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  1. Being persuaded by the absolute gibbon serving me last night that the rib eye was a better choice than the usual fillet! Several mouthfuls of chewy fat later, I sent it back and asked for the fillet. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!
  2. Not reading the rest of the thread before replying.
  3. Just say cockfeatures and see what they say then! But then I never use Starbucks, awful coffee
  4. welnik

    The Royal Family

    Sorry to hijack the thread, have you been to see the guy who has a bit of a shrine to you in Coventry. Really interesting guy.
  5. I'm going to see him live later in the year! Should be a right laugh
  6. Only 1 hit last year, gotta try harder. 1, Javier Perez de Quellar (not Carlos' dad) 2, Pierre Cardin ( He invented cardigans of course) 3, Terry Jones ( Python ) 4, Tom Smith ( Rugby player) 5, Henry Kissenger ( Needs no introduction) Hoping for a big score!
  7. welnik

    General Chat

    When I went, there was a guy sat on a bench continually playing "Yesterday". The crowd around him were nodding in admiration at him! I asked him if he knew who wrote the song, and without any hesitation said "Lennon and Mccartney". Some people just can't be helped.
  8. The bit where Clarence Meeks tells the old lady to **** off cracks me up every time I watch it! Even though I know it's coming!
  9. Not relevant I know, but I'm going to be meeting Boyd Tunnock in February. He loves taking people round his factory
  10. welnik

    General Chat

    I read somewhere that the bladder holds around 200mm of fluid. The coffee cup is 400mm and it was properly overflowing! If course, I've then got to get rid of the piss in the cup, out of the window with my hand soaked. Cup in the recycling bin as soon as I got home. I never want to feel like that again
  11. welnik

    General Chat

    Not too related, but I was on the way home, busting for a piss to the point where I had a little back pressure and my kidneys were hurting. I'm stuck in horrendous traffic. I'm going to piss myself, look around the van, all I had was a large Costa cup. I'm at some roadworks on Hampton Lane. **** it, grabbed the cup, squirmed off my keks, let's go. Ah, such relief. OK, you can stop now! No, you really can stop! Took me ages to clean up the piss from the seat and the floor, and of course my keks were soaked! I don't think I've ever done so much piss, must have been nearly a gallon!
  12. What Xela said. My daughter was earwigging the conversation, they were reading stuff that he had allegedly sent including a line about how being raped would hurt!!! At one point he laughed at them! I think because he's extremely autistic, that will be his defense in court. He is too immature to be held responsible for his actions I would guess.
  13. I'll concede the Heath thing. To be honest I'd completely forgotten about the gutless spineless idiot who was too concerned with his yacht and his other proclivities, and was too scared of the unions to do something about them. Everything else is right though.
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