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10 years on


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Our reasoning behind not liking people having a pop at H&V et al was that;-

1) They were no different to us really, fans running a Villa fansite (despite the sites differences)

2) Inter-fansite rivalry is destructive and most of all very boring for those not directly involved

3) there may be animosity between various members of H&V and VT but for the site itself to get involved with that and take sides is completely against the ethos of VT. Individuals don't like each other but lets not drag each others sites down by getting involved in that. There are equally many friends who post on one site or the other and never a cross word is had in the pub or online. in short - don't need that shit

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Member since July 2nd 2010...one of the old 606 lot, had the Understudy moniker from those days, actually it was POB who persuaded me to come over to the VT side as 606 was a bit crap, badly run and full of WUMs after a cheap bite, but I liked it.


Met a fair few of people off here, quite a few at the last count, too many to name. Got an infamous reputation of posting, a lot, first person to rack up 10,000 posts in a year I think... also got a reputation for being a part-time stalker, as attested to by Yillan and Hitz, both of whom I successfully found, named and located on Facebook using only their VT posts and my spare time. (Because they challenged me to) Amusingly, finding people is now what I'm paid for. SO all's well that ends well.


Took a bit of a hiatus from here for personal reasons/not being able to log on readily but regularly post again these days.


Got my user nickname from my fastidious and slightly obsessive cricket watching and updating in the 10/11 Ashes Down Under where I triumphantly reported on England's series win.


Only thread of note created was the TTPYO thread, which was from the smouldering bones of the previous one.



^^^Actually Eames I think I persuaded you to join here too (I started that Malmo thread, and the Zulte Waregem one and the Nairn County one..)... sorry everyone.

You did....after the horror that was HooToo and FCF.  The only thing I miss about 606 was the easy fishing for Blousers and Scousers. 

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I honestly have no idea how i've made 2400 posts here. It feels like I only post in the occasional match thread or in the threads for new kits. Basically a lurker.


I guess posting over 7 years or so is only a post a day or so on average which isn't too ridiculous.

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same here.


I didn't join this site until 2006/7 I think, but I'd been reading posts and stuff since the old OS website closed.  The only name I can remember from that was Nibbypig or Nibblypig or something, I think it was a woman, I don't really know.


But I joined and I don't think I post much, mostly in OT and the gaming forum.  


As you say, a couple of post here and there and you're in the 1000 club :)


I'm one of those people who can't think for myself so basically I get knowledge and opinions from here and share them in the real world :lol:


I'm like that bloke in the Harry Enfield Show :lol: 

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