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Marcus Rashford


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Seen people mention what he's doing in several threads so started up a new one so we can all discuss how overrated he is 😜

Incredible achievement from him, I saw he was doing something at the start of the lockdown* but it seems like now he's done the hard work and put the time in his story and plaudits are coming to light, even when Hancock was throwing footballers under the bus there was no one saying hang on a minute rashfords doing this, when major Tom was doing his thing there wasn't much talk of this, doesn't seem anything other than incredibly well thought, genuine and superbly done, £20m raised before this last weeks stuff 

I more than likely suggested that the £80k a week wages the papers were demanded for him when he was young and broke through could send him the way of several English prospects but credit to him for staying who he is, should be incredibly proud 

* the school meal thing isn't the only thing he's done, set up a homeless Christmas thing with selfridges last year

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Absolute fair play to him, I think he always seemed a level headed guy from his interviews and I have said multiple times footballers got a bad rep because of a couple of bad eggs mixed with some idiot politicians and journalists.  Rashford and Henderson have led the way but the footballers have probably done a lot more for the country in recent weeks than Boris and his cronies

Even Jesse Lingard is raising money with his JLingz masks ;) 

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Hopkins doing her daily "what's popular today... I'll say it's shit just to be different" routine 

Karen comes in with her usual "at least Katie has the guts to say it" 

She's an absolute clown, been having a running battle with van aanholt for a few weeks, been funny to see him slap her down constantly 

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His brother/agent was arrested in Miami last month apparently. Not a great couple weeks for the pair.


Marcus Rashford’s brother Dane Rashford faces US assault charge

The brother and agent of Manchester United star Marcus Rashford is to appear at a US court after being arrested over an alleged assault.

A police report said Dane Rashford, 31, had been travelling in the back of an Uber with a woman after visiting a Miami nightclub on 20 October.

It noted the victim claimed she was punched twice in the face.

The case is listed for a hearing on 27 November.

In the police report, seen by the BBC, an officer describes making contact with the victim in the early hours of the morning after being called to a 4-star hotel on Miami Beach.


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