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  1. Yet Heaton has barely had a save to make. Edit. Also I'm sure we won't be so gung ho in the next two games.
  2. This gives Bruce too much credit. He left us with massive holes, one of which James Chester had to fix to the detriment of his health as a footballer. I might have agreed with this analogy had Bruce left at the end of his second season, but ultimately he left us unbalanced and in a mess. Dean Smith worked wonders.
  3. We had to buy a lot of players though. We spent a lot, but it was spread relatively thinly for a Premier League team. I'm not sure we had much other choice either. We were obviously in for two more by all accounts.
  4. Was that Stefan Moore?
  5. He's injured. Dean Smith has talked about it a few times.
  6. I saw you were latest comment and thought, 'I wonder what he'll be moaning about.'
  7. praisedmambo

    Tom Heaton

    I am so shocked how clumsy he was for that penalty. I'm sure he's a great keeper, but WTF (I just watched the extended highlights).
  8. They have a much better starting left back, but you know that and I know you know because you did a smiley face.
  9. Haha, always the contrarian. Was it you who was hoping we lost a few times last season so people would stop thinking Dean Smith was capable of getting us promoted? I'm sure there was something like that. I half expect that if people were praising Taylor and Elmo you'd say something like, 'I look forwards to Guilbert and Targett coming in so we can get rid of this idea that Tayor and Elmo are Premier League standard players.' Because are they really good enough? Taylor was got rid of by a relegation-bound Swansea and sold to the Championship, where a lot of the time he didn't even make the squad, sometimes so we had Hause as back up LB, who is a CB. Elmo has been solid enough, but it is so obvious he is lacking going forwards (as is Taylor—but Elmo is a bit better).
  10. But we haven't lost twice because of Taylor and Elmo—we've lost because of mistakes from other players. If those mistakes hadn't happened they might well have, in their roles, helped us get points. It's not their fault in defence that we have to outscore the opposition at the moment. It's been Luiz x2, Jack x1, Heaton x1—I can't remember the other goal.
  11. We could easily have won yesterday if we hadn't thrown goals away. We could well have got a draw against Spurs. It's obviously too soon to point to Sheffield United and say they'll be fine and then do the same to us and say we won't. It's way too early. There has been good so far. We'll all enjoy some points as soon as possible though!
  12. I was thinking this yesterday. I could see this happening somewhere down the line.
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