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  1. Totally agree. Thought he was impressive today.
  2. It's a privately owned club, so this transparency is unlikely to happen, they're not going to tell competitors what their spending plans are. We can't sign half a dozen players every window, and integrate youth. We've spent big (not net), money we don't spend today may well be there for future spends.
  3. What would you have the club say? They clearly feel that the right player isnt available at the right price.
  4. There's some really panicky views being expressed here. We have to move away way from signing players for the sake of it. Only sign if it's right and improves us in the long term.
  5. Not a great performance, but with so many players out it was always going to be disjointed. Glad to see the vast majority appreciated this in the post match manager voting.
  6. If we play the same team as last week, that's not far from full strength.
  7. Mings was injured before the Newcastle game he had a lot of strapping on his chest. If there was a covid issue, I think that would have come out in press conference etc.
  8. It'll be interesting what allocation we recieve.
  9. Tomorrow night. I think it's an open draw.
  10. Very limited subs bench if things go wrong.
  11. So you're saying there is a chance. It's happening.
  12. Thanks for this thread, Hornso. It must take a lot of time but uts really informative. Even if our youngsters aren't making the pitch as unused sub, it's much better experience being around a squad where if they impress they'll get a chance. Realistically none of the loanees, with the exception of Kessler would be anywhere near the 1st team at Villa this year.
  13. New season nerves I think.
  14. Love some of the votes on the match thread! Nervous game and atmosphere. Still a big cdm hole.
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