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the 6 degrees of seperation (or the film game)


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Me and my flatmate are sitting here naming two completely random films and trying to get from one to the other in 6 actors or less.

thought it mite be worth a try on here

for example

get from 'gone with the wind' to 'transformers (the 2007 version)'

gone with the wind starred thomas mitchell

who was in pocketfull of miracles with Hope Lange

who was in nightmare on elm street part 2

which was the sequel to NOES 1 which features Johnny Depp

who was in the tourist with Anjelina Jolie

who was married to Billy Bob Thornton

who was in eagle eye which starred shia le bouf (or whatever his name is)

who was in transformers

so someone name 2 films (no porn for the sake of the game) and then try and match them in 6 or less people

its actually amazing how easy it is to link two films with the help of IMDB

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My missus and I have discovered that - after numerous games of this on various train journeys - although it is possible to link Kevin Bacon to nearly anyone in 6 degrees, you can actually link Bill Paxton to anyone in 5.

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I've played this a lot with mates of mine.

i find George Clooney and Oceans 11 are basically the centre of the universe. The vast majority of the time that seems to be in the middle of our chains.

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