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  1. 112 minutes! Don't forget Fergie time!
  2. No it doesn't! You'll find it has the much more prestigious and much much harder to win "European Cup"
  3. Blimey! I've spent the last 13 years wondering what the intro music was when I saw genesis at Twickenham. Now I know, thanks
  4. It really is. One thing I have noticed though, fans of other teams seem to be drongos who you could imagine will have trouble tying their shoelaces! Boggies to beat Brighton 4-0. Can I have some of what you are smoking!
  5. I remember the year they went down. I was in the Trinity with WM on, all game long "we're going up, we're going down". I really hope we can be in Villa park for the last home game, be amazing to hear that on MOD that night!
  6. welnik


    This is delicious, if we win our games in hand we go above them. Hahaha
  7. Brighton 5 ! What a cock !
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