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  1. Solihull moors will be playing conference football next season. Well done come you moors.
  2. Top 10 films, not in order. * Back to the future * Rocky * Die hard 2 * American pie * Batman (Michael Keaton) * Commando * Star Wars v empire strikes back * Star Wars vii the force awakens * Top gun * Boyz in the hood
  3. Surly an Aprils fool?????? http://leagueofireland.ie/index.php/2016/04/01/dundalk-fc-manager-stephen-kenny-flying-to-england-to-interview-with-aston-villa-about-managers-job/
  4. Gabby, see ya. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya....
  5. All depends on whether the club what a quick appointment or not as I'd suspect Moyes and Pearson to wait until what's available at the end of the season. Think if they want quick appointment I can see it being Gary monk.
  6. I think your bang on there. I too believe he wants out and the club are using this as their bargaining tool and he's probably thinking if I walk I get f@*k all but if you sack me I get 3 yrs salary. Can't blame him really, the French are stubborn.
  7. Hence why I believe this is just pure speculation. If you listen to the words from David Bernstein and Brian little they speak very highly of Remi Garde, hardly a case of a dead man walking. I think he is here for the long term as Steve hollis stated in his interview that this club lacked stability and one are he pointed to was managerial changes. That makes me think they won't be so rash to change this time given the circumstance Remi took over. And maybe just maybe give him a chance to get rid of who he thinks is dead wood and re build.
  8. Can't we pack our defence and midfield with these, then we can truly play 3-4-3
  9. More stability than Richards and lescott [emoji3]
  10. Let him ship out the crap (90%) players and build his own team.
  11. He will still be in charge next season with a new look team.
  12. I very much doubt any truth in the media speculation. I think he's here to stay whether we like it or not.
  13. Can somebody shed some light as to whether these changes have been done at the request of Remi Garde?
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