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Please Help Those in the Philippines


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Would have preferred this to be in the main forum for greater exposure but I realise that is only for Villa related topics.


Please text CRISIS to 70000 to donate just £5 to the Disasters Emergency Committee raising funds for those poor souls in the Philippines who have lost so much and now have so little.


If you can also link their main page appeal to your Facebook or Twitter then you can help this appeal go viral.


Thanks in advance.

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fine sentiment, well done pacbuddies


another thing to do, in the longer term, is to direct debit a regular small amount, that way the organisations within DEC can plan ahead and stock for the next inevitable emergency

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Aye, that's why I always steer clear of the text donations. Would rather all my money went where it should.

You can also help by donating online to shelterbox (http://www.shelterbox.org). They're on the ground and distributing their kit which is pretty awesome if you have a look at their site.

Sure there's loads of other ways to give money to help too.

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