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  1. I was in amongst that....cant believe thats nearly 30 years ago!!
  2. This is my thinking. 3 central defenders, targett & gulibert/elmo wing backs, grealish, luiz/nakamba, mcginn/hourihane in a 3 midfield, samatta and davis up front... 3 5 2
  3. The comment was aimed at people blatantly not following guidelines and people using 'confusion' over them as an excuse to carry on doing whatever they like. Not ****ing ICU nurses
  4. Perhaps it means stay alert to what we keep telling you to do, you thick clearings in the woods. I have had zero problem interpreting the rules and guidelines given out, not one. Does this mean I am intelligent, or am I a moron for doing as i am told?
  5. It's a cesspool of conspiracy, rumour, anger, finger pointing, misinformation with very little fact and reasonable debate. Rather than bringing people together it polarises pretty much everyone.
  6. Perhaps research them then before coming out with that nonsense...whatever your angle is.
  7. I'm astounded at the level of information being banded about as fact on here.
  8. All I have seen and read is a photo of grealish in a street, and a story that varies but the facts seem to be that 2 parked cars were damaged at 10am and the driver left his details. The party bit is hearsay, the 4am bit is hearsay, the ross McCormacks flat is hearsay, anyone being drunk is hearsay, if he lives there or is staying there he is going to leave on foot, also due to social distancing he can't go around knocking peoples doors so he would leave his details...thats if it was him and his car. To say there are holes in this story is an understatement.
  9. Yes I don't doubt that at all. I think the problem is the misleading nature of modern journalism at a time when sensitivity and accuracy should be paramount.
  10. And you agree the facts were misinterpreted?
  11. Nobody is denying this. It's the misinterpretation of reports then quoting that as fact that is the issue
  12. Any chance we can give this crap a rest?
  13. This was bats, rats and mice that were alive
  14. I've seen lots of similar video's over the last few weeks...bats, rats, mice.
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