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Weekends Football 3/5 November


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Wolves v Fulham SS2


Prmeier League

Stoke v Leicester 12.30pm SS2

Huddersfield v Albion 

Newcastle v Bournemouth

Southampton v Burnley 

Swansea v Brighton

West Ham v Liverpool 5.30pm BT Sport 1

MOTD 10.30pm


Bristol City v Cardiff 12pm

Barnsley v Small Heath 

Bolton v Norwich 

Derby v Reading

Ipswich v Preston

Millwall v Burton 

Forest v QPR

Sheff Utd v Hull

Brentford v Leeds 5.30pm SS2

Football on 5 9pm 


Prmeier League

Everton v Watford 4.30pm

Spurs v Palace 12pm BT Sport

Super Sunday

Man City v Arsenal 2.15pm SS2

Chelsea v Man Utd 4.30pm SS2

MOTD 2 10.30pm


Middlesbrough v Sunderland 12.15pm SS3

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1 minute ago, Genie said:

Wolves ground half empty, thoightvthe place would be packed out the football they’re playing and position in the table.

Yep, this is a team with some premier league quality players. Poor from wolves

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Just now, rodders0223 said:

They only come to see Villa...


Started like a steam train. 1-0.

They are impressive and they won't be caught.

On current form yeah, but I’m clinging to them falling back as teams very rarely keep this kind of form up for the whole season.

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Oh look Wolves winning again, when is Winter coming Jon Snow.....

On the ground thing, cameras are facing the away end which holds 3k I presume Fulham have took 300 there so that will make it look like there's hardly anyone there. Bit like if our cameras faced the Witton again.

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Just now, Genie said:

It’s not even an end, it’s one of the sides of the ground, I can’t believe Wolves give 1 hole stand to the away side.

TBF I'm not watching it but I assume it's the lower tier along the touchline which the camera points at which you're all referring to?

That holds 3k and it's difficult to segregate so if Fulham only bring 500 or less you're talking a lot of empty seats.

The South Bank is usually packed regardless of opposition so not sure where else they'd be loads of empty seats.

Wolves are better supported than WBA.

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