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  1. Good performance. Loved seeing the midfield nibble and tackle and getting them rattled. Thought elmo and targett were excellent. (Is that a point for or against Smith?)
  2. Glad you added the comment in brackets. I was getting concerned!
  3. I dont disagree. What happens if the employees cant do their job, skill wise, mentally etc, but you cant replace them because you're not allowed to employ anyone else. You're working on the principle that with good management these players would do well. I'm arguing that nakamba trez samatta etc are really poor, but theres no one else to play.
  4. They're professional footballers. I'm a professional in my job. I dont need a manager to tell me how to do my job to a good level. To support your point, perhaps it's some of the analysis etc foner points which is Smith's fault. I'm not a Smith in or out tbh. But I do worry that by blaming him for all our woes, we will ignore other issues like recruitment etc.
  5. To an extent. At what point do you have to consider a lack of professionalism from the players. I point to mings and Grealish in the last game. I blame Smith to an extent, I blame the players to an extent, to blame 1 and not the other is going to result in more of the same next year.
  6. So you agree it's the players fault then?
  7. Jesus! That's ridiculous, even by your standards. Stop blaming 1 man when theres a lot to take the blame. Smith was angry with the ref the players were, hows that mirroring? Criticise mings, grealish, samatta, konsa wake up!!!!!!!!!!
  8. That's the first game since we went down last time where the players have stopped trying. 1 dodgy one, but 2 goals which with balls would have been blocked. We barely tackled in the second half.
  9. No. But in a relegation battle fine margins are sometimes the difference. It clearly wasnt a penalty
  10. He signed 4/9 not most, not all. Perhaps we should have Coe and Ovett as a midfield2. Cant play football, but can run a lot. You dont like Smith, fair enough, at least pick some real reasons to criticise him. There are some out there.
  11. Achieved an unexpected promotion, reached a cup final. Not too shabby.
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