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  1. Exactly my train of thought maqroll..Its obvious..even down to watkins not passing to ings. Im sure there are major problems between the team and the manager now and with edens at last weeks game im fairly sure they will protect their investment sooner or later
  2. i wonder what smiths excuse will be for that wonderful display of bolloxology in the first half...
  3. there is more life in my gran than this team...and she died in 1979
  4. i know whats wrong tonight...we are playing in shitty blue
  5. sorry deano but you can shove 3cb's and two up front up your arse.
  6. i will drive tuanzebe back to manure personally
  7. we can beat these dogheads 3 nil in the second half if we just change tactics and a sub
  8. He isnt..im flabbergasted by most saying sign him...anytime i have seen him play he has been poor
  9. villa literally telegraphing every pass ffs..too slow on the ball and ings and watkins again aint working.
  10. I was exactly the same.waiting for var to rule it out...
  11. watkins and ings missing....ramsey and mcginn letting spuds play thru us...tactics need to change on the hoof
  12. Dean needs to take off watkins and replace him with archer..fairly obvious change i would say
  13. Ings and watkins pairing just not working for me...Ings is working hard tracking back etc..Watkins just looks shattered(understandable after having a new born, i have been there many times)..we need to change it up front
  14. I hope we can put rat face tuchel in his place..come on villa
  15. lucky to get sanson for 15m they said....looks like we bought a walking injury
  16. I would have taken bailey off as well just as a precaution..no point in exasberating a knock by keeping him on
  17. so chelsea are missing lukaku kante havertz pulisic james and silva for saturday we are missing Both emi's and konsa and possibly bailey. I suppose anything can happen but i fancy our chances on saturday with a sneaky 2-1 villa win
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