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  1. Most Premier league clubs would like to have those three players.
  2. He would be amazing playing at a top six club where he doesn't have to do it all. Extremely talented young man with a love of football & his team. Rare commodity these days.
  3. Teams have been sitting back against Leicester lately and making them work for it. They have evolved into a possession based team under Rodgers but still like to spring Vardy on the counter. I don't think Dean Smith will want to play too open a game on Sunday but I expect Grealish to play a blinder against Madisson. I think the game will be a dandy !!
  4. It will be fun to watch Grealish & Madisson play against each other. The two best English midfielders in the game right now. I hope that twit Southgate is at the game & see Englands future.
  5. Striker is without a doubt the toughest purchase out there. Mitrovic from Fulham is proven but would probably cost 35+ while Bowen from Hull may be the real thing but it looks like 20mil to find out. Possibly a loan deal for Iheanacho from Leicester could be worked out as the lad isn't playing too much.
  6. I don't see Newcastle being relegated this year !!
  7. I think Sheffield showed that this team can be got at !! I think Aston Villa have the ability to control the midfield and could definitely take some points from this. The key for me will be bagging an early goal.
  8. Ye they have said that but I'm guessing that he would be tempted by the Premier League.
  9. Rangers are adamant they won't sell in January
  10. My understanding is that Hull have the option of a one year extension. I think a few clubs will be interested in him.
  11. I think Mings is doing just fine. He is growing into the game & adjusting to playing with Maguire. For me he would be the starter with Maguire for the Euros. PS .. Twitter is filled with morons who have very little idea of what they talk about. I quit it a while ago.
  12. I really hate to give Steve Bruce any kind of credit but he seems to be doing a good job at Newcastle
  13. Buying players from Leagues that are three or four levels below the Premier is always a gamble. Whether Morelos could step up is a very is a tough call considering that Rangers will want top dollar. I think buying from the Championship is a bit safer.
  14. Read it again !! I never said thatTammy was better. I said that he was very close to being Englands best CF. I never said the best of all time, I was referring to the the present day. Kane is just plain awful lately and Tammy is hot. Work it out !! PS If you think Kane is the best striker of all time then bless you.
  15. I actually believe that Tammy A is very close to being England's best CF, I can see him starting ahead of Kane for England before long. You are !00% right about Vardy, when he steps on the pitch he is only focused on one thing & will run thru walls to get there. Wesley needs a touch more of that.
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