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  1. Steve Bruce

    Sorry, our right, their left. At the age of 45 you'd have thought I'd have worked out out left from right!
  2. Glenn Whelan

    Yes. I see a lot of teams whose style of play is centred around 1 player collecting the ball and distributing the ball. If you stop this, you stop them playing. Having a DM having to deal with the threat 30 yards closer to your own goal when the attackers have momentum,is IMO outdated. if you look at yesterday's game we set up with a play to disrupt their style of play.
  3. Glenn Whelan

    Thought he was really good today. It's probably not Whelan but the position people don't like. The idea of a DM is fine if that DM is Kante etc. I think it's like playing another defender especially at home. If we play a DM I'd like it too be someone like Thor who plays in front of the midfield, pushing the game forward, and stopping the attacks from developing, especially when we are up against a team with a bannan style play maker -use the DM to man mark him.
  4. Steve Bruce

    I thought the subs were reasonable. We were being caught out by the ball down our left, time after time, de laet helped in this (and got him game time). I probably would have put Hogan on instead of Davis, but I can see why he took Kodjia off. Thor is the only one I didn't get, because he can't hold onto the ball. In Bruce's credit his change in formation ( doesn't happen often) with onomah pushed up was spot on.
  5. Albert Adomah

    Are you posting this on every player thread? I understand there's a Bruce out thing going on, but there was a lot of VT who weren't in love with Adomah last season. There is a Bruce thread. Thought Adomah was good last season. He offers directness, won't always come off, but he always moves the game upfield. Like all our players, if everything he did came off he wouldn't be playing for us.
  6. Tony Xia

    We need a progressive younger manager. Our squad should walk this league if they're not hamstrung by outdated styles of play. Dr Tone is trying, there's never a guarantee. On an aside, and I ask this genuinely, for our older listeners, what was the reaction when Saunders was appointed, it was before my time (just).
  7. Steve Bruce

    He is going to go at some (soon) point. I genuinely don't get the impression that if he if wins the next game or 2 or 3 that will change. So if he is going to be sacked why wait. I will hold my hand up, I was pro Bruce until Bristol City , but tactically he is inept. I couldn't coach a professional football team, but I could make in game decisions better than Bruce, Tuesday proved that. I want to watch football, not survival. I want to go 1-0 up and expect us to go 2 or 3 up. I don't expect promotion, but I do expect a manager to give us a chance of promotion. Bruçe is not that man.
  8. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Was watching highlights of their last game, they were so well organised, had different tactics for corners etc, almost as if they were coached. Unfortunately he won't leave before the World Cup play offs. Looked at brentford yesterday, always had options at throw ins had obviously practised corners and were set up to play football. Interestingly their last sub was greeted with "you don't know what your doing". Smith for me ( don't know many foreign leAgues though). Hows Olaf doing.?
  9. Steve Bruce

    Needs to go. Seemed generally surprised at how brentford were going to play. They had the ginger fella dictating the whole game, we continued with whelan running from side to side. Getting really bored at watching teams play much better football, with far fewer resources. Go go go go go go etc.
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Totally spot on.
  11. Micah Richards

    For a moment, you had me hoping.........
  12. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Wiltshire linked to sha.
  13. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I'd love a big centre forward. Davis can't play every game. Who knows when kodjia is going to be back to full fitness?
  14. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    10 hours.
  15. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Think he was one of our best players last season. Could see adomah playing through the middle at some point.