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  1. Congratulations. Well Done Aston Villa.
  2. Vardy for the Golden Boot but Ings can finish second
  3. VAR is a disaster. Might just as well roll dice to make a decision . Maybe that is what they do.
  4. I just can't understand why villa extended his contract, it doesn't make sense to me.
  5. Probably not a good thing but I no longer need an excuse. I just do it !
  6. You raise a very valid point. He would get to play every week in the championship based on his form right now. He will need to be careful which team he picks if he decides to move. Could end up as the back-up if he is not careful.
  7. I have to agree. i can see quite a few clubs being interested in him.
  8. Has that been adopted for the EFL yet ?? Last I heard it was still up in the air.
  9. I agree. I utilized the ignore function and my time spent on Villa Talk has definitely improved.
  10. I doubt that he's watching the game !!
  11. Hesky is real world. Some of these pundits forget where they came from.
  12. Hesky said that Jack holds on to it too long cause he has no-one to pass to.
  13. That will put a smile on his face I'm sure.
  14. I disagree. Wilder is a smart man who knows how to play a system. They not be top six but as long as his board support him they will not be relegated.
  15. They have a suspect defence and can be beaten on the counter. Their D have mistakes in them !
  16. You're just talking crazy talk now. I can't see that catching on !!
  17. No-one really knows how much influence any Manager has on transfers any more. I know Brendan Rogers said that he just tells his boss what position he needs as opposed to asking for a certain player. Dean Smith has been critiqued over the incoming players this season but do we even know how involved he was in the process. Poch stated at Spurs that he was a coach not a manager.
  18. I agree, i don't particularly want him to go to Everton but I just feel that Man U is a terrible move for him.
  19. I really don't think that Jack is a good fit at Man U. I would rather see him at Everton with Carlo Ancelotti.
  20. Goals scored is not usually considered a benchmark for relegation. Goal difference or goals conceded is usually a more significant stat. By your thinking losing 8-4 to Liverpool would mean Villa avoid relegation !
  21. Yes. I often think that some posters ( a small number ) don't actually follow football, they just like posting volatile comments.
  22. I think Lampard is doing a pretty good job & looks to have the makings of a pretty good manager. Never a bottle job in my world.
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