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  1. I'd imagine he does. Played at Aston Wood, just round the corner from Shenstone. He played in the group behind us and we were held up by a slow 4 ball in front so had him right behind us on a few tee shots. Mentioned the slow play in front and he smiled. Seemed a nice guy. I wanted to say up the Villa but bottled it
  2. Played golf in front of Steve Staunton this afternoon. Looked a decent player.
  3. Has this ever worked for you?
  4. Bloody hell, if you're feeling flat now you must have needed serious help to get through the McLeish>Lambert>Sherwood>Garde>RDM>Potato Head era then.
  5. Daily occurance for some of us during the Rashica thread last year.
  6. Thanks. I thought it was just me for a minute.
  7. Work your magic, you beautiful man.
  8. Yeah, just making the point that I couldn't care less what the third kit looks like. It's just an additional revenue source for the club, which is a good thing. It could be based on a bin liner for all I care.
  9. The £90 pro version is stunningly good quality too. It has also inspired me to lose a few pounds so I can wear it.
  10. And mine was a comment in that topic.
  11. Can't help but feel if a certain greasy haired, weak shinned former captain had taken the same kind of penalty for us in the past there would not have been any comments like this. Some players will always have a scape goat tag around them. Just makes me want El Ghazi to be even better and prove people wrong.
  12. Why do people care what the 3rd kit looks like? We'll probably play in it about twice ever.
  13. PSV failed to qualify for the Champions League. Let's go and get Sangare now!
  14. And I completely agree with this but the key words are where possible. Right now, we absolutely need to buy a top quality defensive midfielder.
  15. Imagine what they'd be like if their club did a Bury, Bolton, Portsmouth, Luton, Rotherham, Sheff Weds etc. Well, seeing as they've only supported $hitty since 2008 I guess they'd just go and support someone else instead but you get my point.
  16. Honestly, he'd fit into our team so well. Only other player I know a bit about who would have a similar impact would be Ibrahim Sangare. I'd happily take either.
  17. McKennie could easily play as a box to box midfielder or a holding midfielder. He could even fill in at right back or right mid in a crisis and would do a job there. He's a quality player with high energy and workrate. Would absolute take our team by storm and improve us drastically.
  18. I will also add to this that I was disappointed with Luiz last season but he definitely has the quality to be a top 8 player. He just needs a bit more consistency but the quality is there. Traore is a maverick/wildcard player. Can be poor some weeks and great other weeks but the thing about him is he has the quality to provide a bit of magic from absolutely nothing. He's a great weapon to have. McGinn, I just love. Absolutely love the guy. If we play 3 in the middle, which allows him to play further forward, we'll see the best of him. My tip for player of the season.
  19. If we do sign a midfielder of McKennie or Delaney's quality and Buendia and Bailey live up to expectations (I picked them as I think they will be key players this season) then there's every chance we could get top 8. I'd say this is currently our best squad since being back in the Prem.
  20. No, we also need another top defensive midfielder. 100%. But that doesn't mean those 3 aren't top 8 quality.
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