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PL: Blackburn a Match Thread 2009/09/26 15:00


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Blackburn don't deserve to win this, but we certainly deserve to lose it.

We've left ourselves with one lonely midfielder who is expected to control the game, despite the fact he's a player of very limited energy.

We have two wingers who are at their best as attacking forces who seem unsure as to whether they should be playing as Ryan Giggs or Roy Keane. They've been confused like the rest of us by our line up and substitutions.

We have one centre forward who is in great from as a lone striker alongside a John Carew who hasn't sprinted for three weeks and looks about as dangerous as a bag of leaves and Emile Heskey who scores once in a blue moon.

To win games against ten men you first have to have some semblance of control of those games, to do that you need more than one man in midfield.

We've got better players than Blackburn and they're more than capable of winning games like this, but our manager has lost this for us today through a combination of his own ego and how clever he'd like us all to think he is and his spite over having that pointed out to him by anyone else, be they fan or player.

He's a very good manager indeed, and we might still equalise in this game, but in some ways it might be better if we don't.

The answer to why we'll lose this game will be in the there in the tape. I would suggest the manager watches it on his own.

Hard to disagree.
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i actually think for the first time I want MON out

inept performance again from the team

baffling substitutions

baffling just baffling and i think people are right he is clueless and wont take us where we want to go

**** hell, i hope you are joking and not incredibly fickle.

Why is he joking and fickle. What would you disagree with in his points?

We all know that Petrov and Delph are a very poor CM pairing - Wigan, Rapid Vienna and Cardiff proved that. We didn't have any fight in CM from what I was hearing.

Heskey on to play with Carew and Jimmy inside?? We weren't winning the ball in midfield and that change is not going to help.

MON's stubborness and lack of tactical awareness is going to kill our challenge to the Europa League spots let alone CL.

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Poor performance against a shit team who were there for the taking.

Not that many great performances this season, despite the wins. I thought we'd draw. I thought the starting line up was right BUT the sub was frankly bizarre it totally unbalanced us. Though it itself didn't cost us 2 points.....

a poor game between two of the better than awful Prem sides.

T'Rovers will be safe playing the Allardyce 'way, we will fall outside Top 5 (poss top 6) playing the O'Neill 'way'.

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we win 5 in a row

but look at how

Pompey outplayed us last week

FFS today Dunn out classed our midfield

MON is scared to make big decisions .. and I think the players know it

one good performance this season V Liverpool , the rest of the time we have been poor

i'm not reacting based on one loss ..i'm reacting based on his selections over the past few months and results

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Disappointing as they are a really poor team, we just didn't cope with the obvious tactics which they employ. Strange decision to bring Heskey on, I can only assume this was in an attempt to deal with their aerial threat and have another physical player on the pitch........the fact that Heskey is the biggest **** pussy in the history of football regardless of his size seems lost on MON.

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