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  1. Grealish is playing well but is limited by his team mates, I rate him highly and expect the "big clubs" to come for him this year.
  2. The January window is an historically difficult one to do business in. Clubs don't want to let players go unless they have a replacement and prices go up. I'm assuming Villa management already have players in mind who they think would be available.
  3. gurru991

    Dean Smith

    Leicester were at the bottom of the premier league for four & a half months in 14/15 but managed to win 7 from 9 at the end to finish 12th. It is early days yet and back to back wins can change everything very quickly.
  4. They are shit defensively but their offence is brilliant. Once you sit back and allow them to come at you most teams in the league will struggle against them.
  5. Let's hope the players attitude is better than yours.
  6. Engels & Mings were very good in my opinion, I feel they will only get better.
  7. I can see a knee jerk reaction coming in the VAR shite show. They will over turn everything this weekend
  8. Mike Dean is a way better referee than Friend in my opinion.
  9. Its a bit early for that I think. Its more than possible to lose 20 and still stay up. Not saying thats what will happen but its early days yet.
  10. I would like to think that Refs are constantly being graded throughout the season with their decisions being reviewed. It doesn't help Villa but surely Friend gets a failing grade.
  11. Forty points to be on the safe side. The points are a touch easier to come by at the start & become progressively harder as the season progresses
  12. I feel you are letting this shit call distract you from todays performance. Villa were not at their best against a mediocre Crystal Palace. Hopefully the International break will give Dean Smith time to get the players on the same page.
  13. Mings could easily go down as the purchase of the season !! I think at 20 mil he was a steal.
  14. I agree, I think it is way to soon to make a lot of changes. I think Dean Smith will tweak a little but he's too good a Manager to hit the panic button just yet.
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