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  1. praisedmambo

    James Chester

    I don't. EDIT: Actually maybe I do. I'm half scottish but would feel a bit cheeky playing for Scotland. I still would though Alex, if you're listening.
  2. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    You can't wait till he does though!
  3. praisedmambo

    John McGinn

    He had a ban about two or three games ago.
  4. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    Best game in ages
  5. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    Or we could just ignore him and he'll go troll elsewhere.
  6. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    You have no evidence to back it up, so I hope you are aware how cynical this comes across. Also, you've been saying the same thing for about four weeks now. I believe I remember glimmers of you saying you would give it time and that it was too early to judge, but you don't seem to have given it very long.
  7. praisedmambo

    Ørjan Nyland

    Is the new tactic for him to catch the ball and not drop it? I hope they move on to coming off his line and making his presence felt (and not being easily out-muscled) next.
  8. praisedmambo

    Jonathan Kodjia

    He looked good against QPR too. Considering our options out wide, I hope he continues doing well.
  9. praisedmambo

    Jack Grealish

    For the amount he takes people on, it's incredible that I can think of about one moment ever where he's lost the ball.
  10. praisedmambo

    Ørjan Nyland

    If I cared it would be useful to see the bigger picture with these statistics. As in, who were they playing in these games? What about other injuries in the team? Bacuna is awful. And old news.
  11. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    I think you've been hanging out in the dark side a bit too long. There were plenty of other shit things going on around both of them—Lerner cost cutting and Xia being a fraud and having no money—that led to their exits, as different as those were, without them also managing to screw squads over in spite.
  12. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    My take. In Dean Smith's first two away games we've faced the Norwich, first in the form table, and QPR, fourth in the form table. For this league those are currently two tough away games. On the balance of play we could have won either—moreso the QPR game where we looked dominant. We might not have made abundant chances, but both these opponents are playing well on their own terms. In the two weeks he's had, even just judging from the style of football in the QPR game there is a massive difference to how we're performing, and what I see is encouraging. I'm disappointed in the previous two results, but yeah—two tough away games. We are obviously trying to play a better game and it's still early days. In many ways our new style has also shown up the limitations in our squad. As for the game on Friday, I thought Kodjia looked good on the left. I'd like to see Bree given a chance at right back.
  13. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    You know what you're doing! You're not wrong in what you said. And surely as presumably an adult you know that this is too soon to judge—not that there has been anything shocking in the previous two weeks in order cause anyone to hold off judgement. The only evidence we have so far is the good job he did at Brentford, which is easy to acknowledge as impressive. The rest we'll obviously have to wait and see, as I think you said in another post anyway.
  14. praisedmambo

    Ørjan Nyland

    Maybe last night we saw why he stays on his line. Ne got nailed by jumping into someone's side.
  15. praisedmambo

    Jack Grealish

    @Stevo985 Or it could simply come down to the fact that some people love taking extreme views of nothing situations and arguing about it for a day. On topic, pretty sure DS talked up how talented Jack is in his post-match interview. He also explained the substitution in that their DM was getting too much of the ball and he put Hourihane on to stop that. Of course Jack could have done it, but there is nothing surprising about putting on fresh legs in the 83rd minute.