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  1. It's where we are when the daffodils come up that matters!
  2. Really good in the air, quick, willing to run. Coped really well with early yellow. Superb debut.
  3. Really impressive, I wanted hourihane to replace el ghazi - further evidence of why I'm not a manager.
  4. Difficult to pick a motm. Thought I'd give it to smith. Changed the team - both changes were excellent, used subs well, set the team up superbly. I think I'm in love with Engels, thought he was so cool, I think the buy of the summer.
  5. I'd agree with the team totally. We need to rest el ghazi. Jack and trez can play wide, neither will stay there anyway. We missed hourihane deliveries massively on Saturday.
  6. He did well considering the lack of support. He was much better in game 2 than game 1. I thought his hold up play for trez's effort in the first half showed his ability.
  7. Slow to start, which is why imo our full backs haven't changed as yet. We can't have half a team getting up to speed. Thought his passing was lovely in 2nd half, always just in front of the target. Hopefully jack now has the confidence to get up the pitch, knowing he's behind him.
  8. Did they have the North stand? I won a competition to be in the unibet box that day.
  9. I've had ST for 6 years in North Stand. Our fa cup record is so bad we've not played anyone big!
  10. I sit in north stand upper. Am unaware I might have to give up seat for FA cup games
  11. Total points Category A - Spurs Man City Liverpool - 0 points 0 category B - Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton , Wolves, Leicester - 1 point (sneak a draw) 6 category C - other 10 teams 1 win either home or away. 30 36 I know it's not going to work out like this, and obviously we shouldn't be going into games O'Leary esque hoping for small defeats /draws. But if we're realistic this would probably keep us up. I can see us getting more than 1 off Wolves, but our record against the first three in b is awful. This would mean 4 points out of Bournemouth and Everton would be good. We'll stay up by winning games in our mini league of 11.
  12. Was checking my losing bet. It said draw was about to happen. Would love to claim expert planning but...
  13. I posted before that I wouldn't mind moving away. As our first home game approaches, I want to admit I was wrong. I'm looking forward to parking by the flats by Ruskin hall, as I always do, nipping to the shops with my kids, trying to convince the older one that drinks shouldn't be green, Deciding, domwe walk across the park or down Bevington Rd? all little things, but things I'd miss. The ground needs to be improved, but improved where it is.

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