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  1. because he's quoting something that's blatantly untrue. It's a bit like the debate that was had years ago when you coul buy a CDR for less than £1 and burn an album, so why were record companies charging £15 for a compact disc? It bears no resemblance to the actual cost of making the album. And therefore the $1 pricetag is bollocks! But you know that
  2. Maybe you're going to the wrong places. I've not encountered any of the problems you seem to have in the small independent places I've used. But then you will go to KFC
  3. How much did it actually cost to develop? How many people were involved in the development, and how long did it take to develop ? As usual someone on Twitter with absolutely no idea spouts some bollocks. But hey, it fits the narative so it's all good. SMH
  4. Bloke in my village was boasting about "winning" pointless. Yes, he got to the final, but he was absolutely useless! They lucked out every round and he didn't contribute anything in the final at all. Knob
  5. Are they still paying the rent ?
  6. Don't use chains, try to find little indies that will need the money more than Costa or maccys! They are out there! Also,if you have one, AMEX are doing a thing called shop local. You spend a tenner, and they give you a fiver back! And again there are loads of little indies on the scheme
  7. Only if we can have a transfer window! If not, he can Keep going till next year!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. that comment really put me into ecstasy!
  9. My wife bought some from some place called "mipha moon". Yeah, I've got no idea either! Anyway, they are fabric and washable and they are not uncomfortable to wear. I've got a couple in the van which I use at work or to go to the shops to get lunch or stuff. I've had a couple of nice comments about them too!
  10. And yet you're giving him the oxygen of publicity. You don't have to you know, you could just ignore him
  11. No! Get back to school you lazy slobs! Not really
  12. Erm, no. They were shit. Travis, on the other hand, were absolutely brilliant. In hindsight, we should have left after they finished. The only memory I have of that night is the whole of the floor of the NIA bouncing up and down during 'Why does it always rain'! Oasis, thanks, but no thanks
  13. Funny you should say that. I'm in Torquay at the moment, been out in the town and went for a lovely meal and I'm not seeing the scenes you've posted at all. People are being sensible and spacing themselves as well as they can. Maybe later when they are pissed it'll change, but they mainly seem to be young (to be fair, I'm that old everyone else seems young).
  14. Some absolutely amazing mussels in "On the Rocks ' in Torquay. Drove down today, stopped for breakfast at Gloucester south, everyone was being sensible, socially distancing. Really well thought out. Torquay is busy, but again where we are people are being sensible about it. It's so good that we've booked for tomorrow night as well!!
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