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  1. I actually think he's still pretty good
  2. What an awful first minute of the second half.
  3. City welcome to him. Offers no more than Ramsey.
  4. We either need to find a coach who implements a system that allows shite players to flourish. Or we need to buy 8 or 9 players of real quality in the summer. Only Martinez and Grealish have real quality.
  5. Honestly, I think he's just ok. There's an argument that ok isn't good enough for where we want to be.
  6. Average but there are not too many decent left footed center halves out there.
  7. Don't think we really looked like scoring. Big second half needed or risk the season fizzling out. Not that I'm complaining, great season all being said!
  8. Spurs look terrible and we've still not created anything against them. Not good enough. I also have to wonder why people are watching if they're just happy for us to stay up. I see it everywhere people saying that perspective is needed whenever we underperform. Crazy really.
  9. The players he's got aren't great tbf. He's done well to fix the defence and improve some players but without Grealish we really don't look like scoring.
  10. Think I'd be pretty happy to never see Ross Barkley play for us live. Garb.
  11. Dreadful. No less than Newcastle deserved to be fair to them. We really are shite at the moment.
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