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  1. Im sure that sacking smith is one thing in the media..but can you imagine the headlines in all the rags about "villa sack england hero john terry" That publicity is one the club does not want,hence when smith is sacked on saturday evening they will keep terry in some role..
  2. we are due at least 2 unlikely wins...its starts here!!
  3. 2-1 villa..vardy to score first then a goal from jack and a headed goal from samatta....
  4. We showed our fight,and thats all i wanted to see..lets hope we can use this display today to jog on against the teams we have to play in the premier league
  5. 160m worth of shit... time and time again we show that we cant even do the basics properly
  6. For any villa fan to lay their hands on young max stokes and his friends is a bloody disgrace. Boils my piss when young passionate people trying to do a vlog of a game are set upon by so called villa fans These "fans" should receive a ban from travelling and a ban from villa park. I know tensions were running high between fans on saturday but it does not excuse any violent act no matter the reason That situation makes the true villa fans look like mugs and is not acceptable
  7. great day out for us fans...but nothing else..im trying to remain positive,but every premier manager and their cat knows our turgid one dimensional style that smith wont/uncapable of changing. I just hope its not a cricket score against us...we need a fightback and it has to start here.
  8. Those rainy tuesday nights in rotherham next season are approaching like a bullet train
  9. And that my friends is why we are going to be relegated
  10. If smith cant see how crap drinkwater is ..he can do one as well
  11. I totally agree we are heading fast towards the championship, we dont have any strength in midfield and our defence when pressed is a shambles. If we have any hope of staying up we are going to have to steal points from the big boys considering we cant seem to get points from those around us. Its going to be major squeaky bum time soon and i hope the boys can pull it together,grow some balls and show passion and commitment to the shirt..UTV
  12. The whole team is flat footed..its like watching hobbit united..we are in big trouble here
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