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  1. Yet Raheem Sterling has been pretty commendable in speaking out—for the double standards in the media primarily but there was also the interaction with the Chelsea fan. I don't know. I think it's easy to brush it under the carpet, but maybe in the current climate speaking out is important. Anecdotally speaking, I've heard a few things in the last few years that I had never heard in 30 years previously. I'm not sure he was a dick about it either just because he said it was demotivating him. EDIT: What he said about wanting out of football probably isn't going to encourage us to go after him anyway, so I'm sure we won't have to discuss it any more.
  2. Chip on his shoulder being because of recieving racial abuse? Angry about racism? Doesn't smile because of racism. Your post reads a bit dismissive of what he and others have said is a big problem.
  3. Ahhh! Makes more sense then.
  4. You don't have to apologise, but it was a bit of a hilarious reach of logic! I thought it was funny. 'The guy we didn't sign is probably only after the pay cheque. I'll take the young talent (who is three months younger).'
  5. You have decided this how? Confirmation bias perhaps?
  6. And Abraham to Villa. And Mings to Villa. And Tuanzebe to Villa. And Snodgrass to Villa. I doubt we could have paid for any of them with the financial restrictions in the Championship. Yet the first three helped us get promoted and earnt us a hell of a lot of money. There is value in loans if done correctly.
  7. How many of us have seen either of them play? I don't have a clue.
  8. I don't agree. It also simultaneously has helped us compete/not get relegated over various seasons. We do benefit too. It's obviously better to develop players but loans are useful too....you just wouldn't want to depend on them solely and have to rebuild each year. One or two are OK.
  9. On the other hand we ended up signing Milner in the end. I'm sure his familiarity with the club helped is decision to come, or it likely played a part. A similar thing would have happened with Johnstone had we had money last year and may still happen with Tammy/Axel in the future if their clubs don't want them.
  10. It's confirmation he's signed.
  11. Touch all the wood, but it seems to have been one injury, a fractured ankle for which he's had a couple of surgeries that kept him out for a season. Since then he's played two full seasons.
  12. He's called Jak Hickman. Look at his apology—clearly not very bright! I don't think he's made an appearance for Coventry.
  13. The difference is we really need to sign players in these positions. We're not turning our backs on the team that got us promoted, we're filling the gaps left in the squad so we can compete. Without question we need that number of CBs (and two CB signings should hopefully be loan players from last year made permanent, so therefore not like Fulham as there'll be continuity). If we couldn't get Tammy back then without question we needed a striker. It goes without saying that we need a proper DM/CM to play behind Jack and John. Other massive weak spots are LB and RW. So far we've signed Jota, but we're still light on the wings. We weren't the complete, finished article last year, so we need to build still. We're nothing like Fulham last year. But we do need to spend a lot just to get the squad balanced and ready.
  14. Every Spanish/Portuguese-languaged player has a million names. Not sure if you noticed, but they often just put one of them on!

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