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  1. He does best when Shakespeare is there to take care of the tactics but he is a wonderful motivator and brings discipline to the team. In all fairness he took over a team that has lots of talent but seemed to lack leadership.
  2. I really want him to succeed but I think it would have worked better if he got the last 30 minutes of games until he got up to speed.
  3. Not too sure why because in my mind there are still lots of points up for grabs but Betway have these odds for relegation Norwich 1.16 Bournemouth 1.53 Villa 1.72 Burnley 4.5 Watford 4.5 Im surprised at the spread.
  4. Personally i feel that is just crazy. The other thing that bothers me is that you value Jack as low as 40M. Maddison is being talked about at 60 to 80 & Grealish has to be close to that as well.
  5. It's funny. Steve Walsh was head of recruitment when Mahrez was signed & got a job at Everton based on his success at Leicester & proceeded to shat the bed. It's hard to know what goes on behind closed doors at any club, who is actually pulling the trigger & who is just along for the ride ?
  6. It has been ongoing for Slimani the last few years, I would be careful signing him due to injury problems.
  7. That's funny you say that. I just watched a Nigel Pearson interview & thats what he said he told his players.
  8. Good Stuff !! I wasn't sure about the foreign loans.
  9. Four per season but only two at any one time with the exception of a goalkeeper if it can be proven that injuries have created a need.
  10. Yes Glen Murray would get ten playing with Marc A on the wing.
  11. Funny you should say that. Marc Allbrighton is fantastic at getting crosses in early but Leicester really do not have an aerial threat. Marc would look good with a target like Benteke to aim for.
  12. He was definitely England quality back then, he was very neat and tidy on the ball Not flashy but very efficient. I have no idea what you guys will be getting but I hope he shines for you.
  13. It's so hard to know how well DD will do because he's played so little competitive football over the last two to three years.I watched him a lot when he played for Leicester & he was very good. I hope he gets it together & produces for Villa.
  14. I thought Orjan Nyland was very good & based on that performance I don't see the need for you to bring in another keeper.
  15. Wes is injured so the lads won't get too much of a kicking
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