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  1. Thats terrible! Leicester fans should be rightly outraged.
  2. Madness! you are just gonna burn yourself out!
  3. This one is for all the Man City fans! Thanks for the 100M . Sleep well. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/jack-grealish/verletzungen/spieler/203460
  4. I know! Its amazing when you see it laid out. Its very regular. Grealish is injury prone.
  5. Sadly i think he needs to move on or he is now third choice, maybe even fourth after davis gets back from injury. Agree with everyone, dont dislike the guy at all but he has not shown he can be a reliable forward for us. Which sucks but is what it is. I also think his temper issues are a liability in prem games. Opponents will now target him.
  6. Grealish's injury record for the curious. I cant get the data table to post nicely like @Davkaus https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/jack-grealish/verletzungen/spieler/203460 We maybe about to get 100M for this player. Cant say its all bad.
  7. Class manager and club. Down by easter if they dont sign a replacement though.
  8. Thank you VT. I am genuinely rolling here. good times good times.
  9. At least this thread hasnt devolved into fish puns.
  10. Maybe if you want to hide the itk's identify as they asked... maybe dont show their bloody villatalk avatar Ty? You dont have to be Miss marple to figure this one out
  11. Indeed. it means nothing. I actually cheered Manu once when they played Barcelona. I am not proud of myself mind.
  12. At least we wont have to be sweating bullets this season when Jack gets his annual injury.
  13. I said similar about beundia and naarwich but its worth remembering. This transfer wouldnt happen unless the player, Villa and Man City are all happy with it. If Villa didn't want to sell then he wouldn't be going anywhere. I have complete faith they know what they are doing. Nobody can force us to take 100M and sell our player. We are choosing to. Maybe we think we are selling him at the peak of his value? We did with tekkers....
  14. edit nevermind you changed to lukaku, makes more sense!
  15. He is almost exactly one year older than Harry Kane. So you can all judge for yourselves whether proven strikers at that age are worth the money or not.
  16. Lets get hyped! What better way then a youtube video with music you dont like!?? Lets DO THIS!
  17. Its Gregg Evans. He absolutely makes things up. So you are right to question the amount. But even if it was true premier league goals are the most expensive thing you can buy, and we just bought some. Badly needed too. Forget ffp, all the big clubs have. Its just a matter of paying to get around ffp (see man City, PSG, etc) and we can afford that.
  18. On loan maybe, sadly I dont think we are in a position to sell. Who would buy him?
  19. WOW! talk about a great move. Brilliantly done as well. I never saw this coming!
  20. Looks like Maddison maybe available? Not my cup of tea as a player but everyone else seems to rate him. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/aug/03/arsenal-want-james-maddison-leicester-midfielder-open-to-move
  21. Thanks for the heads up. Good read. I also thought their pick of Martinez over Grealish as our key player was insightful. lhttps://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/aug/02/premier-league-2021-22-preview-no-2-aston-villa
  22. You know what, seeing it again its weird but kind of adorable. I am more worried about bailey being knackered for pre season. thats a long ass flight (although I respect he may have family reasons why).
  23. Johan Lange has had one helluva week to tell his grandkids. "so I got back to my room after the Grealish stuff was put to bed for the day, someone sent me a youtube link abot Leon, then my facetime started ringing.... "
  24. Leon, blink three times if you need help.
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