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Exclusive ful match coverage on AVTV

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How can i go about watching the full 90 mins on thursday without knowing the score? if you click on avtv im bound to see the score or something that will ruin my plan.

Can someone help a brother out? On thursday could someone post a link to the game on avtv so i dont have to see the scoreline?

It would be much appreciated.

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Villa's communications team are travelling with the new boss and his lions as they head to Philadelphia, Chicago and Portland.

You'll be able to enjoy extensive coverage of all three matches - against Union, Fire and Timbers - during the tour via AVTV, with the full 90 minutes appearing on the official television channel the morning after the game.

Then there's obviously live match commentary and post-match interviews.

There'll also be a live text service running on the official website throughout all three games so fans can get involved and give their opinion on the action.


Hmmn. Guess it isnt live then. I think you'll struggle to avoid the results, but if we keep this thread 'spoiler free', I'll try posting the link in here for ya if I remember

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