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  1. He's explained everything in his about me section.
  2. The last two games have maybe been the only time I've seen him lose the ball. But somehow we still have been so much better. **** it. Best player in the league easily.
  3. Waaaayyyyyyy. Here was me thinking villalad was happy. Players only make all the difference when it suits you.
  4. Anyone else having problems loading the website?
  5. If we learnt anything under Bruce's tenure is that we should never play Axel at RB. He really undermined our attacking play when playing there imo. He's a CB. RB should be Elmo and definitely not Hutton.
  6. Imagine if all your posts seemed to come from such a thoughtful place as this one.
  7. Oh my you'll always find something to moan at. Not saying you're wrong, but do you ever wonder if you need to lighten up?
  8. No way they're better than the mighty Micah Richards and Aaron Lescott!
  9. Elmo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hutton
  10. Enjoy the win? Let all the anger go.
  11. Hmmmm. Do you even watch the games? Was that a 'wonder strike'?
  12. Whelan nearly costed us the game eh. We were fine today. It was a tight game, so where's your fair analysis? Or does your 'alalysis' only go as far as finding something to bitch about? We had easily the best chances up to Whelan going off.
  13. Surely what you actually want is promotion? This may be why you seem so unsettled. If, for you, after the summer we had, it's promotion or disaster then you've only got yourself to blame.
  14. Surely if you've had issues with your shins then it's worth protecting them a bit more? Every little helps.

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