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  1. If we look back 24 months. We were 15th in championship If we look back 12 months we were 18th I'm not proud that we are plucky losers. I am proud we are 6th and man Utd celebrate a victory against us as if it's a major event.
  2. Myself and my 2 boys, both screamed handball. My wife was having prosecco and my nine year was waving a random flag. Thought it was just us!
  3. Careful now. You're in danger of a balanced view instead of the Vt doom or gloom! I agree totally.
  4. And should have stepped towards him. Even if he is Linda.
  5. We wont play brilliantly every week though. That's why we need to be level headed.
  6. Want a performance. Just watched the early game - enough to rip out your own eyes.
  7. Just said "could he step up". Hate sky and manure, both of them!!!!!
  8. Dont think I've seen all the emojis used for 1 post!
  9. I'd play mings for his pace and distribution. Imo it's better than Hauses.
  10. I'd agree with points 2 and 3 Did hourihane steal your christmas presents or step on your sandcastles in Cobh as a child. You seem to be a little obsessed.
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