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  1. Once every 5 games or more he does something good, just enough to keep everyone hoping and believing he's some mercurial talent that will come good eventually. Unfortunately the truth is 90% of the time he doesn't offer enough or have enough end product. To caught up in his own hype and gets an easy ride off many fans because he's a local lad.
  2. Slightly better option thank GG and AW but only slightly based on today's performace
  3. Just before wolves went on the attack to score gabby runs after a ball with Wolves defender and before it goes out holds his hand up, stops sprinting and calls for a villa ball, meanwhile the Wolves defender carries on sprinting, collects ball before it goes out and starts a move that eventually leads to the attack that results in a goal. Rubbish
  4. I'm not sure about RMc... I like him as a player but acknowledge he should be scoring more. His record speaks for itself and can't be questioned and like others have mentioned he looks like he wants to pass move and get it back but for some reason villa cant do that, just pass, move and lose it or hoof it. Desperately needs a better more powerful midfield behind him and a couple of goals to get his confidence back and we could see a lot more from him.
  5. Offers nothing and as pointed out needs moving on not only because he's rubbish but because of everything that goes with his association with and being Villa. Tired of hearing about how he is "mr villa" or"villa through and through". RDM was right to try to move him on and I think both Gabby and les deservingly Ashley Westwood both kind of sum up the last 5 years, not good enough. Bruce needs to stop with playing him, can't understand the thinking and so far it's the only real issue I have with his management
  6. many other players and positions need fixing before Gollini I think. Think he needs some decent back up though. If our midfield and right side of defence were so open and easy to walk through we wouldn't be chatting about him. Considering how exposed he is left so often I think he's alright. Got a few mistakes in him and young but a good keeper overall and could be great given time. Sort the other 10 out so we have a midfield, get Baker back in place of Elphick and then get them all playing to a system where they know there roles.
  7. The cup of coffee obviously sorted him out. Played well and is vital to our shape and set up
  8. Tries hard, seems to give his all but not good enough.
  9. Great work breaking up play and protecting back 4. Really slow and passing off still. As long as he sticks to the breaking up and destroying role we can build from there. And nice to see him being quite vocal and standing up to the opposition as well.
  10. I really hate the abuse Westwood gets but his time is up. He is dreadfully short on confidence and if jedinak is playing the defensive role then that makes him unneeded. Tishbola should have played instead I think. AW has always been the deepest lying mid but that has to be jedinak if he can break thinks up and protect the back four like today. Gardener is more attacking and from the choice we have right now tishbola seems to be somewhere between the two. No badfeeling towards Westwood from me but he is at the end of the line well and truely at the moment, Jed, Tish/Bacuna and Garderner for me at mo
  11. It's a fair point, I think this was a major reason we didn't see the best if Vertout last season along with new country, language and poor manager.
  12. I like baker. Not bothered about if he was or will be prem standard as all that matters is now and right now he's should start next to Chester. Been doing well and taken his chance. Competiton for places is good and Elphick will have to wait/fight to get back in.
  13. The more I hear him talk and the more good results the more I like him. Thought he was the right choice but didn't really want him as I've never really liked him. Must admit I think now I was just being pig headed, from all accounts seems a decent guy, pleased to be here and Doing what's needed so far. More and more I hope he can be the success we've been waiting for the last however mangers. Lots of work to do but he's got my support.
  14. Didn't play well second half but generally I thought he was the only player who looked like he new how to actually use the ball. I quite like him, seems to have a bit of intelligence to his play and understands the idea of passing, moving and creating space etc. Unfortantly he seems alone in that though.
  15. So wish we had Albrighton here rather tha JG. Jack shouldn't be starting. Has some skills but for all the hype still not good enough and not performing as he should. Wolves guy Costa is 8 months older and 8 times the player from what I saw yesterday.
  16. Really?! Looks pretty average to me, don't remember one good delivery from him or shot
  17. This. Played well for about 10mins and then back to the usual of running into players, and waving his arms around when he looses possession.
  18. Chester needs some help holding that defence together. I think he was the only outfield player who looked like he knew what he's doing and what his role was. Should have been sent off but was constantly making up for the rest of the defence being shit and having zero protection worth speaking of from our midfield.
  19. Not going to be CH but would be happy if it was
  20. Not sure who I want now, feels like whoever comes in will doomed by the Villa curse. I like the idea of Dyche but for some reason Bruce just seems to make sense in a way that fits right now. Never been a fan of Bruce but think at this moment in time he might be the best option. Confused.
  21. Probably be Bruce and although I would prefer someone else he makes sense. Alternatively I would like Houghton or Wagner but both a bit riskier and would require compensation.
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