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  1. Steve Bruce

    Thought it was interesting when he talked about a huge clear out to continue this summer. I think we will see a lot leave and 4-5 come in. We are still woefully imbalanced.
  2. Steve Bruce

    If we accept that Amavi is not going be a full back for us at this level, and I've not seen anything to suggest he is, why play him? we can't go up and I genuinely can't see how playing Bree or a youngster from the u23 can be worse and will result in them getting time on the pitch. Gerard made his first few appearances for liverpool at left back. Interesting how we all watch the same, but see things differently.
  3. Steve Bruce

    I don't disagree, but, we were really poor, and Bruce didn't change it. id play Bree ahead of Amavi as a defender. If you look at every good team in the playoffs they have someone who "bosses" the midfield, not in terms of physicality but in terms of technique. The 12 year old in readings midfield, dare I say Bannan. Our boss "Lansbury" plays so deep he can't boss the game, the only player we have that I think could do this is Grealish in a central role where he is continually involved. I'm slightly critical of a manager who picks a team with a midfield of Jedi, Lansbury, Bacuna, ( I wouldn't include hourihan in this ) which really lacks any semblance of creativity.
  4. Steve Bruce

    Thought performance, team selection etc was really poor. I'm not for sacking him, but you have to question selecting amavi in defence and not bringing Grealish and hogan on earlier
  5. Henri Lansbury

    Personally disappointed in Lansbury. Don't feel he does much. Whether this is tactics or him I'm not sure. I still maintain that him and Jedi in the same team is too defensive, especially at home.
  6. Henri Lansbury

    All away games and a few home games.
  7. Henri Lansbury

    Interesting discussion. I like him as a player, but if we play him and Jedi in the same team we lack a lot going forward. I see them both playing away but only one at home next season........... but out which one?
  8. Entrance music

    Starting to annoy me now. Lots of music blaring so no one sings, then game kicks off and it's silent. Go back to the silent movie theme from the 80s.
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Derby

    Happy with win, terrible performance. The squad is so imbalanced, we desperately need a number 9 so Kodjia can play wider, and also a Hughes type player who goes past someone in midfield. I thought that Grealish would be that player but....... the defence would be good enough to get us promoted if we scored goals. If........ ah well, onto Tuesday.
  10. Jonathan Kodjia

    He was non existent today - we can't start with him as our no 9 next year. He should be widish!
  11. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    Think string and a carrot might be pushing it!
  12. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    When we get promoted, and we will, it may be next year or a couple of years after, the ground is increasingly becoming dated. The perfect time to update it is when we are not going to use all of it. In terms of money it'll cost less now than in 3 years time. When we go up we will need to spend the money on the team. If we are not going to develop the ground because we are currently down and out, it sends out the type of short term ism which has been evident on the pitch over the last 5 years. The prospect of playing in the prem. with 3 stands, a new team (stage 2), and a reduced capacity and reduced atmosphere doesn't bode well. I don't know about the financial situation, none of us do, so wether we are totally messed up is conjecture -spending 20m (?) on a new North stand is only selling RmC, and our loan players. ( Vertout, Sanchez, Gil -judging by the reviews of all 3 on VT since they've left they are well worth it)! Form is temporary -class is permanent, off the pitch we have to think like a big team, not an average championship team, otherwise we will be down in the championship for ever. On the pitch we need quality players with a championship work ethic. We have to realistic, but still ambitious -easier said than done!
  13. Redevelopment of Villa Park

    I agree, attendances will dip next year one way or another. It's the perfect time to rebuild the North Stand (where I sit), and squeeze(lol) the fans in the other 3 stands. We've proven that spending money won't get us up, we might as well redevelop the ground with the money, and create a climate of a club on the up.
  14. Scott Hogan

    Slightly misleading, was made up of 2 serious injuries to different parts of his body.
  15. Ratings and Reactions: Newcastle v Villa

    Was like watching an oleary team, happy to lose 2-0. honest bunch of lads.