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  1. Winnable game..spoiled by stupid individual errors and lack of concentration.. **** VAR..it was a clear penalty but in fairness we did not deserve a point with that half arsed display
  2. Nothing to do with the 30 litres of vodka and irn bru he swallowed after scotland qualified...he should be in bed and not on a pitch-
  3. Last game i said we should take off watkins....he scored...patience is required today
  4. we need to take one of these chances..or it could end badly for us tonight
  5. Watkins offering nothing at the moment..maybe davis can replace him to hold the ball up
  6. townsend is a rocket polisher of the highest order
  7. VAR can just do one now..sick to death of it sucking the life out of the game....
  8. We really dont want to lose 3 on the trot...i hope the boys have been motivated enough to come out of the traps quicker tonight... We really need to stop teams overloading the wings..when cash is being overloaded we crumble because no one supports him In my opinion barkely should be rested and hourihane should replace him.. UP THE VILLA!
  9. Can i have some of those magic tablets you are taking please
  10. Means **** all..its the manner of the way we are playing that does not bode well for the future
  11. Its like the whole team said to itself after beating pool 7-2 right thats us done for the season...back to last seasons hoofball and shit tactics
  12. they look shaky and unsettled so far...could be 2 down already
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