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  1. Neither has the ball from the penalty that Fernandes took.
  2. I love that give and go that he always looks for. I remember seeing him for the first time in the academy side and instantly thought he had what it takes. Now he looks the part physically, I think he may well become an England regular.
  3. You're spot on about when the opposition get free- kicks around the box. This fella just gives you an unbelievable sense of security.
  4. That's debatable. Especially when you think of Spink and Rimmer, but don't get me wrong, he's well on the way to becoming the best we've had
  5. That jig after the miss, what a geezer.
  6. I guarantee Joyce gives Usyk a better fight than AJ did. No way does Joyce give him that kind of respect.
  7. That was worth it just to see Eddie Hearn's glum looking, fecking face. Say bye bye to the cash cow. I really dont see where Joshua goes from that defeat. He boxed right into Usyks hands.
  8. There was s time when Britain was well known for it's fair officiating in boxing. Looks like that is no longer the case, Eddie Hearn is rotten.
  9. You're right, Folly. Trevor was Jamaican. Suffered a terrible death at the hand of some crazed axeman.
  10. Usyk will have to really dominate to get a decision. If it's close, it only goes one way.
  11. You gotta love it when a Jamaican tries to talk in an English accent. Looks like he was watching that from Bings foodshop on Villa Rd.
  12. I was being sarcastic, so no, totally like the pen from Fernandes.
  13. Its almost starting to seem like Grealish was actually an hindrance to us evolving and progressing as a team. We seem so much more fluid in our build- up play, whereas, before, we only really had the one outlet. Now there are options throughout the game and we look a really dangerous outfit at times, long may it continue. All that's needed now is for Watkins to remember where the back of the net is and we'll be on fire. We have to remember that Ollie started out as a winger, so he's still learning the trade as a striker, tbf, I thought his work rate was phenomenal. McGinn looks like a 50 million player again and Cash must have give the watching, Southgate some food for thought. Upwards and onwards.
  14. Watkins to score a last minute winner. You heard it here first.
  15. I heard that one loud and clear. No mistaking that accent.
  16. Agree. Not hard enough and not far enough to the right hand corner.
  17. I think that's just his nature. I really wanted that penalty to go in, that would gave been the icing on the cake. He was immense last night and made some really important interceptions. How can you not love Marvellous ?
  18. What was Jed Steer doing? Some of them dives looked awful, like he wasn't even trying.
  19. How is that on Dean ? Nakamba obviously volunteered, what's Dean supposed to say, you back your player for having the confidence to take a penalty.
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