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  1. @TRO I find it strange that people don't automatically doubt football transfer rumours as a default! Maybe it'll turn out to be true now I've said that. He rarely if ever seemed to get off the Shrewsbury bench at any point during a game. Not sure if stranger things have happened.
  2. To be fair clubs mostly do a bit of both—especially, er, Brentford. They pick out players and develop them. But it could also be bullshit. Seems to have been an unused sub in all the Shrewsbury Town games I just looked at.
  3. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    Pfffft. From the majority yes. Bit cheeky to say such a thing coming from you who didn't even wait one game before doubting him as the right manager. I think most people have a different definition of giving someone time than you do.
  4. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    I more or less agree. We have also lost Tuanzebe though and I can see an argument that having a 'proper' Dm in over Hourihane may be to counteract that loss while we wait for Grealish to come back. The other noteworthy thing is that Hourihane was also responsible for about 2 goals conceded the last time he played as the deepest midfielder. Either way, there aren't actually any ready made answers anywhere in the squad, which brings things back to Smith needing time to bring in players and recognising that our actual squad is lacking. TIme for a deep breath.
  5. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    My word. Anyway—to pick your misrepresentation of the truth apart a bit, Whelan and Bjarnasson have been playing DM, not AM, and O'Hare played there against Swansea to very little effect. Sure, maybe El Ghazi can play there. You don't know that though and neither do I. Oh I get it you're the tactical genius—if you're so vitriolic against Smith. You say two losses on the bounce have made you give up. Did the wins on the bounce beforehand do the opposite I wonder? At the very least and in the name of fairness the better form beforehand should maybe leave you somewhere more like indifferent rather than riled up. Nobody is in love with the last five games. You'd hope the majority of people would be looking ahead and back a little bit and taking in the bigger picture.
  6. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    Nobody said that this year imo. At times last year maybe, but we were screwed badly with injuries then too. Our first team is good—I'd fancy them to compete with anyone. But recently we have, unarguably, been screwed by injuries. Bruce left us with a bad and unbalanced squad. You say we can't rely on a 22 year old (not sure his age has anything to do with anything) but we have nobody to replace him with—last year we, at least, had Onomah (he had some good games when Jack was out early on)! I know he wasn't great overall, but he did make a difference in some games. Then just look at Tuanzebe and Taylor getting injured—we put right backs anywhere. This is context and it can't be ignored in a fair view. I feel I'm repeating myself a lot so I'm going to stop now.
  7. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    Nonsense. You're twisting things with a cliche. As if you don't miss your best players. Look at City when they lost Fernandinho and a million other examples every week every year. Losing your best players makes no difference?
  8. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    It's a good squad (team really) when we have Grealish and Tuanzebe and few injuries. It's a bad squad when we don't have them. We demolished Boro and Derby with those players and we look lost without them. You've ignored that and that is a fact.
  9. praisedmambo

    Jack Grealish

    Not only that. Grealish compared to Hourihane in the AM spot is night and day too.
  10. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    I completely forgot about McGinn! Yeah I like him too. Apologies for my over-strong vocabulary at times. I get carried away. Hopefully this bad period disappears soon and a bit of positivity returns all round. I really do feel that even with Jack back Tuanzebe, the way he brought the ball out of defence, is going to be a massive miss for the next month. Especially after Hause's debut and Elphick looking a bit average as ever imo.
  11. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    Thanks for taking what I said in good spirits. It is a credit even if we don't agree. Our squad is awful bar Grealish, Abraham, Tuanzebe, Chester of last season and...I'm struggling. Some of the others are passable but they definitely don't represent the best squad in the league. We've been playing three right backs for a few games, had one of the worst keepers I've ever seen until he did his achillies—we have to replace Grealish with BB or Whelan. I think there are plenty of better squads than ours in the league—squads with players on the up, not on the way down. We are saddled with dead wood on big wages—we can't shift these players if we wanted to, which makes that first bit in bold mind-blowing from my perspective! Of the two disastrous games, we have been missing in part or all three of Grealish, Abraham and Tuanzebe. Our bad form has come exactly when Tuanzebe and Grealish got injured. We were great with them and we're not without them. We over-rely on these players, which is not a sign of a good squad—and to further that, again, once Tuanzebe was injured we went with right backs everywhere. Our strongest team is good, but lose a few and the cracks quickly begin to show. I think the reason why I get so defensive is that this kind of context never seems to come near the thinking of those who seemed to have, yep, entrenched opinions against the manager from the off. I also get defensive, because we'll get nowhere if we keep changing manager. Of course we need to find the right one before we stick to them but who could we get that has managed a bigger club than Villa who is going to come down to the Championship. To me this is an answer that doesn't need answering for about another ten months, maybe more.
  12. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    Here we go on the neverending merry-go-round that is Villatalk and Aston villa managers.
  13. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    I was trying not to say that I thought it came across as the same old 'ignore any logic/context bs' and seemed a bit entrenched in lazy weirdly aggressive thinking. 'Enough of this he doesn't have his own players (paraphrased) '....comes across as someone who is ignoring the fact we have a shit squad and who is willing to judge the manager now. He's barely been here a few months...80% of it has been great but all of a sudden we lose a few and he's hopeless. This short memory thing is a classic feature of football fan moaning. In general the whole thing comes across as something entrenched...prejudiced. Facts don't matter or will be spun to satisfy the entrenched views. Something like that.
  14. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    For balance, I disagree with mostly all of it. Seems a bit entrenched.
  15. praisedmambo

    Dean Smith

    It's not as simple as that though. We did well with them all in the team before we lost Grealish and Tuanzebe. For me we need to sort the midfield out ASAP. We can't be relying on Hourihane to unlock defenses and we can't be relying on BB or Whealan to start attacks and set the pace. We need to get back to where we were when we had everyone fit. Hourihane as the deepest midfielder was OK when we were able to dominate and punish teams but I would love it if we replaced him with someone who has pace. Actually no I take that back about Hourihane being OK—I still remember those QPR or Preston goals where he let people ghost past him.