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  1. Were you an unsung hero?
  2. I’ve had an e/w punt on Matt Fitzpatrick for this one - hoping he’s still around on Sunday but I’ll be watching til the end either way
  3. How are you getting on with this? Looking myself to invest in a bike at home - ankle issues have left me not being up to running so I’m looking at alternatives now for exercise having not cycled much before I don’t want to spend up and around the peloton range but happy to spend £500 or so for something that will give me a good workout
  4. Been interested in putting a little surplus money in to some other types of investments so this thread has been a useful starting point for me Are there any recommendations here about regular publications that would help pick up information around businesses and markets?
  5. Spelunky2 which come out earlier this week - first one was fantastic and great value at under £20
  6. Having switched this on again I was surprised at how close I was to the platinum, not requiring a second play through I thought I would give it a go with the chalice dungeons Felt a bit grindy after a while still persisting, up to the point where your health is reduced 50% so I’m taking taking the help when it’s on offer Tremendous game for me, especially as I picked it up on ps+ subscription which then got me into the Souls games after
  7. Completed Dark Souls earlier today after coming to the series late (first game I played was Bloodborne followed by Ds3) All 3 being a strange mix of compelling yet frustrating in equal measure Now to find something a little different
  8. Makers Mark - given to me as a leavers present
  9. I will be staying in the holiday inn - financial district
  10. Booked 4 nights in December and this will be my first trip to the US Have also got some tickets for the Brooklyn Nets on the final night I'm there and I will check back here between now and then for any other reviews which might be shared
  11. Signed up to this tonight - can confirm the first month is still free I don't watch the current stuff so much - I'm gonna make a start with the 1997 raw episodes
  12. Ok so I've seen the crater video and I can manage the 200 strikes there but on average there's still another 2-3 strikes to dodge on the way back to the chest which I'm finding impossible! Playing the ps4 version looks as if it didn't matter as it's still given me the trophy after checking the book inside the travel place - get in
  13. I think like a lot of you here I was too far down the trophy list to leave it but the sphere grid was a complete pain and I wouldn't advise anyone to peruse it unless you have time to burn Managed to defeat penance (which I never did back on the ps2) and that's just left me with lightning dancer to unlock to get the platinum - think I'd prefer a "grinding" trophy than one with any technique to keep in line with most the others.....
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