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  1. Makes you wonder the point of due diligence that is supposed to happen when someome buys a club. Sadly sounding more and more like Xia, Wyness and Samuelson were a bunch of chancers pinning hopes on promise of premier league riches
  2. Shit the bed! When things are bad only Villa can take it to the next level
  3. The personification of all that was and is wrong with this great club overhyped, overpriced player on ridiculous and unsustainable wages that have no correlation with what he has brought to the tream and zero resale value.
  4. One thing we seen to be neglecting is what Jack himself wants out of this. Obviously we all want him at Villa and It would be really disappointing to see him leave now as he seems to be coming of age and showing signs of his real talent... but what if he has made his mind up and he wants to go? Players and agents hold the real power in these situations. Would it be fair then to slag off Xia as some seem to be based on Jack wanting to leave? hope he stays for anither year but not sure we will for multiple reasons.
  5. Appreciate all Dr T has attempted to do these last few years but looks a bit out of his depth currently, backed the wrong people to get Villa up in Wyness and Bruce who have miss read and failed to appreciate that the championship has changed and is no longer a experiance essential and hoofer league it used to be. Deserved better with all the money and energy he has put into it but so it has gone. If he is still serious about Villa he needs to consider if Wyness is really the right CEO as well as SB as manager. Current mood about Villa feels a bit like Brexit... been told there are plans
  6. I think he has plenty to offer still but going the way of Whelan, getting old and cant quite play to level he has in the past. Always looks like he is about to cough up his lungs or colapse. When on form he's great but not as consistant as he used to be. What i really like about him is his passion and evident care for the team and club. Cant knock his attitude and i really like some of the sly play he does, we've been missing that for a long time and he, JT and Jed have brought a little more slyness to the team, winning fouls, backing up teammates when scuffles happen, we used to
  7. One of the worst perfomances i have ever seen from an induvidual player i think! He was that bad. Looked like he was trying but was just awful.
  8. Back on the Bruce out bus if we somehow get up through playoffs or not. So limited and seemingly bereft of alternative plans/tactics once the plan A is not working. Got to go either way. If we get promotion and Fulham don't, hire their manager, if we fail to get promotion get in Dean Smith, used to working on tight budgets, plays good football and Villa man. Whatever - Bruce not done well enough and needa moving on
  9. Gave him credit after Wolves and getting us up to top 3/4, felt like we had some sort of plan or way of playing, felt like we were geting an identity in place. Unfortuantly though the last two games have shown his limitations again. Did that new coach Agnew take a couple of weeks off?
  10. Have criticsised SB as and when i felt he was not achieving to the standard we should have been at but credit where its due he has stuck at it and proved me wrong and i salute his work these last few months. I wonder how much of a factor the new coach (bald fella, cant remember his name) has been as we seem to have galvanised and have more identity as a team since he joined. But even if it was his influance kudos to SB for bringing him in, you are a sum of your parts and where i think we seem to be strong at the moment is in our togetherness as a team, squad and staff, it feels like we are a p
  11. Have questioned him over the last few years but now showing his promise. Keep it going jack
  12. Good result, fair play SB got all his calls right yesterday and we are on a good run. Has Agnew been the influence that was needed in coaching set up maybe? Nothing will convince me SB is anything other than average manager but he is getting it right at the moment results wise (as he should be with the resources and squad he has).
  13. Pleased he scored and prefer him in the team to Davies as it forces us to play better football and do things like cross the ball rather than hoof it long for Davies to hold up. Good to have both as options I guess but would rather start Hogan, for me he's a better player and seems to want it more. Not convinced as others seem to be by Davies as yet.
  14. But that manger won't be coming because he will already be successful. No one is going to drop down from a similar sized club that is playing well are they? I like the idea of Dean Smith managing Villa the more I think about it.
  15. Probably not before he hired him, hopefully has by now. Either way perhaps all the Villatalkers on twitter could post it repeatedly on his twitter page, might open his eyes a bit? I would but not on twitter.
  16. Great post, personally think Lambert and Garde in particular were both hung out to dry and the others were not in work for a reason.
  17. I appreciate when people say how Dean Smith would be a real risk and Villa would be to big for him but I am at the point of not caring about that and would take the risk. For me it could go either way, 50/50. Some people would take a punt on a young German manager just based on the Klopp/Wagner blueprint but how many of them are left and available, Norwich have tried that and it's not going so well. I think in Smith he is as close to a progressive and forward thinking manager as you could find right now. He obviously works very hard with his team to coach players to work in different sys
  18. Unfit and seems to moan and wave his hands around a lot whilst looking at the floor, usually when he has misplaced pass or fallen over
  19. Could see Grelish and Hogan playing for Brentford, think they would be well suited
  20. Probably our best player today but that unfortuantly highlights how poor our team is. I prefer Houraine, wasn't better than JG today but at least had some attempts on goal and tracks back a lot more. I find jack really annoying as majority of the time he ends up slowing down attacks, dribbling around looking like he might do something and then pssses it backwards or sideways or gets tackled. Still waiting to see what it is makes him so special.
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