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So there has been a lot of Chat about corruption and Bribery from Qatar in winning the World Cup. 

Now this. 


EU corruption scandal puts democracy under attack - European Parliament head


The president of the European Parliament has warned that "European democracy is under attack", following allegations that Qatar bribed EU officials to win influence.

Roberta Metsola said that "open, free, democratic societies are under attack".

Belgian police have arrested four people, among them European Parliament Vice-President Eva Kaili.

The four have been charged with corruption and money-laundering. Qatar has denied wrongdoing.


The BBC's Brussels correspondent, Jessica Parker, says details released by Belgian authorities in the last few days left many people's jaws on the floor.

MEPs who spoke to our correspondent say they are shocked by both the scale and blatancy of the accusations.

Belgian police seized cash worth about €600,000 ($632,000; £515,000) in 16 searches in Brussels on Friday. Computers and mobile phones were also taken


Prosecutors said they suspected a Gulf state had been influencing economic and political decisions of the parliament for several months, especially by targeting aides.

Local media has named the state as Qatar, although the Qatari government said any claims of misconduct were "gravely misinformed".

Ms Kaili's responsibilities as vice-president include the Middle East. She has been a defender of Qatar in the past.

After what Russia have been up to the past 20 years they have to really watch this. There has been too much leeway letting countries get away with this. 

And before Brexiteers jump on the bandwagon you can guarantee it's been happening here too. Need to have our own PROPER investigation. 


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It appears Kaili and Infantino has the same speech writer. Some of their wordings and topics are almost identical. 




Eva Kaili: Today, the World Cup is indeed a testament to how sporting diplomacy can bring about historic change in a country, with reforms inspiring the Arab world. .//.. We can promote our values, but we are not entitled to moral lessons for cheap media attention. "

Gianni Infantino:  This one-sided moral lesson is just hypocrisy. I wonder why no one recognizes the progress that has been made here since 2016. 

Common to the speeches is also the comparison between the situation of migrant workers in Qatar and the EU's migration policy.

Eva Kaili:  We have thousands of deaths as a consequence of our failure to provide legally safe routes for migrants to Europe. "

Gianni Infantino: “Hundreds of thousands of workers from developing countries come to Qatar and earn much more and help their families survive. They do it in a legal way. We in Europe are closing our borders. Those who want to reach Europe must go through a difficult journey and survive. If the EU really cared about their fate, it could do like Qatar and create legal routes.”

Both Kaili and Infantino also refer to statements by the international labor organization ILO, which has legitimized the progress of workers' rights in the country, but at the same time has been called into question because its headquarters in Qatar are fully funded by the regime.

The attitude of the international trade union movements towards Qatar is now extensively debated, not least the world trade union ITUC. Secretary General Luca Visentini was also arrested, according to Belgian media reports, but was later released. The suspicions remain. The ITUC has declined comment.

The ITUC has, in the last ten years, made a dramatic rhetorical shift: From harshly condemning the World Cup in Qatar to speaking warmly of it.

Eva Kaili:  The ILO has said that Qatar is a pioneer in terms of workers' rights, the abolition of the Kafala system and the introduction of the minimum wage - despite the obstacles coming from even European companies. "

Gianni Infantino: “The kafala system has been abolished, minimum wages have been introduced, heat protection has been set up. The ILO and other unions have acknowledged it, but not the media.”

Both Kaili and Infantino also highlight Qatar's efforts to evacuate refugees from Afghanistan and attack the "bullying" and "discrimination" of the West.


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35 minutes ago, sne said:

It appears Kaili and Infantino has the same speech writer. Some of their wordings and topics are almost identical. 


Easy to see on LinkedIn how many senior PR consultants are based in Qatar or working on Qatar-related projects.

They’ll have focus groups and other opinion research projects running across Europe, and then they’ll come up with lines to take, and distribute that to “friendly” politicians, journalists and other opinion formers.

Whenever you see lines being pumped out like this, this is how it works. Not always completely nefarious - depends if money/favours are changing hands, or if you’re just helping existing allies and supporters communicate their support clearly.

In this case, it does look nefarious. People being bought off left right and centre. Worth reading up on Nicolas Sarkozy’s involvement with Qatar, for example. And probably doesn’t cost much to buy off some no mark in Brussels.

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