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  1. I believe there is also the matter of the £39B divorce bill if we leave with a deal. Without that ,the whole thing comes crashing down. France is about to go into recession, the German government now own Deutsche Bank cos it's bankrupt, the whole EU project is teetering on the brink. They need the money! No-one wants no deal. This is just another negotiating tactic.
  2. And yet some people here use it as if it's the absolute truth!
  3. I seem to remember that vidic did it in a cup final, should have been sent off but the muppet who was referee was "mindful of the occasion" Cock
  4. This has been a bugbear of mine for years. reading this took me back to Yanited doing this all the time to us. I think the big teams have been doing this for as long as I can remember.
  5. Looks like I forgot the golden rule ..... It's only click bait when it's the Mail. Information leaked, sources say......... All that jazz. Newspaper trying to get clicks, what a shock!
  6. Hmm, some more random made up shit, but it fits the narrative so it's OK
  7. Hang on a minute. According to the data you posted, public spending has increased year on year. Your data is wrong, we've been subjected to massive tory cuts this last nine years!
  8. And funnily enough, it is used for public spending! Who would have thought that!
  9. Exactly! How is that a political choice. If they are not there to recruit, how is that anything to do with the Government and I suppose the BOE should just keep printing money willy nilly as it would appear that we don't need monetary restraint according to some. Can you tell me what the Government did with the £792.9 billion that was brought in from taxation and how much money did they have to borrow to pay off the £1.5 trillion debt? But then I suppose we should just cancel it like all good banana republics.
  10. Ok,so why are we paying tax? And what did the government spend the tax money on, if not the public sector? So what you are saying is that it's not political choices, but a lack of suitable candidates!
  11. Or, to put it plainly! from tax and/or borrowing.The only problem is, there isn't enough money from tax to go around, and any money you "borrow" has to be paid back. And how much is enough?
  12. What ? Wait............. You mean money is INfinite?
  13. welnik

    Formula One - 2019

    That would just leave Ferrari and Mercedes then. No-one else has the budget to match these two. I know it'll never happen, but I'd like to see every driver in the same car. Then we'd see how good they all are! Even Hulkenburg might get a podium!!! Cheers Nick

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