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  1. I'm baffled as to what sort of stance you have to adopt to wipe standing? Surely you have to bend over quite far to gain sufficient access and then there's the reach around...sounds like a young mans game to me!
  2. Me too...also, apparently some blokes sit to pee!!
  3. Unfortunately a lot of football fans are just thick...and imo we seem to have more than most teams. When the happiness of these morons lives is dependant on the result of a game of football this is what you get.
  4. I second this. Ive just read back through your posts kurt, and it does seem to me that she has you at her beck and call. You need to do things for you, make yourself feel good, build your confidence and self esteem, learn to live for yourself, and by yourself so you don't feel as reliant on others. You are a young, fit, good looking bloke who deserves love and respect. If it's not there then don't accept anything less. Don't put up with someone who doesn't know what they want. You know what you want, the issues lie with her and what she wants. You can seriously tie yourself in knots trying to understand what someone else may want. Keep it simple, you are who you are, you want her...if she doesn't want the same then you have to move on, as hard as that may be. Only then will you get what you want. There are millions of lovely women out there mate
  5. It could be worse...you could say 'so' at the start of a sentence...or even worserer, actually type it!!
  6. ? I don't think its anything like as bad as in the past. They had no choice but to bin hue. Part of the reason he lasted so long was haslam showing that he could stand by a coach for more than a season. What we're seeing this season is better players not playing to their potential, stupid play calls and poor discipline...thats all on the head coach. It also sounds like he was too easy on the players and too interested in wanting to be liked. Think it might be different with gregg williams ?
  7. Exactly. Chances of that were reduced sacking bruce. Sam allardyce could do a job this season with these players and maybe get us up because of his man management skills and overall pragmatism. Any new manager coming in with a different style and philosophy is going to need at least 12 months. Will he get that time to develop a squad worthy of going up?....not a chance with our 'expectation levels' and subsequent impatience...we are Aston Villa you know... we SHOULD be in the premiere league!! So around and around we go
  8. Absolutely spot on. It's this idiotic sideshow that has made me pay less and less attention to a sport and team I have always loved. I still love watching the games...but as for all the nonsense spouted by some 'fans', who, in all probabilty, struggle to walk and breath at the same time, I just shake my head and walk away. Steve Bruce is a good man, I really like him and I think he has instilled a lot of things at villa that have being missing for many years. For that he deserved respect. I agree that he looks like he has reached the end of his time at villa, I agree that some of his decisions are baffling, and I agree that the squad looks really unbalanced. But throwing a cabbage?? Calling him names on a little screen that he won't read anyway and can't respond to? Singing 'u dont know what you're doing?'...from morons who, by and large, don't know one end of a football pitch from the other? This is the 'hysteria' he has alluded to in the past that all the meat heads have got their knickers in a twist about...and he's spot on. If he leaves then I wish him all the best of luck. As for the next victim, well I wish him all the best of luck too, because he's going to need it.
  9. Would love to see big sam appointed...if only to witness the meltdown on here ?
  10. Here we go brownies, here we go, woof woof! ? Yeah, for the love of god, get this monkey off our back
  11. Anybody watching browns on hard knocks? Good insight into the attitude and personalities of the team. Not convinced by hue jackson tho...at all!
  12. Yep thought he did well. Thought that was a good stop for their 2nd goal...it was a fierce shot from pretty close in. Johnstone was also written off early days on here so hopefully the early criticism of nyland bodes well.
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