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  1. I think I'm in the minority. I appreciate he is a very technical player, but I'm really not that impressed. I think he hadn't got the awareness (yet), to play cdm. I don't think he has the pace or drive to play ad a box to box midfielder. So is he a number 10. I definitely don't think he's a bad player, I just don't think he's a fit for us at the moment.
  2. It's unique in so much that we know what league we're in next season. That hasn't happened gor a while. Think spurs have started issuing renewal deadlines etc.
  3. Assuming they'll announce details on ticket renewals for next season pretty soon.
  4. Nakamba is pretty poor, but he allows mcginn to push forward more.
  5. No they wouldn't because they have much better players in the team. If we are saying kane and grealish are 10/10 The rest of the spurs team as a whole are probably a 7/8 Ours are probably 6. That's the diilfference.
  6. Every team is reliant on 1 player. Do you think spurs would be as high without kane?
  7. Just because he said it doesn't mean it was valid. There's a group of managers , and I'd include Bruce in that who regularly blame fans to disguise their own shortcomings. Fickle implies changing views without a valid reason, not changing views full stop, that's called being enlightened.
  8. This is spot on. If we want to keep Grealish we need to keep what makes Villa more attractive than simply being a fan. The players The manager The prospect of bringing in new "quality" players. The foundations of this is Smith. That's partially why Konsa etc are signing new contracts.
  9. I'm not saying no 10, I'm saying away from the deep lying role wheres he is asked to sit. Hes a midfielder so he has to drop. Hes not a destroyer cdm, or quarterback cdm.
  10. It's the problem with playing mcginn and luiz, neither are deep players, but we always play 1 there. Imagine when we buy a cdm, and one if luiz or mcginn become a squad player!
  11. Hes better the higher up he is. Hes not a deep lying player.
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