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  1. welnik

    Formula One - 2020

    So only 6 weeks to wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo
  2. Please, elaborate, I'm very interested?
  3. By which time I will have had back all the tax I paid last year and more! How the actual, are we supposed to pay for it all?
  4. I know I'm ten pages behind, but this is still comfortably the worst album they ever made! I still can't believe I travelled to Wembley twice on that tour!
  5. What absolute tripe! So what you are saying, is that me and my neighbours who were celebrating on our own drives, sevaral metres apart from one another, are going to prolong the spread! Have you been sniffing glue?
  6. And still only one hit all year for me!!!!!!!
  7. Bollocks! He was brilliant in scrubs. Although everyone was as well, a comedic masterpiece.
  8. I grew up in Coleshill. We used to go walking up the M42 towards Chembo (cos the girls were always easy!). At that time it was unfinished, and used to stop at a bridge opposite Coleshill Hall hospital. There was always a couple of jazzers hidden under the bridge , the one that took the road to Bacons End. They were tucked away in the space at the top of the incline. If i'm ever going that way, I always have a quick glance........... Ah, memories
  9. Bob Willis, Edgbaston, 1981 I think absolutely destroyed the Aussies. If you look carefully, you can see a very young man jumping up and down, wearing a WHO tour shirt. My god, my flowing locks looked amazing back then. If only.........
  10. You seem to be forgetting, the Facebook/Instagram/twitter post is far more important than paying attention to the road! I see it every morning between jnc 4-5.
  11. Although my wife lost it at the end of season 3. Season 4 seemed a bit of a slog right up to the end, but I'm looking forward to binge watching all ten eps in on weekend. Hopefully it's picked up a bit.
  12. welnik

    Formula One - 2020

    I wonder if Lewis would be allowed to win this year to equal the record, and then next year to eclipse the Great Schumacher? Something tells me that the powers that be (ferrari) won't allow this to happen. Unless of course he signs for them. I'd have to stop being a fan of him because I can't stand the red knobs and all the shit that goes with them.
  13. Sadly, I had him too. "it's only a waffer". Genius
  14. Being persuaded by the absolute gibbon serving me last night that the rib eye was a better choice than the usual fillet! Several mouthfuls of chewy fat later, I sent it back and asked for the fillet. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!
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