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  1. This version of Joshua v Fury would be a bore. Jab fest with both reluctant to engage. AJ comes alive when emotion is running through him. For that there needs to be some animosity prior to the fight and/or within the fight. But this is when he is at his most vulnerable too.
  2. Joshua back with the belts, Whyte cleared. Fury & Wilder active. 2020 should be a good year of match ups.
  3. So Tyson Fury is fighting tomorrow and nobody has a clue. Remarkably inept promotion of arguably the no1 heavyweight in the division.
  4. Thought the highlight of the fight was one of the ESPN commentators saying 'the home crowd cheering their national hero'
  5. I thought he boxed very well to be honest, boxed behind the jab, threw in the double jab, some excellent bodywork which visibly slowed down Rivas. Overall he dominated an opponent with a superior amateur pedigree. He may well come unstuck against one of the big boys but you can guarantee he will make it a difficult night for both.
  6. Much to like about Dillian Whyte. Much improved fighter, some of his jabbing and bodywork was excellent. Heart of a lion, went down and was ready to go again. Doesn't duck fights, arguably has the best resumé of all current heavyweights. Deserves a title shot asap.
  7. Spinning the ball in to right handers in ODI cricket is easy pickings. Don't think Moeen will be effective at all.
  8. Going to be a wonderful occasion possibly not for England though! Support and conditions will be against them. Team batting first will win you feel. Liam Dawson should play ahead of Moeen given India have only right handed batsmen unless they throw in the wildcard Rishabh Pant.
  9. Khan v Brook let's get it on now - whoever quits first, wins. Two finished fighters who should really pack it in now.
  10. The video doing the rounds on various social medias is some of the sickest shit you could ever see. Cold, calculated killing of innocent people in their place of worship and then driving off and stopping to fire at more passers by. All this recorded on a go pro style camera. What a world we have become.
  11. A nonsensical concept. Nobody will have a clue what is going on including the players themselves.
  12. With regards to the Big Bash, I think it is a notch behind the IPL. Obviously the fact that Indian players are restricted to the IPL is one factor but the quality of cricket is not brilliant at times. This year the Aussie domestic players have been dire against spin bowling.
  13. You would think this would be the case. And after watching 11 rounds with Wilder, most people would have said there'd be no way Wilder catches him clean. And he did. Such is heavyweight boxing, it needs one lapse in concentration or one lucky punch.
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