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  1. I really don't see you as relegation candidates this season, I like the moves that you made ! No quantity and lots of quality plus Jack doesn't have to do it all himself which in turn makes him a better player. There will be some twists & turns along the way & as you guys proved last season & it aint over till its over.
  2. it looks like he will be available for Sunday. The funny thing is the Praet & Tielemans play better together than with Maddison even though Maddison is probably the better player.
  3. Ndidi is a massive loss for Leicester but Papy Mendy is playing very well as a defensive midfielder for us at the moment. He has been one of our best players so far.
  4. Unfortunately for Leicester. both Soyunco & Evans have sustained injury while on International duty. Our third choice CB Daniel Amartey was already injured so now we may need to rely on 19 year old Wesley Fofana & a 36 year old Wes Morgan. Could be a long 90 minutes for Leicester.
  5. No. it's not just about wealthy owners but it certainly helps to have them.Just saying.
  6. It's funny you said that as after I posted it and read it again I thought someone will get pissy about the "new club" bit. I know Villa is not a new club & meant no disrespect & see you took only a little bit. The current top six need a boot up the arse with different clubs challenging them. You guys certainly have the dosh to do that.
  7. I agree.It should be a dandy & i hope it"s a dandy for years to come. It would be nice to see new clubs coming along & pushing the entitled "top six"
  8. He does appear to be the weak link in the back four right now but all of the back four were horrible against West Ham. We will have to up our game against you lot or we could be in big trouble.
  9. Fulham splashed the cash & expected to stick, Baggies do not have a plan B
  10. Neymar flops to ground and rolls around every time he feels contact
  11. He did it in front of a Camera. He knows what he's doing
  12. I agree. Good young player !! He will make mistakes but happens when a team goes with youth
  13. Funny that you say that cause they were trashing him on Fox talk but thats typical Bunch of bedwetters
  14. Tarkowski at 27 needs to move now ! He has 5 maybe 6 years at peak .. A team will move for him in this window whether its west ham or leicester. Its the perfect time for Villa to step up.
  15. Signing Tarkowski would make one hell of a statement. it would tell the world that Villa mean business.
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