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  1. All 3 absolutely are. Don't confuse form with quality.
  2. It's just a song that his name easily fits into. Don't think about it too much.
  3. Erm, might be because he's a boyhood fan and has come through the youth team. It's not rocket science
  4. He's a complete dinosaur. Jenas totally made a fool out of him. Murphy didn't know what to say in response. He just repeated himself. I found it quite funny
  5. Arise Captain Tyrone. An absolute pleasure to have him as our captain. Superb performance today.
  6. I just bloody love the guy. Genuinely wouldn't swap him for anyone. He's so good when played further forward so I think 3 in the middle is the way to go this season. Still my bet for player of the season this year.
  7. I love how he's not scared to get stuck in at all. Having him in there next to Luiz also allowed McGinn to play to his strengths too. Must have covered every blade of grass also.
  8. Not bad for a dog shit player today, eh?
  9. McKennie would be a seriously incredible signing. Exactly what we need. Have we been linked or just discussing him?
  10. Been away from all news for a few days. Can't be bothered reading through hundreds of pages. What's the word on here now? Are we being linked with anyone? Any Twitter rumours? Or nothing much?
  11. I've honestly felt a bit disturbed reading some of the comments in here today. Really, really poor form. He's a young lad who has shown a fair amount of promise in a combined 7 and a half games of football. Does not deserve some of the OTT comments at all.
  12. I was saying how ridiculous it is that people are writing him off after the equivalent of 7 games of football at this level. That's all. He doesn't deserve that.
  13. "absolutely dog shit", "Were meant to be chasing top six and were still having to rely on Ramsey", "toilet", "crap", "Ramsey is always dogshit", " if we are serious about progressing then he should be nowhere near the team this season. Whenever he starts he is poor", "Cannot for the life of me understand what Ramsey offers". These are some of the "not writing him off" comments in here since the game today. As I said, very classy.
  14. Wolves away last season was his best performance so far. I think it's the only time he's played the full 90 too.
  15. The thing I like the look of about him is that he is quite physical. I didn't expect him to be like that but he's not scared of getting stuck in.
  16. Ramsey has played 658 minutes in the Premier League. The equivalent of just over 7 games. Nice to see people completely writing him off. Very classy.
  17. He was great. Constant pressing and high energy. He never gives in. First outfield name on the team sheet for me.
  18. That new guy playing for Norwich looks pretty decent. Rash something.
  19. Off topic. Nobody cares about him any more.
  20. Agreed. McGinn was doing the work of 2 or 3 men today for most of the game. He deserves a better midfield partner(s). I think if we can bring in a proven top quality DCM to play in behind McGinn and Sanson/Luiz, we'll see McGinn at his very best. He's so good further up the pitch.
  21. Yes it will. I'm not expecting a European challenge this season and I don't think anyone should get their hopes up. I'd happily take a solid mid table season and build again from there. But to start this thread after one game is embarrassing.
  22. He looks so good when he's pressing high up the pitch but he can't do that when he has a terrible midfield partner.
  23. Best player for me today. He deserved to play next to a competent midfield partner. Had to do the work of 2 men.
  24. He's a complete maverick player. Can be having a poor game and then all of a sudden does something out of nowhere that no other player would do. We looked much better with him on the pitch.
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