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  1. Special mention to Taylor - overlapping runs!!!!!!
  2. Have to agree. We've now got 2 midfielders who would easily cope in the premier league. The way he anticipated the pull back and opened his body up was premier league class. But apparently he's not good enough for Scotland!
  3. What does wondering achieve? Is that an existential question?
  4. I'm in the minority I think we'll fall just short, mainly due to the games in hand, and our last 2 games. I think it's 4 into 2, I'd take 6 th now. i just look back on the state we were in the summer, not Bruce's fault, and then Bruce's defensive policy - Bruce's fault, and wonder what if we had appointed smith earlier.
  5. Was unplayable at times today.
  6. With a sound defence behind him he can be more positive, it showed today
  7. Thought some of the football was brilliant at times. Thought the tactics, subs spot on.
  8. Can't believe how hard we worked in the second half. even kodjia!!!!
  9. Remember you wanted him sacked as well.
  10. Right team imo. Rewarding performances last week.
  11. On a rolling contract and leaves 5 days before the season. Will not be acknowledging his return in the opposition dugout with anything other than resentment. I possibly need need to move on!
  12. Will be loaned out again, not sold, I think. May actually benefit us.
  13. I disagree totally with every single assertion. 3rd best squad? Should be 10 points clear? mourinho / wenger? 25,000 gates? nostradmus talked balls as well.
  14. Think the cheers weren't for hourihane getting taken off but for Ramsey coming on. Any negativity was for his "we're 3 up not 2 down" stroll off the pitch. Happy to slate the fans when we act badly, I actually think a lot of the players including hourihane are getting off quite lightly.

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