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  1. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Bruce has to change or we change him. He had a chance to shape the squad and playing style, he hasn't. Yesterday looked like one of our relegation performances. We fell behind early on last season and never made the gap up. I'd go for smith, purely because he can change a team mid game. This suggests that he realises football can be played in multiple ways. Unlike Bruce.
  2. Next Aston Villa Manager

    Of all the things that villa do that annoy me. Inability to take throw ins, passing sideways etc. this is the one which really sets the tone of sitting deeper, game after game. You leave 2 up, they leave 3 back simple.
  3. Scott Hogan

    Watch Gabbys goal, who has the awareness to dummy it? If they play a similar number of games Hogan will outscore Gabby. He is never going to be the target man that will win, shield long balls up field. If we play like that to him he will be poor. In the first half on Saturday when we played football he looked impressive, in the second half half when when we didn't play football he looked terrible. Jesus, I think I've just joined the Bruce out group. I'm going for a lie down.
  4. Scott Hogan

    Yes, but to Hogan. When we realise the passes he needs are forward and positive, he'll score loads. Kodjia can provide the spark, hogan is a finisher he needs chances to finish. If he finished every chance he gets he'd be in the premier league. Very good player IMO.
  5. Pre-match thread

    Anyone not included in this is out the door. I expect to see Richards (sigh) and not to see elphick (blues), or McCormack (dog and duck). is it too early for Adomah?
  6. Scott Hogan

    Thought he was really good in 1st half, when the whole team were closing, he could have had a couple. I don't mind him not scoring at least he and the ball were in the same area. This with a totally imbalanced team line up.
  7. Leandro Bacuna

    Bacauna was poor as usual.
  8. Aaron Tshibola

    I actually think he's got a lot of promise. I think he'll play a lot next season and score a few. I hope he comes back , the only thing bad about the whole thing was the fee and that's not his fault.
  9. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Putting 20 crosses in, in one game. Well worth £1m.
  10. Leandro Bacuna

    243 pages on a really average player - how bored are we all?
  11. Steve Bruce

    Come on now, there's no room for optimism in this thread. It either has to be hate or love.
  12. Albert Adomah

    Yeah, would like to see Kodjia behind hogan (assuming we don't buy a target man, with Adomah and green either side. Was watching sky archive this morning Two forwards with an attacking midfield ( no defensive midfielder) supplying them.
  13. Albert Adomah

    Really like him, would really be effective if we moved the ball quickly to leave him 1 on 1 Instead of taking 10 passes to reach him when the whole opposition has shuffled sideways and doubled up on him. If we had another wide player on the other side (who?) and moved the ball quicker it'd be interesting.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Thought it was interesting when he talked about a huge clear out to continue this summer. I think we will see a lot leave and 4-5 come in. We are still woefully imbalanced.
  15. Steve Bruce

    If we accept that Amavi is not going be a full back for us at this level, and I've not seen anything to suggest he is, why play him? we can't go up and I genuinely can't see how playing Bree or a youngster from the u23 can be worse and will result in them getting time on the pitch. Gerard made his first few appearances for liverpool at left back. Interesting how we all watch the same, but see things differently.