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  1. Slabheads face is imbedded in the pitch..they have to contact the miners to dig him out
  2. I hope barkley goes to west ham for 40m..and sits on the bench for all of it
  3. The joys of watching Manchester "the ref is afraid to book any of us" United
  4. someone tell barkely that the team we are playing is really everton dressed up as man utd..he will play better then
  5. look like we are bent over a barrel and awaiting for the inevitable rogering
  6. Ancelotti's eyebrows talking tactics to each other
  7. what a goal...lets hope we can focus now and see it out
  8. ah is that why he was wearing a parachute earlier..we can parachute him off the holte end into a flying scissor kick goal
  9. im convinced now that JMG must be Deans illicit scottish love child
  10. we went into beach mode after boxing day..we are so much on the beach that all the players smell like barbados
  11. get rid of mcginn and traore or else we will be relegated next season
  12. they should strap MCGINN to that gurney in the tunnel and leave him there
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