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Christmas TV Ad Suggestion


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Would love to hack into ITV and replace the John Lewis Christmas ad - with  a scene of a big fat bloke from Wolverhampton having a shit  - that would give everyone something to talk about.


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Graham Linehan once wrote a Christmas TV ad suggestion on Twitter (must have been around 2014/15), but I can't find it anywhere.

Went something like (I won't do this justice):

Family sitting together in their house, Christmas tree is up, fire is roaring away.

Mum says to the two children: "Right, let's go and finish our Christmas shopping!"

"Yay!" shout the kids to their smiling parents.

Dad kisses them all goodbye and waves them off, as they head off to the car.

In the car, Mum has forgotten her purse.

She walks back to the house and into the front room.

Camera pans to Dad with laptop on his knees, having a wank.

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