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What should the Witton Lane stand really be called?


What should the Witton Lane stand be called?  

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  1. 1. What should the Witton Lane stand be called?

    • Witton Lane
    • Doug Ellis Stand

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It was always known as the Witton Lane stand. Let's ask another question, How would we have felt if they had re named the Holte End after HDE ? Villa Park is a stadium steeped in tradition. The old adage is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it ".

The wallies that came up with the name change in the first place have no idea about tradition. If those sycophants that changed the name wanted to plonk a name on something perhaps a better choice would have been to have developed the Shopping Centre that they keep talking of as a future investment and call it "The Ellis Memorial "Corner Shop" Shopping Centre ". :roll:

Let's face it, at the rate of development that it takes certain folks to do things it may be a long while before we have to deal with that issue and then as far as the Shopping Centre is concerned we can echo another sentiment "Who Cares as long as it produces substantial funds?". :winkold:

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Doesn't really matter, does it?

In the whole scheme of things....

Yes, it does matter.

First, names are evocative. They summon up memories and feelings. My memories of watching from that stand games which, to me, were important, are nothing at all to do with that useless ****; and I won't have my memories tarnished by his narcissistic and pointless glorification of himself.

Second, the club ought to recognise and respect what matters, what has made it what it is - but without descending into trivial pretend-respect for everything. Naming things appropriately is a small part of that. Naming anything at all after Mr Disasterzone is a sick joke. Doing so at the expense of people who have done something to make the club what it is, is adding insult to injury.

Just an opinion.

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Guest RantinRob

The "I'm Going To Pump £100 Million Into Aston Villa So Call It After Me Stand"

Well, it's about as sensible as this thread............

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"The Ron Saunders Stand" for me. Without him where would we be? If not how about for the time being "The stand formerly known as the **** ***** Stand" or "The Scottish Stand" as the present name should not be mentioned in the same way as that Scottish play is not? :winkold:

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