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  1. Enjoy the pod on Spotify whilst working - apologies if this has been covered earlier in the thread but do any of the regulars aside from yourself post on here/under what usernames? - thanks
  2. Noticed a few occasions where he has been open to finish off a move and the ball hasn't quite found its way to him / wasn't passed to - more to come from Ings for sure as other players get used to him more, and that is seriously exciting after his truly impressive start with us - great player
  3. Interesting post game from Shakespeare on sky, explicit about promoting from within where possible
  4. I think despite what we may think as hardcore Villa fans - Its my opinion that we are probably still a lot harder to sell to a young player on the continent than Spurs for example. Not the case anymore for youth level starlets in the UK at least anymore - will take time for our profile etc to match for normal transfers, we will get there but will take time
  5. Gutted - really felt Bertie was going to shine the next few weeks
  6. Careful - general krulak will be on his way
  7. What better description to persuade any doubters!
  8. He wouldn't hear me - hearing side of his game has gone downhill in the twilight of his career
  9. If Ings plays as SS, Bertie could come into play covering this position too - his success abroad as a "striker" was as SS I think. He got better defensively as the season went on IMO also
  10. Haven't thought of it in this way - Don Smith!
  11. From the outside, it would seem crazy for Norwich to let Buendia and Cantwell, And Southampton JWP and Ings leave in one window - so close to the first game of the season too which makes me think they wouldn't happen - not everyone has the luxury of NSWE though I guess!
  12. Don't get me wrong - would be delighted with Kamada et al, and do like the look of Damsgaard - exciting times for sure
  13. I can see the thinking behind potentially adding JWP and Cantwell - their on pitch relationships with Ings and Buendia could mitigate the "throwing in loads of new players in one go leading to ruin " - one aspect to factor in perhaps.
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