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  1. I love the word untransformation. Compare this to smith, who clearly is going to play he wants regardless.
  2. If we get a couple more big guns, it'll be interesting because jack at any level will go past players if left 1 on 1.
  3. Someone at work today asked me how good he is. I said I can't compare him to any English player because no English player plays like him. I genuinely think there are better goal scoring / tackling midfielders than him, but he does something that the others can't do. I think that England (I'm an Ireland fan) will be a much better team with him in. Hes a continental player with a beautiful brummie accent.
  4. Yeah, it could fall apart when we realise we've signed gestede again!
  5. I love this signing. Right age. Experienced. Clearly ambitious. No more big money signings we're stuck with, with no sell on fee. i love the fact that nobody, anywhere predicted it.
  6. I disagree. I don't think there's place for a voice which is unrelentingly negative. Each event /decision should be taken at face value, not with a preordained no. I agree with the release of a lot of players. I disagree with the release of whelan. Some posts as you rightly imply clearly have an ulterior motive . I'm not sure what that is.
  7. Judging by how many are leaving, we've a few signings lined up. Glad we are being bold, we can't keep being seen as a comfy place to see out your career on 30k a week.
  8. Thursday 14th June. Fixture release day.
  9. A slightly better walk down Wembley way this year.
  10. Seldom many goals in these games. Would be tempted to start with Kodjia, and put green on against cole later. After last year I just want to take the game to them.
  11. Villa odds on at the bookies to go through. Not sure I'm that confident. gave up on promotion 13 games ago, now its temptingly close.
  12. Have season tickets with my two sons. Having to send my elder boy down with my brother as its the younger boys cup final at 11.00 tomorrow!!!!!!! Hate watching games on tv. starting to get nervous.
  13. Thanks for this thread. May not need it next year now we've binned most of the u23 team.
  14. My youngest has his cup final on the morning of 11th May. I can see some tactical substitutions in his game if it's a 1230 kick off.

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