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  1. I'm pleased we've gone for a defensive set up. A hard fought point here would be lovely.
  2. I'm quite looking forward to seeing what other youth he gives chances to this season. I'm not sure if every fan feels the same way about their clubs academies but it does feel like we have some of the best youngsters in the country coming through. I'm more excited about seeing what Smith and the team can do with them rather than desperately trying to spend in the market, especially when there are players like Sanson who have only just got through the door.
  3. Can't believe he's played 9 times for us.
  4. Still think the same as I did 10 days ago. We've signed Axel on loan since then but I can't see us pushing for anyone else to join us permanently.
  5. I think a positive, if you can call it that, is that our crap preseason means that probably 2 or 3 of those starters don't make the staring 11 in a couple of weeks. We are behind in our preparation and that showed today.
  6. I'm still not 100% sure what he was trying to do. We do love a clipped ball into the channel though don't we?
  7. I think we will push on. Maybe aim for top half this season. We could sell again this season and reinvest, gradually improving. My concern is how we can compete FFP wise with teams with larger commercial revenues (we can't). I see us long term developing players, selling them, not always to the so called elite clubs, but making bits of profit and allowing us to spend. Don't get me wrong though I'd love us to go out there and spend big again. That way brings me a lot more joy...
  8. I'll be surprised if we sign anyone else. I think we've spent the money we got in from transfers and we will start the season with what we've got and go from there. Pretty happy with where we are compared to last season in terms of quality in the squad. I don't think we need further depth in the center of the park immediately.
  9. I actually think he's still pretty good
  10. What an awful first minute of the second half.
  11. City welcome to him. Offers no more than Ramsey.
  12. We either need to find a coach who implements a system that allows shite players to flourish. Or we need to buy 8 or 9 players of real quality in the summer. Only Martinez and Grealish have real quality.
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