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  1. How embarrassing! I'm on a ship cruising from Singapore to Dubai. What do I spy.......? A blooser! How do I know? Out of 3500 passengers on board, he's the only one wearing a football shirt. Not only that, but that awful yellow away shirt. I feel so dirty now, my holiday has been sullied. Urgh!
  2. Good job this didn't happen in Wisconson, Steven Avery would have been found guilty! Cheers Nick
  3. Blackburn away for me. Shocking performance, we didn't turn up, the half built ground in a dismal place, and the horrible journey back knowing it was all over. Gutted! Cheers Nick
  4. I think I was the only one who got that! I wonder why? Cheers Nick
  5. welnik

    Formula One - 2019

    There is a great deal going to Barcelona this year, but as I'm going to Spa already, I can't do both. It works out at £375 for 5 nights half board, including drinks. It's on travelzoo at the moment. Cheers Nick
  6. We're not leaving!!!!! May is a Remainer! She's playing it so the "deal" is so bad it gets voted down, nobody wants no deal, so it will all get kicked into the long grass, and the blame will go to the EU for not budging ! This is what she wants. It will get debated in Parliament until everyone is blue in the face and bored, and then it will all be a distant memory, Cheers Nick
  7. Can we have subs to bring on in the 89th minute?
  8. These are mine. Phil the Greek Charlie Sheen Vera Lynn John Mccririck Robert Rhubarbi (or his friend Canan Banana) Cheers Nick
  9. Only taken eleven months! Off the mark. Cheers Nick
  10. welnik

    New York, New York

    I think I've found my new favourite city!!!!! This place is amazing. Done loads and still done nothing! I'm just going to have to come back again. Nick
  11. welnik

    New York, New York

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced steakhouse for next week. We're staying in manhatten but we are open to go anywhere for a nice steak. Any ideas? Cheers Nick
  12. welnik


    See Aston Villa 2009-2011!
  13. Ok, for the first time ever; Phil the Greek Kirk Douglas That great Englishman.... Gazza Robert Rhubarbie (or his friend Canan Banana) George Bush snr Cheers Nick
  14. They are. My wife works for a (German) company who sell food packaging machines. The "Foxes" company, is actually a brand name, anyone can set up a biscuit factory and apply for the licence. The factory my wife deals with makes the chocolate biscuits for all the major players, they are all the same, just badged up differently. Think Ford/Nissan/Seat 7 seater. Cheers Nick

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