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  1. Is he that slow? https://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/revealed-six-fastest-players-premier-league
  2. avfc12


    From the Club Wembley websites
  3. avfc12


    How does this Club Wembley thing actually work? I understand the 2000 Club Wembley seats in the Villa section equivalent to the ones Derby released today have been sold already but how did anyone actually purchase them? From what I can gather these aren't the £400 hospitality ones because Derby also sold out of these following the ballet. All I can see about Club Wembley is a multi game season ticket for £2700+ which doesn't include the play-off finals but you get an option to buy them. So these 2000 on the Villa side have been sold to people with Club Wembley memberships who opted to purchase this game and are probably mostly neutrals rather than Villa fans? Or is there a different way actual Villa fans got their hands on these tickets officially not through re-sale sites?
  4. John McGinn is there today also it appears
  5. avfc12


    Now the 5pm 5+ rush is over with the majority in that category who want to go having purchased this evening, still showing 700 left. A few hundred more may go between now and Monday but there is possibly a block or 2 to still be released. So 3+ booking history should stand a chance if they're in the queue come 5pm Monday where they'll almost certainly go shortly after.
  6. Last time he refereed one of our games was a 2-1 loss to Forest in 2017 and he sent off Jack
  7. avfc12


    With the latest criteria change at 5pm today they just opened up block 548 with every seat available which was greyed out earlier today. So they must be holding a few back, not sure why though.
  8. avfc12


    The Upper Trinity hasn't gone on general sale yet.
  9. No it changes to 15 games at some point in April
  10. I'm not quite getting the sudden worrying about Fulham, I get the feeling people have seen them charge up the table where as we have not really moved which gives the false impression they are on a much better run of form than Villa and gaining on us quickly. If you look at the last 10 games though (before which Fulham were sat 10th in the league and already only 5 points behind us) Fulham W8 D2 L0 Pts26 Villa W8 D1 L1 Pts25 The reality is they have only taken 1 point more than us from their last 10 games (3 of them against us as well!) Or 3 points more over the last 20 games whilst on this crazy run of form people are talking about and we spent a few games without 2 of our most creative players. I'm confident if we can avoid injuries we'll keep our run of form going, the critical games will be Wolves/Cardiff/Derby as we've struggled all season against the teams around us with Bruce's negative tactics setting up to play for the draw. Fulham/Cardiff will drop more points this season but not enough for us to get away with dropping 9 points against Wolves/Cardiff/Derby. Hopefully he's learnt this by now and comes out all guns blazing. There is no doubt though that if we were to miss out Fulham are a better team now after a bad start than Cardiff and I would rather avoid them in playoffs.
  11. I never get round to doing weekly transfers so gone for a team which should go ok over the whole season. Mignolet Baines--Mertesacker--Jagielka--Evra Lampard--Fellaini--Hazard--Walcott Benteke--Lambert
  12. They don't need a slope just lots of cardboard boxes
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