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  1. avfc12

    Robert Snodgrass

    No it changes to 15 games at some point in April
  2. avfc12

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I'm not quite getting the sudden worrying about Fulham, I get the feeling people have seen them charge up the table where as we have not really moved which gives the false impression they are on a much better run of form than Villa and gaining on us quickly. If you look at the last 10 games though (before which Fulham were sat 10th in the league and already only 5 points behind us) Fulham W8 D2 L0 Pts26 Villa W8 D1 L1 Pts25 The reality is they have only taken 1 point more than us from their last 10 games (3 of them against us as well!) Or 3 points more over the last 20 games whilst on this crazy run of form people are talking about and we spent a few games without 2 of our most creative players. I'm confident if we can avoid injuries we'll keep our run of form going, the critical games will be Wolves/Cardiff/Derby as we've struggled all season against the teams around us with Bruce's negative tactics setting up to play for the draw. Fulham/Cardiff will drop more points this season but not enough for us to get away with dropping 9 points against Wolves/Cardiff/Derby. Hopefully he's learnt this by now and comes out all guns blazing. There is no doubt though that if we were to miss out Fulham are a better team now after a bad start than Cardiff and I would rather avoid them in playoffs.
  3. avfc12

    VT Fantasy Football League 2013/14

    I never get round to doing weekly transfers so gone for a team which should go ok over the whole season. Mignolet Baines--Mertesacker--Jagielka--Evra Lampard--Fellaini--Hazard--Walcott Benteke--Lambert
  4. avfc12

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    They don't need a slope just lots of cardboard boxes
  5. avfc12

    No F' in football

  6. avfc12

    Ticket Info

    I'm trying to get hold of a ticket for this if anyone has a spare thanks
  7. avfc12

    Anyone done a skydive?

    I did my first jump around 3 years ago and over 1000 jumps later i work at a Skydiving centre down in Devon currently. It's a highly addictive sport and i can't think of anyone out of the thousands we take skydiving for their first time each year that hasn't enjoyed it. As for the scared of heights thing we jump loads of people each year that are scared of heights including some of the staff and you're soo high up that the height doesn't effect anyone. Location close-ish to you i would recommend www.bpslangar.co.uk which is the biggest centre in the country. For anybody thats ever considered skydiving but never got round to it i can't recommend it enough!
  8. avfc12

    Midweek football 31 October/3 November

    1 Goal for every 6.4 shots in la liga so far this season
  9. This thread is amazing! Can i get the password too? We have to get a dude in a blues shirt with a snorkel and mask and the scuba steve sign!!
  10. avfc12

    Football Manager 2011

    It might just be my imagination but i thought Villa Park was limited to 55000 in the game and if you wanted more you would need to build a new stadium?
  11. avfc12

    Football Manager 2011

    Thats 4 games you've been playing this week, PSG, Inter, Lyon and Dortmund you either do nothing else but play FM or just always get bored after the first transfer market?
  12. avfc12

    Football Manager 2011

    For me it's usually Monday: after 5pm Tuesday: after 5pm Weds: Whenever Thurs: Whenever Fri: After 8pm Sat: Can't do Sun: After 7pm
  13. avfc12

    Football Manager 2011

    A few people have suggested starting a network game now, i'd be up for it too.
  14. avfc12

    Ratings & reactions: Villa 3-1 Blackburn

    Can see why Baker got sent off, harsh if he slipped but with 2 feet off the ground your always going to be sent of nowadays http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/108524096/Aston-Villa-FC
  15. avfc12

    Ratings & reactions: Villa 3-1 Blackburn

    Surprised thought we were going to struggle today but fair play to GH rested some key players and won the match thats why he is the manager and im not.