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  1. Thought we played well considering we have no centre forward. Thought the commitment if not the quality was outstanding.
  2. Even by VT standards this is bizarre. Did you watch the x files when you were younger?
  3. Were there any rumours before the summer signings?
  4. Midfielder and 2 x forwards. (1 centre forward, 1 left wing). Do we buy the best from the championship knowing they can havk it there?
  5. Loving the 3 man defence. You know it's a better system when taylor looks half decent.
  6. I had to go back a page to work out what was going on!
  7. Scoring and playing a part in another?
  8. I quite like him. Only joking, lazy and selfish. Cash in.
  9. He is the best attacking player I've seen at villa in 30 years. I added attacking because of God. There have been better goal scorers, better midfielders, but grealish transcends positions. I know he will leave, but I want him in the England team before he does.
  10. I'm a Villa fan. We are either just leaving one crisis or about to enter another one. Once you accept that you can only laugh. I've faith in Smith, less faith in the recruitment team behind him. January will be an interesting month. Some things I know for sure is that we wont be relegated by the end of the month, I'll still smile as I enter Villa Park with my kids, and that i still wont give a toss what anyone on any national radio says about the Villa because they don't understand the mess we were in 18 months ago, and will continue to quote how much we've spent as if that's the whole story. Happy New Year to you all .
  11. Agree totally. It's the problem when your wingers are useless and the full backs end up standing beside them. I genuinely believe a lot of our problems come from the lack of threat and retention of the ball up front. I don't think teams work back against us because they get the ball back straight away.
  12. It's his job to disagree. Don't agree we are a shambles Don't agree that the midfield arent tracking back on purpose. The midfield being caught forward with the full backs ahead of them when we lose the ball is the issue. Its easy to spout soundbites and miss the real problem, butthen perhaps I'm a camel with its head up its arse. ( a beautiful image)
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