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PL: Man Utd a Travel & Social


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This thread is to discuss travel to the game.

Please use this thread to arrange meetings. If there is a Rough Guide for this team, please remember to post some updates if you have any.

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I know a few Villans are going the Oyster bar for a fair few taddy lagers at about 11/12, its next to the big wheel in town, RECOMMENDED if you want to get smashed and get a few chants going :D

And pay £1.72 for a pint of lager.

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If your gonna drink in town give yourselves a good 35 mins to walk up there, its a good few miles.

Easy to find though.

The Lowry and around Salford Quays is an ideal place to park but it can get pretty busy.

And if you park at Salford Shopping City, dont leave anything in your car, its not a great area (i live in Salford atm).

Majorly gutted though as i got a free ticket but cant go anymore...

EDIT, Oyster Bars a good bet too as its normally full of away fans and there's plenty of space outside/easy to get to if you've got the train in...(at the far end of the Arndale centre)

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Walk down to piccadilly gardens...its out the main entrance of the station you jut follow the path and crowds and you'll come to it.

Then straight on with the gardens to your left down Market St, (loads of shops on it) you can either walk all the way down under the food quarter (you;ll see it) then take a right at the lights and you'll see a **** off ferris wheel (budget london eye) and its just behind that, Tudor looking place pretty big.

You can also walk through the arndale as its at the back of that if its raining, but just ask someone where the Manchester wheel (budget eye lol) and its behind that next to selfridges.

Really easy, 10 min walk from the station about half mile.

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We are going to the oyster bar then we will drive to the Cricket ground is there any pubs around the Cricket ground?

Yeah there's a few but I think they're usually packed with home fans.

The cricket ground is more or less right next to the football ground.

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