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  1. He looks brilliant doesn't he !! The big boys will be in for him soon.
  2. I watched the Newcastle / West Ham and thought Newcastle looked OK going forward but shite defensively. . They commit going forward & are very susceptible to the counter. I think the game suits Watkins more than Ings but either one should have a field day against them.
  3. The gap between the money clubs & the rest is just becoming ridiculous. How any club can sustain those kind of wages is Insane. It's not good for the League !!
  4. Not quite the same thing but it's what made Leicester so successful. Selling top players and re-investing the money wisely.
  5. It becomes almost impossible to move players once a club has put them on stupid money that most other club can't afford
  6. I don't rate Tammy Abraham as high as a lot of people on this site do ! His style of play suited the Championship to a tee but I don't feel he is suited to the Premier . Ollie typifies what is needed from a striker & Tammy doesn't have it.
  7. Don't quit your day job.
  8. For me it's all about picking in form players not reputations.
  9. Southgate goes with the name only, he loves a big name & a big club. I would take Ollie Watkins over those two on any team I was putting together.
  10. Yes I noticed that !! Nothing changes does it. The press sure love their "big six"
  11. You've have some real talent in the U18's Well Done ! Thats the way to build a football club
  12. Chelsea are a nasty bunch. Shame half time came as I could see a sending off.
  13. I desperately need you to kick ass against Chelsea !! I'm pretty certain you can pull this off !!
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