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  1. Agree. I think if anyone has been a premadonna at any point recently it was Bruce when fans were starting to question him a few weeks ago and he was calling it hysteria and unrealistic to expect us to be any better.... to which I would argue Wolves have shown not the case in regards more immediate success.
  2. Maybe so JV but I still think his tweet is bollocks. Sport can be a real stage of impact for positive statements about important issues and for the CEO of a large football club to tweet that to me shows a lack of empathy and consideration
  3. I like xia, just think he needs to be learning from what seem to me as mistakes.
  4. But if we are planning to build 3 different teams on our assent to premier league domination then there must be more money. Like another poster said, spend money now getting sustainable quality football/coaching in place rather than essentially just keep buying new teams for each stage
  5. What our Tony needs to be doing is contacting that super agent and if he's not prepared or able to work with Villa then contact the next best agent who came second to him. Football lost its soul along time ago if we want to compete we've got to buy the best possible management teams in and thus far Dr T has failed quite dramatically at that. I don't go with the argument Villa were in such a dire state it's impossible to turn ot round any quicker. I think Wyness and Bruce would like us to think that but Wolves prove it is not the case if the right people are put in place. They didn't need multiple transfer windows and time to "change the mentality". For the money Tony is spending and has spent he deserve far better but only he can make that happen and needs to identify that asap.
  6. More and more disappointed with Wyness. And regards that tweet of keeping politics and politicians out of sport is disgusting. Sport has always been political, it gives some with no hope a chance and voice where they would not otherwise have one, football can offer lives some escapism from the daily grind, some hope and the feeling they are part of something. So I guess Wyness doesn't sympathise with the USA players taking the knee and by tweeting that statement I think he is demeaning and dismissing disasters such as Hillsbrough. Sport is and should be to do with politics and professional footballers would be well to consider that and perhaps sometimes pull their head out of their pampered a holes and say something, stand up for the people on the terraces who pay their wages, like the American footballers have. Wyness is basically saying keep politics out of sport so he and his corporate friends can rinse it for as much as they can get. Best thing Xia can do is learn fast and get this guy out of the club and get a modern replacement. 30 years out of date Keith.
  7. He will stay for now, can't sack him now as he's won 2 on the trot and is 6 in the league unbeaten. BUT I look forward to the day he leaves and hope that will be as soon as possible. The football is not going to get much better, have you seen a Steve Bruce team ever play free flowing organised football? I haven't and can't remember ever saying "I wished we could play like Hull, Sunderland, etc." He will always represent mediocre and the cringeworthy self protection in recent weeks blaming players and fans 'hysteria' gives me zero reason to give him any credit. As soon as things get tough out comes self preservation Steve, downplaying the size of our club and the fans expectation. Sick of hearing "hopefully this" and "maybe with a bit of luck that", we are Villa, we've the best players in the league, spent the most and should be acting like it.
  8. Also I get the feeling no matter how long the dossier and how many candidates they did due diligence Bruce was always going to be the one Round and Wyness wanted. What the old saying, you can prove anything with statistics. Plus also why are we outsourcing, I thought analysis and stats etc was the whole point of Steve Round? More I hear and read of these two more I am concerned they just full of hot air
  9. About 27 years ago I attended a Steve Bruce soccer school. He turned up one day to meet and greet the kids with Bryan Robson. Bryan was quite cool, got involved and played a bit, Bruce offered nothing, no words of encouragement and I always remember feeling like he was disinterested and didn't really want to be there. He just stood chatting away to the people who he turned up with. Since then I always thought he was a a p**ck and begrudgingly accepted he looked 'on paper' what Villa needed but never felt like he was right. I'd be very glad to see the back of him. He sums up mediocre and I always thought those that reference the 4 promotions from the championship were missing the main point, how come he was in the championship so often? Because he had a ceiling, the relegation zone in the premier league. That ceiling has now lowered even further to mid table championship. Bye Steve, don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  10. honest_bertie

    John Terry

    gut feeling is that he's not going to work out here. Part time trainer, not seeing the passion he had at Chelsea, all seems like a comfy pay check unfortunately. Terry, Snodgrass, Whealen, Elmo... a lot of money wasted based on the 'experience' 'add a bit of steel' and 'know how how to win' arguments, I'd have rather we'd spent that money on getting a proper manger and builder a younger team that is together and played for each other, with these lot it all feels a bit disjointed. Players signed more on history and name rather than how they will fit into a system and way of playing.
  11. the championship is no long just blood and guts slug it out, football and tactics win you promotion. Football has moved on but unfortunately Steve hasn't. Just because 3 worked at the back at Hull for a time doesn't mean it will here. I find his arrogance quite infuriating... the constant reference by him and his media buddies to how "I've done it 4 times", "I need time", the blaming of budget constraints, the deep rooted problems he faced when arriving here and players not wanting it enough are all wearing a bit thin with me now. You've been here nearly a year Steve, youve got signings you wanted, you've had more money than any other team in the league, perhaps the problem might be you and your coaching staff Steve?
  12. Like Bruce his time has been and gone, would have rather kept Baker
  13. Needs to be gone now more than ever, players like him holding back youth players, and the experience excuse is pointless, we have others who provide that.
  14. He got a result, if that was by considered approach or fluke and forced changes then either way credit to Bruce, he got it. I still don't think he is the right man for job but if we continue to win the next 3 matches like that then I will acknowledge he deserves to stay. Living in Norwich I get to hear the Canary post match analysis, anyone thinking this match was down to Villa alone being great probably want to consider how poor Norwich were, their fans couldn't believe it. They have a new manager trying to implement new players and style of play, making mistakes as he goes. As far as a new dawn, we can only wait and see. What concerns me is that if he did stumble or was forced into the changes then will he continue to use the setup? It worked and credit to the players that made it happen but we have to stick with it now and press on, concerned he might divert back to more negative style when it's not happening for us. Time will tell I guess.
  15. I don't hate Gabby but just wish he would do one. I thanks him for the good times and I respect what he did during my O'neils days but really he just seems to be this constant barometer of mediocrity and shitness that Villa can't shake off.
  16. You're probably right but the safe bet hasn't worked out has it? So bored of The Bruce's, Big Sam's, Moyes's options, quite up for an unknown risk.
  17. If we can't get jonkanovic then give dean smith ago, why not hey?
  18. More I hear about the Fulham manager the better he sounds. I watched the Hull game and for the first 10/15 mins when we went on the front foot we were attacking down the wings with Elmo and Gabby. It's the best we've played in all three games and as soon as we scored we tightened up and lost our edge. I don't see why we could not play Jonkovic's way, think we are probably a left midfielder away from having the balance to do so, Gabby is not the answer in that role
  19. A few weeks ago Wymess was talking about how Steve Round is putting in a "Villa Way" of playing and coming up with a philosophy that runs through the club. At the time when I read it I thought how can we achieve that with Bruce at the helm? If and when SB gone we need someone who is from a background where the philosophy of play is as important and has the ability to use multiple tactics during a match. Don't know much about him but this Fulham manager sounds good, plays the right way and experienced in the Championship. Alternatively don't worry about the Championshop experience and look around Europe for either a manger at a smaller successful club or maybe an assistant from some of the bigger clubs like Norwich have done with their new guy from Dortmund. Get it done Tone
  20. Reading what @TrentVilla says about Wagner my heart sinks. I have been on the fence about Wyness, my gut instinct has always been that he's probably stuck in the past and matey with the Bruce, Moyes, Big Sam, Brit manager school of thinking. But he has interviewed quite well and made all the right noises as to our plans and future progression. Back up the leagues. Unfortunately I now think my gut instinct was right, says a lot but questionable and perhaps a bit out of touch/date with what makes a successful club? to think we might have passed up the opportunity of a real progressive manger such as Wagner for the shit with Bruce we've endured the last 6 months really concerns me.
  21. Never wanted him, wanted Wagner or Brentford manager at the time he came in. Ticked a lot of boxes but has failed spectacularly to get us into any sort of state where we have a style of play, look like we have a game plan and could take on any team in the division, always feels like we could be beaten by anyone. Pull the trigger please Tony, before its to late.
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