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  1. Yeah I don't get this. Why not just say from the off, 'yeah we all supported blues as kids but I'm playing for villa now and it's my livelihood.' That would have been a reasonable statement to make, and barring a few boneheads, I'm sure villa fans would have been able to accept that. I just hope he doesn't stoop as low as his brother did when he did that 'them lot up the road' interview.
  2. I've got a bit of sick in my mouth
  3. Yep I'm afraid this sums it up. I said before that a lot of them on sha forum are decent blokes...until they talk about us.
  4. Dreamt we lost 0-2...everyone back to bed, it's over. I'll have ur ticket if u want rid
  5. RimmyJimmer


    I would imagine derby are just ahead of us...they had sold all their allocation by the weekend...we're a couple of days behind thats all. There's no way they would do this for one club and not the other.
  6. RimmyJimmer


    I would imagine it will start at 3+ games again. All the 5+ would have been taken care of and its only fair for us 3+ scumbags
  7. RimmyJimmer


    Where have you heard this?
  8. RimmyJimmer


    You were lucky there then...they had announced sold out at 5.36!! I was 12500
  9. RimmyJimmer


    Hard luck mate. I had a slim chance with a friends 3 game ref but when I saw 12.5k in front of me I knew it was hopeless. People who go to more games deserve to have first choice...no argument. Got to find a decent pub to watch it in now.
  10. I've heard some of your confessions on here but this takes the biscuit...weirdo!!
  11. RimmyJimmer


    Ah right ok thanks. I have just spoke to the ticket office and they have now linked the two accounts too so should be ok (If there is any left!!)
  12. RimmyJimmer


    I am having same problem. Trying to add a friend so we can get tickets together (hopefully) and when I tick box to allow to buy for each other it's saying he is already linked to another group so wont add...but...if I don't tick the box then his details are on there as a friend. I'm worried when it comes to buying tickets (hopefully) that it won't allow it. Any ideas??
  13. RimmyJimmer


    Yes i would be...depending on cost
  14. And 'freakish'....I mean yeah, he is freakishly good. They're still going at it tonight...300+ posts and counting on how they really really really hate grealish. Yeah we've got it lads
  15. I think they hate themselves for hating us so much
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