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  1. I am also not ITK and I heard the same... ...on this forum, posted from twitter. And literally none of this is evidence that he's had an argument with Smith.
  2. You don't know there's been an issue and Chester is a decent CB too. Only one of them makes the bench. Up to a few weeks ago was Hause frozen out or did he just not make the bench? Was Targett frozen out at the start of the season or did he just not make the bench? Is Jota frozen out or is he just not making the bench?
  3. With the logic some people use your'd expect every club to announce all their signings on January the first. In this scenario if clubs don't announce players that early then those involved are so stupid they didn't even realise the window was open.
  4. Have you been down the gym tonight?
  5. That's not a pun! You could change his name for anyone elses. Sí señor, feed don't_do_it_doug he will score...
  6. You don't actually know what's happened. Maybe Kodjia wanted a new contract. Maybe he's refusing to play. Point is, we don't know.
  7. He's definitely pissed off. It's his job on the line at the end of the day.
  8. It worked ok against Leicester. Kodjia was awful last time he played.
  9. I genuinely don't think it all works the way you think it does.
  10. ...and then he bizarrely played Tuanzebe at right back and Jedinak as CB. He'd lost the plot.
  11. I agree. We sing it like we're being original but it's someone else's song. I'm embarrassed when I hear it.
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