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  1. No excusing how myles reacted but looking at all the incidents in isolation, surely rudolph must face a suspension too. Ogunjobi has got 1 game for shoving rudolph to the floor...rudolph pulled myles' helmet around, kicked him in the balls twice then ran after him. And that's not considering if rudolph said anything to rile him.
  2. We have no option other than to give the players time to gel
  3. We're going to lose quite a few games this season so we had better get used to it. Anyone thinking we're going to hit the ground running, in this league, with 12 new players is sadly mistaken.
  4. I know, I'm one of them. I was making a snarky remark to someone making a snarky remark about him missing snarky remarks over the summer. Not suprised you got confused I thought we did really well first half, kept them to 1 real chance. Ran out of steam 2nd half and made some silly errors against a very, very good team. Nobody who thinks we did pretty well is saying it was a close game...they ran out comfortable winners in the end. We have 12 new players...it may take us 10 games to get going, so judgement should maybe reserved until we see more than 90 minutes versus the like of spurs away from home.
  5. I admire your optimism but when we go 10 without a win he'll be having dogs abuse off the resident bone heads. The days of a manager having the time and freedom to do what SAF did are long gone.
  6. I dunno...I was reading an article earlier about the 'haul' they got for OBJ off us browns! And Peppers feels disrespected. He said he's got another chip on his shoulder, so you should have a well balanced safety on your hands
  7. This is what has impressed me too. All players playing to a single system, and playing good football. Again, yes it's only walsall, but how many times have we played lower league teams in recent seasons, either in friendlies or cup games, and just looked really laboured and failed to put them away?? We did exactly what we should have tonight, played a lesser team off the pitch and scored goals in the process.
  8. I tend to agree with this. We could end up seeing him play in the Premier League but I don't think it will be for us. We just haven't got the time or space for him to develop...which is what he needs. I too love SGC complete faith in our youngsters
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