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  1. i don't think mahomes isn't playing as well as last season. he's still playing great but not at the same level. i'd say wilson is outplaying him currently, but it's obviously still early.
  2. exactly. just let wilson sling it. best deep ball in the game.
  3. 2 TDs for Gallman already. But the pundits all told me Saquon is irreplaceable...
  4. i would hope not considering its just an accusation at this stage.
  5. Zeke was banned and Alfred Morris was fine. Melvin Gordon holds out and UDFA Austin Ekeler blows up. Kareem Hunt gets banned and Damian Williams (!?) seamlessly replaced him. Spending an early pick on a running back isn't necessary. Saquon was unbelievable last season and we were still awful because running the ball doesn't win you games.
  6. 1-13?! is that a joke? i know i didnt draft a kicker but... i've done 2012 mark davis and drafted all the fast players.
  7. had the toughest job on the team today and alderweireld pretty much dominated him all game. i'm sure he'll be fine though and there are easier days ahead.
  8. not true. it's just an account that aggregates all villa related news tweeted by other journalists. the account doesn't claim to know anything.
  9. what year is this? can't believe he's still only 30.
  10. i think el ghazi looked much better on the left though. is he? whenever i've seen him play he's always been on the left.
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