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  1. You're correct, and I'd definitely agree with your assessment on competence. I'm sure the Premier League have their own version of John Delaney chomping at the bit.
  2. Think we'll have live football at 12 , 3 , 6 and 9. Different divisions loads of platforms. Bit like when amazon had all games on at once. I think this is awful btw, both on footballing, moral and healthcare grounds. I know it makes no sense but I can see the govt using it as some type of national morale boost when we enter lockdown week 12.
  3. Think we'll have live football at 12 , 3 , 6 and 9. Different divisions leads of platforms. Bit like when amazon had all games on at once. I think this is awful btw. Having an empty villa park cant be considered home advantage. Makes a mockery of football if theres no fans.
  4. I think they'll end up finishing it behind closed doors in June. A ridiculous decision purely based on cash. Will screw those coming up and those going down. I think there'll be increased parachute payments to get everyone to agree. A bit like Fifa "donated" money to IFA to build the Aviva after Henry's handball.
  5. I agree that 24 year olds should be mature enough to act morally and legally. To cite the army as an example of this in action is strange. It is hardly the epitome of morality and legality. The same as Jack's actions arent.
  6. This last paragraph is where we are at. Good post.
  7. How can training start if only essential journeys are allowed, you cant be in a group unless you're related and football isnt a key profession? Disclaimer - I know the first two are ok for blues players as they share a bedsit in Small Heath, and are indeed all related.
  8. Just another vested interest. Pfa - role is to look after the players hence do whatever to get them the cash. Play the games. Premier League- role is to satisfy contract with sky. Play the games. BBC/ sky /talksport - have nothing to talk about and losing advertisers - pkay the games. They can pretend it's about integrity- it's about self protection. I feel the FSA are far too quiet.
  9. I think Smith needs to accept that his preferred formation relies on players we don't have, i.e wingers. If we have signed wingers who posed a threat we wouldn't have to play Grealish out wide and he wouldn't be doubled up on every game. Our wingers never go past anyone - hence space for others is never created. we lost our only midfielder who does this (McGinn) Smith needs to accept that necessity overrides his philosophy, and change the shape.
  10. Cheers - have no recollection of this at all!
  11. I think this applies to things like zonal marking, playing too deep etc. Individual howlers are down to individuals .
  12. I agree to a point- but if Smith makes a mistake it's Smiths fault - if a player makes a mistake it seems to be smiths fault. It isn't weak coaching when Reina, Engels etc do what they do.
  13. I agree - but in Smith's defence the players are committing individual howlers week on week. If we look at last night Reinas mistake is disgraceful - no manager can account for that. The penalty - terrible defending by Mings, and a shocker from VAR After that it becomes a bit of a joke game. But I think Smith should take a lot of responsibility for some areas i.e. Zonal marking, playing players when out of form (Eg Guilbert), playing players out of position (Jack) To say all would be well if we got rid of Smith - I don''t think it would be, if I thought it would I'd sack him now.
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