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Do we have any youngsters good enough to step up to the first team within the next year?


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With the appointment of Tim, the mandate other than obviously keeping us in the league, is to promote our youth players into the first team squad from what Tom Fox has said.

Jack Grealish is an outstanding talent and hopefully now under Tim will get more chances to make a name for himself. IMO from what I have seen of Callum Robinson he just isn't good enough and i dont see a future premier league player there IMO.

Other than those two, the cupboard is pretty bare in terms of youth players with the ability to step up in the next year or so from what I've seen. Is there anyone good enough from our academy with great potential to step up within the next year?? How about those two Southampton lads or the 'new John Terry' we signed from Chelsea are they likely to make the grade??

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But nothing we've seen of Grealish so far suggest hes ready for the prem right now, if anyone what we've seen so far is that he isnt quite there yet.

He's shown he's a better footballer than Weimann in my opinion.


He's got into dangerous areas and played crosses in only to have Benteke standing outside the area.


I think he'll play in the closing stages of the season.

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