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  1. Unplayed yet again. Never given an opportunity. He must surely be triggering any recall clause at this point? We cant let Ipswich waste six months of our players career.
  2. I am manifesting. Steve Bruce stays manager for a few games. They get in a new very expensive manager who spends a crap ton of money in January and gets them relegated in a catastrophic implosion. This would make me happy
  3. And Blues lose the West Midlands loser derby. Its just a shame they both couldnt lose.
  4. Dude is eating well and having a few laughs kicking the ball around and falling over. Seems like fun to me. I never liked him either mind, but I cant knock him for this.
  5. There maybe better managers than Dean Smith I have no idea. But there is none better I would like managing our club. I am enjoying the ride, I want to see where Dean takes us next. I love to watch us play, we are in no relegation danger anymore , we have very good players across the squad and very strong academy. Thats what I have been asking for for years. My cup runneth over.
  6. Eeesh its the Grealish thing all over again. Maybe November I guess.
  7. Oasis A second rate Beatles tribute band, carried by a cliched rebel PR image. Oh I am throwing in Nick Drake, like Bolan more famous for dying young than actual music.
  8. Now THERE is an idea! God imagine if..... That would make me so happy
  9. I am a simple man. I would be drunk and/or high for the rest of my life. Oh and buy my family members a house and a sports car each. Maybe that will finally make them happy they sure have been miserable af recently.
  10. My instructor even tried to warn me! "Look out for that car before you back out" vrroom crash His ending line was classic "Well Mr.Ciggies, I dont think I need to tell you that you failed today."
  11. Either way your kid is gonna do better than me. I not only failed my drivers test, I crashed the car during the test. Awkward conversation at the end with the lass from work whose car I had borrowed to take my test.. I did pay for the damage, I was not a monster, just an idiot
  12. Newcastle fans greeting their new owners who are from a different culture with the usual class, respect and even stoic dignity that we have come to expect.
  13. All well run clubs, including us, get around FFP by various loopholes, bribes and dodges. Its only poor clubs or those in the lower leagues who FFP really impacts. Hopefully Newcastle being the latest to ignore it (and they will) can be a catalyst for FFP finally being thrown in the bin where it belongs. FFP is just a useless burden on football hurting modest clubs the most who who cant afford to get around it.
  14. Hopefully Newcastle can be another nail in FFP's coffin.
  15. Just a great manager. From bottom half championship to the premier league AND he has made us stronger across the board as he has done so. Oh we play good football as well. Smith in. Love the bloke.
  16. nah he has done nothing wrong. The reason according to Ipswich fans (outside of Paul Cook's judgement) is they signed some other player in Barry's position last minute after they had loaned Barry (Celina maybe?). Either way Barry hasnt played, its all on Cook. Bring him home now and never loan to that manager again.
  17. Agree. The good news is AVTV is definitely better now and offering real value (full 90 replays, less Jack Woodward). What's missing is connecting the YouTube / social media channels back to the clubs service like other clubs do. I can see the investment the club is making in AVTV which is good , although simple things like not showing the score seems a bridge too far
  18. Coming on in the 73rd minute in the papa johns trophy. Less time than he had in our own U23's. If Cook starts him next league game then maybe that's fine. We shall see.
  19. Yeah it was last weeks I was referring to. Playing in the EFL Trophy is a start, I guess. he has been there 2 months and played 64 minutes. I really am not impressed with Paul Cook. He is so disrespectful to his own players, not just throwing them under the bus when they lose (which he does regularly) but also refusing to shake his own players hands or speak to them as they come off the pitch but shaking the hands of all the opposition players congratulating them on their win. He currently has one of the most expensive squads in the league (plus the unused Louie Barry) sitting in 19th place in League One after 10 games. We need to get our player the hell away from this guy, he is just wasting our players time. He obviously doesn't want him or has bigger problems to worry about. Fine, bring Barry home.
  20. Now playing in Ipswich's U23's so his loan has been a demotion , what an utterly pointless loan. Get him home asap. We cant be wasting this kid on fools like Paul Cook.
  21. Not downhearted much. Obviously I hate losing. We lost by one goal. Spurs have great players and Nuno is rightly respected by us given how often he has got the better of us over the years. I thought we were out thought a little in midfield and would like to see Smith and the coaching staff pick this game apart to see how to address that for Wolves. Onwards!
  22. Paul Cook is not interested in a young player like Barry. No problem. Bring him home. Barry is excellent, we cant waste a season of his development on a manager not interested.
  23. No worries! yeah what I meant was we sold Tekkers at his peak value and did nothing after. Gueye we sold below his peak value who went on to be a top player with far greater value. I suppose another way of saying it is, we saw the best of Benteke, we never saw the best of Gueye (not his fault). Whether we saw the best of Jack Grealish is an open question in my mind (although I lean towards "yes we did" its gonna take a few years to find out.)
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