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  1. Agree, Barcelona became a better team by keeping Messi. Both are possible.
  2. It's why I enjoyed the championship. You could get tickets for Preston boro etc - big grounds happy to increase allocations for away fans.
  3. I'd agree. How do you build up a history if you can't buy tickets? I buy them when I can, and go 2_3 away games a year this is never enough for access usually.
  4. I think James is a good player. Pace and good crosser. Being dismissed quite quickly.
  5. Id contact twitter avfc support - much better than the phone
  6. I'd be amazed if there's 26,000 Bristol City fans there.
  7. Is this still the Tammy thread or is MM Tammy. I'm confused, it's like line of duty.
  8. He's not got the necessary skills to be a cdm, it's not a size thing, the decision is whether he is the best am, I.e. better than mcginn and sanson. I think whichever camp you're in we can probably agree that over a season we look better with luiz or mcginn and a dedicated cdm.
  9. Don't let facts or logic get in the way if my hatred for southgate!
  10. In a weird way, although playing in championship would toughen him up, he'd develop more playing in the Premier. I'm always amazed at how much time some teams give the opposition on the ball. (Or is that just us?)
  11. Ticket holders over 14 should have a photo and all attendees should have completed a medical questionnaire, if it's the same as Sunday.
  12. Thought Mings played well yesterday. (thought I'd bring it back to topic). Think he'll be in the England squad?
  13. It's a Marxist mvt? Really?what do you base that on? People being treated equally with respect isn't Marxism, it's humanity. Thought the 95% who outclapped the boos should be applauded.
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