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What type of sports fan are you?


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Rarely am I 1. But it happens on occasion.


I infamously (in my family) smashed a coffee table with a single punch when Spurs came back to draw with us 4-4 that time at White Hart Lane.


I'm quite often 18 (non reaction) and 16 (go for a walk)


And this season I've quite often been number 10. "I knew it"



On a side note, if I'm ever in enemy territory I'm always the respectful fan of the other team. Purely because I know if it was the other way round I'd be fuming.

I watched the Villa Blues game where we won 2-1 (Gabby save on the line followed by a header to win it) at a friends house with his whole family there. They're all blue noses (i know I know, but there are the odd one or two of them who aren't complete knuckle dragging inbred morons, and they're them)

I felt awful to be honest. Obviously I was wetting myself with excitement inside. But I didn't show it!

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At various times, I've been:

2 (normally the shorter variety)

9 (going by the Relegation thread, a sizable proportion of the posters to VT are in this category)






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When I'm at a game, I'm probably number 5 the most. The most used word by me is 'WHY' as the people around me can vouch for :D

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