this squad contains more talent and quality than most squads in the history of the championship. In my view, not even reaching the play-off will be a major failure. And if someone thinks that our owners do not expect DS to get this right (As is challenging for promotion) THIS SEASON I think you will be surprised. Give him time and patience, yes. Not to expect challenging for and reaching promotion - getouttahere.
  9. Answer is obviously hell yeah! I see you are already assembling your squad. Great job.
  10. 100% this. Can I come as a sort of legal adviser please?
  11. Yep. Hence why it would make sense so well done to the one Representative for Wellingborough inventing (?) this.
  12. HP... Just some random FB geezer. As I said, likely rubbish but could make sense if Henry is the man for manager.
  13. Overmars to be at the match....? Likely rubbish but would strengthen Henry for manager claim.
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