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Labelling of Groups of Fans with Opposing P.O.V.'s


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This shouldn't need pointing out but we're all Villa fans (the occasional welcome visitor aside) and we all have different opinions, it's why this and other sites like it exist, to debate those differing opinions. What we won't have here though is the grouping together of fans, using often puerile and demeaning names for those fans deemed to be in the "opposing camp".

This has been a growing trend on VT of late and we as the moderating team are having no more of it, it is against the site guidelines and ethos but not only that, if you can't respect each others opinions as Villa fans, then you have no place being on this forum. We will start to remove the posting privileges of anyone who cannot post on VT without the need to resort to such playground debating skills.

Respect is the key word here, respect each other and opinions you may not agree with.

Just in case any of you are unsure, some examples of what we're talking about:-

Lerner's fanboys

You saddo's that love Petrov

The McLeish Disciples

All you people who think McLeish is good/bad are idiots


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