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Where were you?


Where were you when we won in Rotterdam?  

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  1. 1. Where were you when we won in Rotterdam?

    • I was there!
    • At the pub
    • At home, i was only a wee nipper
    • At home with some mates
    • I don't remember i wasn't interested in football
    • I wasn't even born
    • I watched it but can't remember where

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when villa won in Rotterdam? i know this kind of follows on from Nurembergvillans thread about how it was and everything but i thought i'd make a poll so i could see where people were and that, so vote away, feel free to discuss it on the other thread and just use this as a poll

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After the semi final the old man said we were all going to rotterdam....however my mother did not think it a good use of limited funds nor me being dragged out of primary skule.

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I was there..... right behind the goal when Withey scored. As a steward I was wearing a flouro jacket and each time I see the goal I see my self go mental!!!!

On the lower level at that point getting another glass of lager, that was very warm, and was suppossed to have been banned by UEFA but they didn't care.

After the match (supposedly dry) the coaches were told to leave straight back to UK..... so the local entrepreneurs were walking round with sack trucks loaded with cases of beer that were quickly purchased.

As we walked to the coaches Villa fans just walked up to each other and hugged and jumped up and down..... complete strangers!

Obviously you had to be there to appreciate it, and whatever Doug does he can;t take away those memories of that night!

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I was an apprentice in the Air Force at the time, and had been to the home games, but as much as i grovelled and pleaded, Her Majesty's armed forces would not let me go. My (Civilian) mates went. I watched it on the telly in a TV room in a NAAFI, whilst all the time wishing I could have gone, biting my nails, drinking cans of beer and shouting at the telly.

I was the only one in the room, all my non-Villa RAF chums were in the main bar watching a band. When we had won I (by now somewhat the worse for wear, and delerium) went in the main bar, went up on the stage, grabbed the mike off the singer and announced to a frankly rather unreceptive audience that we had won.

No one cared, but boy was I happy.

A nice chap called Seth has recently done me a copy of the TV recording of the game, andI've been able to watch it sober.

Notice how little Dennis Mortimer touches the ball in the final, second half in particular.

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I was 13 and was watching it home...my folks were out at some friends house and I think my bro was out as well. I was nursing a slowly recovering broken arm - which I nearly damaged again leaping around like a muppet when we won. I was desperate to talk about the whole thing and couldn't wait to get to school the next day. I was convinced we would dominate the 80's in the way Liverpool had dominated the 70's.....

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