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  1. I wonder why all the Vida rumours died? I was looking forward to us at least attempting to sign him as he is a beast
  2. Considering the fact that only getting one striker in in january means that we are in the same position if he gets injured It leads me to believe that we will buy a striker at the squeaky bum end of the window and get a loan striker as well....at least i hope we do,or its back to wet tuesday nights in rotheram
  3. The big gamble was in the summer..that gamble has not payed off and now we are going to find it really hard to stay in this league... Who in their right mind came up with this strategy? No fit strikers? The fans could see it a mile away after our summer fiasco. Kodjia has been in a strop since we would not let him leave to join angers in ligue 1.Davis is barely championship quality. I wont mention the other 5-6 players who are barely championship players either. The person or persons responsible for this monumental mess and squandering of million needs to step down or be sacked. I thought the days of the club being in a shambles was well over when edens and co took over...how wrong i was vtid! rant over
  4. Even peppa pig could run rings around our midfield
  5. Piatek certainly wont go to spurs because tight arse levy wants a loan to buy deal and milan want a straight cash sale
  6. Even if we played reina and nyland in goal at the same time we are going to get a pasting
  7. Romanian rumours about coman..17 goals and 9 assists so far,only 20 and his worth according to transfermarket is 5.5m Keep in mind that romanian league is worse than the scottish league in terms of levels of football... are we getting desperate? i shudder to think who will be playing up front for us on sunday
  8. Jesus can you stop with the benteke bullshit...The guy is a spent force,has gone backwards at lightspeed pace since 2016 I wish fans would stop relying on nostalgia..the guy couldnt score in a brothel. benteke rant over!
  9. Milan are in financial trouble..its well known in italy..when the chinese owners nearly went bankrupt and that american hedge fund took over. The rumour has been for ages that the Americans want rid of the club as its loss making..so a cash deal for piatek could well be feasible. Reina is on 100k a week also and they want him gone too preferably loan to buy. Ibrahamovic is on 160k a week and the general consensus in milan is he will get more game time that piatek. Im feeling that this story has major legs as Gianluca Di Marzio has an excellent track record on reporting Major movements in italy and abroad.UTV!
  10. I will mention the name alvarez the river plate striker..i guarantee tomorrow that villareport will have it as his ITK piece for the day.,..such a shill
  11. Typically villa are going to sign 2 strikers and a winger now and we will have no clue to who they are until they are signed. So many dingles and wba clearings in the woods setting up accounts to spout shite about the villa. I didnt include blues fans because we all know they are too busy with their sisters to go to the bother of posting false info Some of the players we have been "linked" with are beyond the realms of reality? arsesombalonga and pineapple head gestede,....jesus wept Latest we are being linked with is that Arsehat Jay rodriguez....i swear can it get any worse?
  12. Rumour is that club has decided to stick with nyland as no1..with sarkic taking over number 2 spot until steer is back and fully fit
  13. You simply cannot compare a run in the championship to a run in the premiership..they are different animals..in the championship anyone can beat anyone in a crazy topsy turvy league,im not so sure its the same in the premierleague. The team needs a leader in midfield and if smith persists in his crazy wingers "tactic" he is going to have to replace trez and elghazi with 2 wingers that want to wear the shirt.
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