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  1. I don't remember this competition being played last year. U18 premier league cup? Number of youth cups seems to be growing.
  2. Problem with Newcastle takeover is that it will put additional inflationary pressure on transfer market, indirectly affecting all buying clubs. It's great for clubs looking to sell their assets, although imagine the meltdown here if we were to sell one of our best players to Newcastle
  3. Thanks for posting this. Do you happen to have higher resolution of the booklet? I can’t quite read out the numbers
  4. As Purslow does, he is a minority shareholder. But it's hard to imagine him putting his own money into the club, he puts his time instead.
  5. Not just in Newcastle. they have big worldwide following,very similar in numbers to us, Source: https://www.footy.com/blog/statistics/most-popular-premier-league-clubs
  6. Is it a lot? Burnley sold for near £200m. Newcastle has massively bigger fanbase and potential. Sounds relatively cheap to me. As to why, it ticked many boxes: 1. Willing seller 2. Desperate fans likely to welcome Saudis with open arms 3. Big stadium with big fanbase. 4. Already in Premier League guaranteeing revenue and TV exposure 5. Not crazily expensive (for example clubs like arsenal are valued at 2-3 billion) 6. Big FFP spending leeway Thanks to Ashley's underspending I think you would struggle to find another club ticking so many boxes.
  7. What a nonsense...another ITK? how do they come up with this crap
  8. That's true as well, my beef is it's just another nothing article from Gregg. We do "analytics" we are "unique". I love The Athletic and a lot of their writers, but Greigg Evans is one of the weakest ones...such a shame they don't have anyone decent covering Villa.
  9. I would take all these "links" with a pinch of salt. They will be linked to everybody now, just to generate interest and clicks.
  10. And how did you come to the conclusion that they are stupid?
  11. Oh Gregg, another superficial article without any detail to get your teeth into. Most of his articles are like that. Seems like he has no contacts at the club at all. He talks about us using "analytics" and being "unique". Well, in case you didn't know, every team have been using analytics for a while now. I would like to know what we are actually doing that is unique, but you won't get that from Greg's articles.
  12. We did spend 350m but to be fair we had to start pretty much from scratch. Following the promotion we basically had no squad. We had Grealish and Mcginn, that was it. Newcastle squad is pretty poor, but at least they have one. It won't take £350m to get them to the level where we are now.
  13. This is quite funny. Kieran Maguire describing some ways around ffp: “Another is being clever with contracts. There is one club in the English Championship who got around FFP with some clever accounting not all that long ago. “They were signing a player who would become the club’s top earner, and whose deal would then trigger clauses for other players to get pay rises, pushing them over the threshold. So instead of paying the player their full wage, they employed his mother as a scout and paid her the rest of his money.” https://www.newcastleworld.com/sport/football/newcastle-united/clever-accounting-ffp-kieran-maguire-puts-newcastle-uniteds-possible-transfer-spends-under-the-microscope-3414715
  14. I would like to see stats how many long throws end up with shots and goals, in comparison to short throw and build up from it.
  15. He is an interesting case…there was so much hype and expectations around him when he joined us from Barca when he was around 16. Hey, many fans were calling to include him in the first team after that Liverpool game. The thing is, for 99% of 16-17 year olds, you just cannot predict if they gonna make it big in the game or not, regardless how talented they seem to be. There’s so many variables (injuries, attitude, luck, etc). For every Rooney or Bellingham who blossom early, there is 99 talented academy players. I have no idea if Barry will ever make it, but we shouldn’t expect he has a bigger chance than any other youngster we have. Just look at Archer, he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, without any hype or expectations.
  16. He went to Bayern to watch Guardiola. Tried to play possession football after that…it lasted 45 minutes
  17. Genuine question, is there Egyptian or American flag at villa park now?
  18. He plays as number 10 for them, much higher up the pitch. Not sure if that's his best position, but certainly allows him to score more goals.
  19. Not even on the bench today
  20. People seem to either genuinely underestimate the Consortium or prefer to live in denial. They have the most resources at their disposal to hire the right people to come up with a right plan and the luxury of hindsight looking at the mistakes City made initially. They already confirmed that they not looking for immediate success, but the project is long term, get to the top within 5-10 years. They won’t be signing crippled players like Bale or Coutinho. I can see them following a 2 phase plan: Phase 1 (about 3 years) Hire a young, ambitious manager like Gerrard or Potter that fits their current level. Keep signing young talent in £20-40m bracket. All these while inflating their commercial revenue and rebuilding their infrastructure. Phase 2 (about 3 to 4 years from now) With top class infrastructures and commercial revenues inflated, go for top class manager able to attract top players. Start signing higher calibre players and try to mount serious challenge for CL
  21. For the sake of your own career you give it your all obviously. At least to get next decent club to play for.
  22. Not necessarily. As of 2023 season two additional CL places will be available to highest coefficient teams that fail to qualify from their league. Perfect failsafe for Manutd or Liverpool. We could realistically see 6 Premier League teams in the CL at that point.
  23. Newcastle takeover makes our job more difficult but it doesn't dramatically changed the picture. Now we have 4 teams we cannot possibly compete with (and another 2 that we have little chance to compete with),soon we will have 5. We still gonna have a chance for an occasional European qualification if we are managed astutely.
  24. Bein Sports are asking for 1B $ in damages (£700m) but the settlement in that case has not been reached yet, not officially at least. I don't think they will pay them the full £700m but that's inconsequential now.
  25. There is simple answer to what happend, on Wednesday to be precise. Saudi Arabia allowed Bein Sports to broadcast again and promised to crackdown on piracy.
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